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  2. Player feature with Hull FC veteran Danny Washbrook ahead of a potentially special match for the 32-year-old View the full article
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  4. President of USA (Merged threads)

    And how many have plead guilty to Russian collusion. The main thrust of these investigations as the BBC put it??
  5. President of USA (Merged threads)

    K-man I’ve been in touch with the best doctor in Ontario who leads the field in dealing with the terrible affliction known as trump derangement syndrome and he’s told me he’s got a nice big warm bed waiting for you as you are now at an advanced stage my friend of actually foaming at the mouth. Rick gates has been charged with...........lying to the FBI about a meeting in Washington in 2013, money laundering and bank fraud.
  6. Yep that's it. Bloody Aussies... Oh wait, what's this?
  7. Sounds like Glasgow. Administrators need understand that its not up to me atttitude is killing the game. Countries need to show an event with crowds to convince governments to give them money for travel costs. I have run events on zero budgets so no time for anyone who starts blaming a lack of marketing budget.
  8. The question was.Who is the coach of Leigh? Given the structural play that should be obvious to a supporter of your calibre. Not a wiffle,waffle of what you think. If you're going to post, then at least answer the question.
  9. Wales beats the poms. I guess there's amateur and then there's "amateur".
  10. A RL scrum is perhaps one of the safest places to be in the country.
  11. Reni Matua?

    Leigh love us so much, they gave us two intercept tries.
  12. SAINTS boss Justin Holbrook was pleased to see his side get the 26-12 win over Huddersfield – but admitted that they had been off with the ball. View the full article
  13. Halifax Feb 18th

    Way too heavy handed on the punishment...are they trying to make this a non contact sport...incidental/accidental contact!
  14. Crowd for home opener

    I like mine with fatty meats, whiskey and a touch of maple syrup. THE MAPLE SYRUP HAS STARTED TO RUN LAST NIGHT! Buddies are tapping their trees and starting the collection of the liquid amber....evaporator is ON and the good times are here again..... I repeat; All hands on deck....the maple syrup is running again! HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN!
  15. Reni Matua?

    If he is an ex-Leigh guy we will welcome him with open arms...those Leigh people just love us Wolfpack people. ITS A LOVEIN!
  16. Trump is a coward and a bully...he acts just like a Hells Angel, big and tough when his buddies are around and they can gang up on a guy but quickly off comes them colours when alone and a real coward who will never take on anyone one on one...cowardly pigs, both of 'em. That being said the cops should have went in, its been reported that there were actually 4 cops who would not go in to take the gunman on until reinforcements arrived...awful, cowards the lot of 'em. Disgraceful!
  17. Reni Matua?

    If he's played for Leigh, then it could well be true.
  18. Second Canadian Team

    I'm not sure but there isn't any problem that can't usually be corrected with a proper plan and foresight...there is an oddity about Rugby League in Northern England in that the players seem to dislike any travel (short hop/skip/jumps over here seem likes arduous journeys over there) and homesickness....probably because it hasn't been a large part of the game before...if Rugby League wants to go big time they had better get over it like the other major sports have. Traveling is part of the game if you want to go big/global. Keep the faith!
  19. Good achievement I suppose, but quite a meaningless stat. Can't fault his effort and everything he did for the club, although he's been guilty at times of trying to do too much. He certainly deserves every penny of the money he's made... Hard-earned money.
  20. Second Canadian Team

    does that help evil homer and scotcht to understand how it will work with a NY franchise ? hey im RC by birth so no problrm from me
  21. JOHN Kear admits he will be scared to look when Dane Chisholm jumps back into the Bulls firing line tomorrow. View the full article
  22. My knowledge of West Yorkshire's finest places has improved tenfold overnight. Edit: These are (it goes without saying really) wonderful suggestions. I hope George does wander in these parts from time to time...
  23. President of USA (Merged threads)

    100% correct Trump has no right to criticize anybody for lack of courage. Trump did all he could to make sure he didn't serve his country in Vietnam. Where was Trump when Americans were dying in Vietnam?
  24. Keighley’s “sparse” crowds last season were 784, which was far better than “before Cougarmania” when in 1987 they were as low as 445. Halifax’s second division crowds today are far better than their second division crowds in the 1970’s. Batleys recent crowds around the 1,000 mark are better than in the earlier years of the Superleague era. I’m not sure what point you are trying to make but you certainly make it with statistical inaccuracy. The traditional clubs in League 1 last year averaged 730 fans, their “expansion counterparts” averaged well below at 270. I’ve never found my visits to the Heavy woollen area “Forlorn” it’s too steeped in an RL culture with Batley, Dewsbury, The Moor, Shaw Cross, Celtic Batley Boys and Thornhill…If you want a “Forlorn” place Rugby League wise try North America. In terms of the game itself it grew with the advent of BARLA in 1973 (players) and SKY in 1996 (money). In terms of clubs in the 1960’s, none. The big ones then were Wigan. Leeds, Hull, Saints, HKR, Widnes, Castleford, Wakefield, Warrington and Bradford. Nobody else has advanced. Fartown would be nothing without Davey. Nothing has changed, those 10 remain the big clubs 50 years on. They have the academies. If we are to go to 10 in Superleague they pick themselves. The problem there is you then can’t be relegating these clubs too much. I don’t know who will give us a contract, for how much, and what do they want from it? So it’s hard to discuss these structures, but 14 clubs in SL would allow the big boys to operate and the rest to play P & R..
  25. Second Canadian Team

    1. No buddy. A travel agent and a relocation company are pretty different. Kind of like the difference between going on holiday and emigrating somewhere. Its also not extremely unusual. Its kind of their business. Businesses relocating high-value employees are pretty much their entire market. Its a pretty well-established process. 2. Not really. You can call up a company and they will organise it all for you for a couple of grand. A Beyonce Tour is a huge logistical challenge. An Olympics is a huge logistical challenge. Having 4 or 5 months to move thirty families is about a weeks work for a lazy admin assistant.
  26. Winter Olympics 2018

    You've got it all wrong fellas. The hockey team was slapped together with a bunch of no namers since the NHL wouldn't allow anyone to go....they played their best though and our country supports anyone who puts on the Maple Leaf. It would be like England picking a bunch of guys from the lowest tier rugby league and sending them to represent England at a World one over here was really expecting them to win and even making the semi final was an accomplishment. Canada has highest medal count at a Winter Olympics ever....GOOD NEWS! Have fun at the game Michael!
  27. Defense was good though. Pretty sure saints successfully defended 6 back to back sets on their own line!
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