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  2. It’s sad that a semi pro team can’t field 17 players. They only had 15 at Fev last week as well. Fair play to the lads that went over but this situation does nothing for the sport, particularly those new to it. The disparity in the Championship is alarming and the prize money distribution doesn’t help.
  3. All the comments here from people who attended are great! I think from everything I've seen and heard over the week, I'm happy to brand the whole exercise a success. Definitely plenty to build on over the next two years. More notice for fans, and more cooperation from the NRL, could also make a big difference to boosting the whole event next year. Definitely need to keep going with this. Well done to the players for making sure it went ahead, and was such a good open showcase of the sport.
  4. Wasn't sure if I was going to the TWP Raiders game, the weather wasn't good and I heard rumours Barrow were a couple short, but made a last minute decision to go and I am glad I did. TWP won, not unexpectedly, but Barrow had only 14 players. I know they had injury problems and had to borrow a couple of players, but they stuck to it and tried their best. Hats off to Barrow who gave it a good shout, yes the score wasn't close and I am not sure all their players on the field at the end were 100% fit, but they kept going and I appreciate their spirit in coming over and giving it a go. This to me was about the love of the game.
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  6. Me too. Came over to Toronto to watch Cov Bears and that experience inspired me to come here for today's game. I missed half the action from explaining the previous moves to American first timers but didn't mind because of the fantastic atmosphere and the occasion. Still surprised that nobody I've talked to away from the game even knew it was going on but then it's a big city and it's not yet a big sport over here. From tiny acorns etc and so forth.... I'm calling it a great success. Was a really entertaining game and much appreciated by the crowd around me.
  7. Felt like more at the time, atmosphere was good I thought. The people around me who had clearly never seen the game got into it. Teams and ref played their part, throwing the ball about and letting things go respectively. they need to put cameras on the side opposite the crowd and try and have it so spread out. I’d go again.
  8. What an amazing experience, I am quite hoarse from explaining the rules to all those around me. It was a surreal experience and one which we should start building on immediately to keep the interest alive. You’re lucky to be back in your motel, I have another 2 hours to wait for my flight to Vegas
  9. Saints News

    Dream come true for Tommy Makinson

    TOMMY Makinson says that his try scoring debut was a “dream come true” after he came off the bench to help England to victory over the Kiwis in Denver. View the full article
  10. Ermmm....actually there was.......part of the pre and half time entertainment. Team of 4 dogs chasing and catching frizbies, one was a whippet, the best one actually. They compete in the world dog frizbie catching championships or the saying goes: Only in America! Got a pic but can't upload it.
  11. CanadianRugger

    Team for Toronto

    Which is why I will say 8000 for Leigh and not a sellout. Tough ask to play 8 home games in a row. I'm ready for them to bring on the 8s already.
  12. Cameron Highlander

    Team for Toronto

    CR....a big crowd next week would be great to see but last year the Canada Day Weekend game crowd was the LOWEST Lamport crowd of 2017. We made it to 10 home games last year but not the Canada Day Weekend game. This year we have Season Tickets, we have not missed a home game (including the one at Fletchers Fields), but we likely will not be at 2, 3, maybe 4 games. We will not be at the Leigh game as we have a long-standing family gathering (30+ years) every Canada Day Weekend. As I'll bet that many, many, other folks do too.......have something similar that's a Canada Day Weekend tradition. Some would say, bring them all to the game. It's not quite that simple. I'll be delighted to be wrong on this and they do get their best Lamport crowd this year against Leigh. I'd love to be going. AWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
  13. England impress, but rugby league the winner in historic Denver test against New Zealand says Tom Bramwell in the Manchester Evening News.
  14. Why not? Perth, Adelaide and Hunter ended up as the Melbourne Storm in 1998.
  15. Denver is about halfway between New Zealand and the UK, it's a place which doesn't get much international sport, and the Mountain time zone made for a perfect kickoff time for TV right after the conclusion of the day's FIFA World Cup matches. The non-professional teams along the east coast which play in the RU off-season because that's when their RU players are available aren't a factor in planning such an event.
  16. That's more than a thousand better than the average crowd for the 39 previous matches between these teams (going back to the first one in 1908) which is 18,045.
  17. Thaler made that match. He let a lot go. That’s what’s needed in the sport. The younger fans would disagree. But then they understand entertainment,
  18. CanadianRugger

    Team for Toronto

    Toronto only ever made 7-8000 at the end of the season. 5200 is a great crowd for a side like Barrow. The real test will be against Leigh next week, I expect a big crowd.
  19. I am pretty sure we did put that to a vote in 2011 as part of a coalition deal. Millions was spent on a referendum and the public clearly said NO! In fact 68% of those who voted said NO Is that yet another referendum you want to have again, because the result was not what you wanted or it was not the question you wanted asked or should it have been a different question.?
  20. Reporter Paul Clarke analyses where Hull FC stand in the race for the top four after 18 rounds View the full article
  21. Thoroughly enjoyed the game and the good lady even let me watch it live..and even watched a bit with me(had to explain a bit here and there and she did say as with no real interest in the game, that it should have been played in a smaller stadium and I do tend to agree....). was a bit of a weird atmosphere to begin with i thought, but it did grow on me. Im not convinced it will happen next year though I have to say...anybody know wether it would be worth the promoters doing it again??
  22. Just back at my motel, the crowd was right at around 19+k, atmosphere was absolutely fine considering 95% were neutrals or English / NZ RU expats. People seemed to enjoy the game, especially the big hits and tries. Crowd not an amazing attendance but considering the negativity from the NRL not bad. No reason why the crowd should my be bigger next year with more of a run up at it and less Aussie sabotage, Clint Newton looked happy enough. Great stadium and a nice city centre. Russell Crowe was at the game. There was no official English merhandise but Broncos had produced their own stuff, t shirts, for the game which was impressive. Beer 7 quid a litre, approx.
  23. Is this "jam tomorrow" the reason that WWR keep turning down proposals to play the postponed Bears game?
  24. Would it be fair to say the Kiwis tried to blow England off the park early, then when fatigue set in, have too big an advantage on the scoreboard to be caught? If that was the tactic, it didn't work. England held them close enough and the Kiwis tired. Playing at altitude is more like running a marathon than a sprint.
  25. Would you like the internationals on terrestrial tv or sky?
  26. And I only picked a 48 point margin. I might have been right with 17 players per side. The wheel certainly fell off the barrow. I still think a team should be able to put 17 on a plane though. Pros against semi pros isn't ideal either but RL doesn't have to money to run two fully pro divisions.There's nothing that can be done about that. If the Championship was all semi pro then it would be more even but then promoted teams (or those trying to) would struggle. At least this way when the middle eights arrive, the pro teams in the Championship that make the cut will have a chance.
  27. That was a proper game of RL and I enjoyed it. Old school playing and reffing. Very enjoyable.
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