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  2. They are not unknown but they are not the norm any more. I would imagine Wigan have released him because it is highly unlikely an NRL club will pay a transfer fee for him and the money saved in salary can be spent on someone who actually wants to play for Wigan and is useful to them
  3. That's too simplistic an analysis, IMO. But everything has to have an easy, simple answer these days, I guess.
  4. I maybe wrong, but I think it hinged on the technicality that he'd dated the later of resignation for some time in February but changed his mind in January, hard to follow without sitting in on proceedings, but hard to argue with a High Court Judge when he does have all the evidence. There's certainly something going on, the council had a heavy police presence for the last full council meeting to make sure he didn't sit in chambers, moneys no object for them, shame you don't get the same police presence round the corner were people are dealing drugs on the street in broad daylight.
  5. Hardaker Sacked

    As a Wigan fan, and despite the fact that he is a good player, I don't think we should touch him either. It sets a bad precedent, and gives completely the opposite impression of the one I would like my club to be giving. Wigan have more than enough young backs willing to live proper lives, and give everything for their club, so why we would employ this sorry excuse is a mystery to me.
  6. Hardaker Sacked

    Considering the drug related investigation is yet to be finalised, Clubs wishing to buy him, wont have any idea when he can actually play. Saints 😎
  7. Hardaker Sacked

    I find it difficult to believe wigan would touch this lad
  8. When I resigned as a councillor, I handed my notice to the council chairman, he told me he accepted and that was it. I was told once you resign, that's it, you're out, no withdrawal. Based on the very limited information I could see on it, I think the court got that one wrong. There may be other facts hidden in there that I missed but it just seems strange.
  9. North East RL

    The progress in the north-east seems to be in stark contrast with most other areas of the game. Can you share your secrets with the RFL?
  10. Challenge cup 2018

    How do they think an amateur club finances their day to day running, boils my pi ss we've never had anything except the odd few balls when we joined the RLC and they soon dwindled to now't. Get off your backsides and raise some cash like to rest of us have to.
  11. Haven’t altered mine since my first effort. Predicted score didn’t add up to much... still it was without a bench.
  12. M.O.M. Fev V London Broncos (A)

    1st = Briscoe 2nd = Hardcastle 3rd = Farrell
  13. Local Press Coverage of TWP

    A passionate plea from Ashton Simms to the Australian RL public to get behind Toronto and expansionism from the "players voice" website;
  14. Hardaker Sacked

    Rumour on the cas forum is saying allegedly Hardaker was sacked by Steve Gill then offered a lower contract for duration of any ban. Wigan have then swooped in and signed a free agent. If this had any truth in it would explain the rumours of Gill and Powell having a bust up and Gill possibly exiting Cas. All if true of course
  15. There's some local shenanigans going on in Wigan! Local Independent (think he used to be UKIP) Councillor informs Labour led council he intends to resign, but never actually resigns, Labour council calls election, Councillor changes his mind, council say tough! High Court judge cancels by-election. Would love to know how much our local Labour tribe have spent so far on this when you'd think in a sensible world it could have been sorted out in the time it took to make a brew and crack open some biscuits in the town hall kitchen!
  16. Hardaker Sacked

    So..... all that Solomona money just written off???
  17. All the latest rugby league news from around the Super League View the full article
  18. All the latest rugby league news from around the Super League View the full article
  19. Batley by 8 Dewsbury by14 Featherstone by 26 Leigh by 8 London by 4 Halifax by 30
  20. Batley by 8 Dewsbury by 14 Featherstone by 22 Leigh by 4 London by 6 Halifax by 18
  21. Hardaker Sacked

    right decision class player but well done to the club for having the balls to do this. Keeping him on would have set a bad precedent. We move on..
  22. Hardaker Sacked

    I just hope they can't find the receipt , they might be asking Leeds for a refund😂😂
  23. Today
  24. Hardaker Sacked

    Cas have just confirmed that they have dismissed Zak Hardaker from his contract. Right or wrong decision?
  25. RUCK

    From the Laws of the Game: Tackle and play the ball paragraph 10(h) having retired the distance prescribed in the preceding paragraph no player of the team not in possession may advance until the ball has cleared the ruck. A player who is out of play may again take part in the game when the advantage gained by not retiring has been lost. It is also defined in the glossary of terms used in the laws: Ruck refers to all players involved in and around the tackle and subsequent play the ball.
  26. The RFL is the players Union.
  27. London Broncos Feb 26th

    Finally we get to play a city of our size....Wolfpack is gonna lay such a blitz and spanking on them, it will bring back post traumatic stress nightmares of the V2.
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