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  2. graham fisher

    Luke Briscoe to Leeds

    Thanks for that 👍
  3. These sort of statements are the ones that wind me up the most! In every country around the world a party who enters into an agreement to support another to form a government extracts a price. The DUP extracted an extra £1b to be spent (mainly on the NHS in NI), not extra money for themselves, not even money they have control off. I do not understand why they are abused for it? The SNP in Scotland have done the same thing, the Lib Dems did the same thing in 2010 but because it is the DUP who have made their priority the NHS in NI, there are belittled for it as are the Conservatives who have agreed a coalition. The DUP have not got any money -they secured extra funding for the NHS in N Ireland, to allocated by politicians of all parties in NI. I have no time for most of the DUP policies or actions, but they have secured everyone in NI more cash for the NHS in NI. Why do people think that is a bad thing? Why do people think that finding money to support a coalition partner 's priority is something new? It happens across Europe on a daily basis. Why should the biggest party in N Ireland act differently?
  4. Adelaide Tiger

    Rank Representative Weekend Squads

    You beat me to it .... I thought it was going to refer that England had finally seen sense and included myself at centre for the game in Denver!
  5. 4am here. Where will you be?
  6. Today
  7. That's expecting a lot from the party who wouldn't ask for water if they were thirsty! It would also be a miracle on the road to Damascus and back again! Can't wait for the Jez v Jez election though!
  8. Rugby League columnist Paul Cooke assesses the current situation at the Robins. View the full article
  9. Oxford

    Our new position in the EU

    The swine! Had to laugh at this though "Brexit Groundhog Day for Theresa May" especially when it included this "It’s the biggest parliamentary crisis on Brexit that Theresa May has faced since the last parliamentary crisis that Theresa May faced. " What struck me most recently though was how you never hear from the neutrals mind you I suppose even reaching for the keyboard is a bit too much to ask for the CBA's who couldn't be bothered to vote in the referendum.
  10. This image only strengthens my firm opinion that the broncos cheerleaders are some of the finest people on this planet.
  11. kiyan

    Hardaker to Wigan

    Take ANY other job with a salary over 50k and would he still be employed? Would you want a Doctor, an airline pilot, (even a policeman or nurse (earning a lot less)) with his list of issues to be still in their job?
  12. MattSantos

    Dear Diary

    Or convenient, yes. My current gym is in the building next door, connected via shops. Handy as i cycle in, park underneath and shower before work, doddle to walk over then in aircon bliss. The potential new gym is a 3/4 min walk, but not covered, so whilst i'll cycle to that building and do the same, the uncovered 30degree walk doesn't appeal. As i said, decisions!
  13. Long story, but as it stands certain powers are devolved to the NI assemby. NI politics aside, said assemble has not existed for over 18 months. Spending decisions in NI are at the whim of the civil service, but a recent court case has decided that they cannot make decisions either.(decisions should be made by Stormort(who currently does not exist) So as it stands no one can make decisions in N Irrland. ( Inc the SoS for NI unless she declares direct rule from Westminster) It is a farce!
  14. RayCee


    Leeds 11,051 Warrington 12,175 That's what I have anyway.
  15. Would anyone have the attendance for the following two games: 8th June - Leeds 18 - Huddersfield 25 30th March - Warrington 32 - Widnes 18
  16. The vast majority of the Hull FC squad will be afforded time off during the international break View the full article
  17. The Rovers captain revealed his frustrations after being hit with numerous injuries during the 2018 campaign. View the full article
  18. Yesterday
  19. TheReaper

    Fewer than 17 players

    This is where my confusion is. Money aside, what's stopping a team from getting in touch with a nearby amateur club? I'm sure the players would like a chance to play with the semi-pro team. Actually, you'd think every club would constantly have an eye on the next talent they can bring in, know who good local options are, etc. You can't set a squad at the start of the year and then forget anyone else exists. They could have a "practice roster" like Canadian/American football. Come to one or a couple practices a week, learn the systems and get to know other players, continue playing with amateur clubs so they aren't "lost". In fact they'd improve their amateur teams by bringing back other skills. Actually, again, not sure why they aren't all doing this now.
  20. BULLS coach John Kear has praised Joe Keyes for his tactical astuteness in landing the drop goal that helped them win a tough encounter at Whitehaven on Sunday. View the full article
  21. Kayakman

    Question for "wonderofwood"

    Pownall was playing very well before they signed Russell and he sort of lost his place...he was hot at the time and also playing good defence...he impressed.
  22. Kayakman

    Barrow's Third Visit

    Man of Kent will mark it down in his tally book.
  23. Kayakman

    Leigh Game

    Krzzy you know that the season ticket holders are in the WEST stand right?
  24. TheReaper

    Barrow's Third Visit

    Got an email from Rugby Ontario, they're promoting the WP game with 4 free tickets, so there may be an attendance boost from that.
  25. Kayakman

    Barrow's Third Visit

    I put on the skin to show the family at the supper table did not go well and I was totally shut down. Totally rebuked in that it would traumatize children...after looking in the mirror I must state that you probably would be arrested and accosted....what am I going to do with this thing? As my daughterd said, "Its a good attempt at creativity Dad but no way any child should see that." I looked in the mirror....My God it was was like something out of Texas Chain Saw Massacre....except the guy drops the chain saw and makes a run for it! Its way worse than this photo!
  26. Unfortunately it appears to be Luke Briscoe one more time.
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