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  2. But they're showing complete and utter incompetence now. I don't care what has been, i want what you can bring to me now.
  3. The Robins boss is hoping to add size and power to the Robins ranks in time for the 2018 campaign back in the top-flight. View the full article
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  5. "The Brexit Effect"

    I said as much during the referendum thread but sh*t happens, always has, always will. That they now attribute everything to brexit is not unexpected in the least. I can only imagine what they'd say if the banking crash of '08 happened today. The pound to euro was almost level in early 2008 or 09, what was that about? Yet today it's because of brexit and a disaster. But must have been alright then. And I aren't saying there will be no repercussions of brexit either, just not most of what they claim. Hang on, what am I saying, brexit is clearly behind the Catalans situation.
  6. I wonder how many people will try this after reading
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  8. Maher

    Bright Spark...
  9. Being a Wigan fan, John has to have some luck, somewhere along the line.
  10. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Harrison Chandler Leak
  11. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Leake Harrison Chandler
  12. Hope they don't party too hard. Another important big game next week.
  13. Away trips 2018

    I’m considering a trip. Will wait for the schedule of course, but I note that the weekend after Summer Bash there is a sevens tournament in London, that I would also find quite compelling. Now if only the Wolfpack were to play the Broncos in London on the Friday night before that tournament...
  14. Only half? That'll get the game's relentless doom-predictors awfully excited...
  15. Do you genuinely believe that Catalans, Toronto and Toulouse are treated as equals in the system? They dont even all get the same funding and have travel funding costs put on them that others dont. You are, i assume intentionally, missing the point. I am saying that is wrong.
  16. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Really. ??? 1...LEAK 2...HARRISON 3...CHANDLER
  17. "The Brexit Effect"

    Ckn I've provided evidence already but I'd rather not derail this thread anymore than it already has. Although in honesty, I think it's probably run its course now. We can leave matters such as whether we should spend our way out of debt for other threads
  18. "The Brexit Effect"

    0.9% seems plausible. Of course what we don't know is what the fx and inflation would have done if we'd decided to stay. The fx has been on the decline vs the $ for many years now To try and get this vaguely back to point, if you actually read my earlier posts, my issue is with misleading reporting - for instance the Evening Standard link implied in it's headline that commuters face a fare hike of nearly 4% due to Brexit. That is incorrect
  19. There are some threads where they reach a natural conclusion point. There are those where you realise that some will keep going forever and you have to step away. I think this thread has reached that point.
  20. Made my day

    made mine too........... ( definitely another no-brainer for you )....
  21. 1. Once again, nobody said there was a conspiracy. At best they are an unfashionable side who are not really wanted as a SL club. They don't have to 'add to SL' to be picked for a license or justify their place, they just have to be a better option that the current 12th club. In this way they do add to SL by making the worst club a bit better. Under a league system they can get to the point where they take this place, under licensing they probably won't ever be given the chance. It seems a bizarre thing to imply that because they'll never be a Wigan or a Leeds then they can't take Salford's or Wakefield's SL place. Unless you have a league where all clubs are exactly the same size then there will be some that add more to the pie and some that take more from it. This is simple maths. Even in a behemoth like the Premier League there are clubs that do not 'add' to the competition but take from it. 2. Where is your evidence that licensing will actually build clubs? Over the 6 years that we had it I don't think we looked any closer to building those 12 clubs than we are now.
  22. 2018 Squad.

    Michael Ward will be a very good signing for us, especially with Alex Rowe showing signs of age. Oh for a quality stand-off with pace and a kicking game. As a chum pointed out to me earlier, however, they aren't easy to come by these days.
  23. First ever Championship game in Quebec?

    Not sure it would be a massive deal for Québécois but if you're going to dip your toe in Montreal that would be the game to do it
  24. Spending may have gone up in certain areas but it's not gone up by inflation meaning a real-terms decrease. For example, inflation at 2.7% while giving a 1% pay rise is an effective 1.7% pay cut. Put that against the fact that there's been a "public sector pay freeze" since 2011 and build in compound negative interest and you get some pretty large real-terms pay cuts. That's the same for many areas of expenditure. "Austerity", "Brexit", whatever, if it's causing those who need it the most to see massive cuts in service and pay then it's irrelevant where it comes from. Please let me know and I'll show you exactly where the cuts in the NHS are despite the absolute amount spent increasing year on year. Absolute amount increase is lower than inflationary cost increase meaning cuts. Unless you happen to be a Tory minister and you're pretending that it really is a genuine increase in expenditure.
  25. It's Newcastle

  26. I've posted bits about this on other threads because it comes under Brexit, Trump, european elections. The rise of bots, bot networks and dark advertising seems to be pushed to the side but the same groups that worked during the Trump election and brexit are now back in work during the German elections. More in this article -
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