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  2. Dream Team Announced

    Looks about right. Props are contentious Watts, Walmsley and Fifita all worthy of a mention. Walmsley should definitely have been in. That said I rate Millington and Ikahifiho (was only saying to someone the other day I would love to see him in the current Cas side). From the Cas contingent, I actually think Webster has probably had a stronger season then Shenton this year.
  3. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    to be fair it dont help keep fans coming along with there kids all the &&*^$$£$%$£, so next time grab a quick picture or let the stewards know fella, needs nipping in the bud, but we had plenty of ^$54544^&^ aimed at the fans and coaching staff off mr tubbs yesterday.
  4. Who will the Hunters be up against in Sydney Sunday ?
  5. Something more random and maverick like what? Have we not got a fair reflection of the English game in the previous 45 years of failure?
  6. Dream Team Announced

    A call up to this team or to England? If this team, then I agree, people don't score 37/38? tries every season and it deserves recognition. For England, no, he isn't quite at that level.
  7. so wayne bennets coaching against storm today

    im saying we shouldn't play straight in to their hands, we need something more random and maverick with an element of the un expected, Bennett simply wont do that - it will be a disaster and he will just bemoan the English game down as an excuse
  8. Dream Team Announced

    I agree. I'm a fan of Gildart who has always looked capable and consistent. Shenton is deserving also!
  9. With all the talk of possibly 3 overseas clubs as well as London in next year's championship people have overlooked that they will also be joined by a cumbrian club
  10. Cresta.....and a pat on the back!

    Couldn't agree more.
  11. "The Brexit Effect"

    the brexit effect its having on me is im sick of effing hearing about it and all that goes with it making me want to put my boot through the tv half the time , that and womens football is driving me mad,
  12. Whitehaven

    Hi Skip, seems our psychology differs somewhat and i love it that we are 'a local homeshow', lol. You coming over next year?
  13. Dream Team Announced

    That's because no one has seen him due to the blackout on us! But he's been superb all season and probably the 2nd best prop behind Walmsley, but no one will know as no one gets to see our players, a point i picked up on a few weeks ago, Leeming, Mcintosh, O'Brien, Hinchliffe, McGillvary, Cudjoe, Roberts have all been brilliant for us in the last couple of months, but we are the only team to not feature on SKY's coverage for some reason.
  14. Bulldogs V Seagulls semi final

    Leak Chandler Manning
  15. Whitehaven

    On topic, I think the game next week will be a very good one. Given that it is a promotion game I would hope the team fans take note and make a good show of support by attending.
  16. Are you saying we shouldn't be playing with a focus on controlling field position and possession?
  17. NZRL Premiership

    Round Two Akarana (Auckland) 40 vs Counties 22 Canterbury 32 vs Waikato 28 in grade below it is officially over for Wellington who lost to Otago 22 -18 Otago in South Island not a province usually associated with rugby league, but well done. Wellington now have NO chance of being promoted next year.
  18. Whitehaven

    millomite, i've asked on here before for ideas to increase crowds/revenue. Brilliant post mate with some great ideas. Lets have more please people. Problem is, will the board take any notice?
  19. Haven game

    Good point Deano, Is there any more news about getting rid of the joke that is the league 1 cup as could possibly make room for more league matches.
  20. The Truth

    whoever gets the 100k it wont help them stay up next season as most of it , if not all , will be already spoken for .
  21. Whitehaven

    @TMF None Taken! I only ever saw mention of this in the post by WonderofWoods above plus your prior comment in this thread. But having been a banker in a past life for a number of years (started off in retail and worked my way up and through commercial, real estate, corporate, etc) I was simply observing that the psychology here is that this would not IMHO be a very successful tactic for a professional sports team. For say a local homeshow it might work. In any case I do understand that it might work in the UK, and perhaps even in a smaller center here. But in a major city like Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver, I would be very skeptical of success. As I noted, I never even heard a whiff of mention of free tickets, from any other fans on this forum or elsewhere. By our standards, the price of attending a TWP game was very inexpensive. I don't recall it even on the TWP facebook or twitter feeds.
  22. We didn't bring fans from Toronto but when we played a team in the UK 6/8 had record attendance did they not? We brought those extra fans even though they weren't wearing our shirts.
  23. Next season squad.

    Anyone heard anything about Craig Briscoe if he will be here next year
  24. RLWC Scheduling

    Am I right in thinking the BBC have the rights to stream all the matches online? EDIT: I'm thinking of 2021
  25. Hull League

    Was that in the good old days when everything was great in the game?
  26. Maher

    9' oller is prone to hearing voices, I think. That said, Ian Preece was only 26 or so when he retired (at the top of his game, too).
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