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    £15,000 had been reportedly raised so far and the Widnes Twitter page is very much on a fundraising push. Players seem to be manning the phones. I'm concerned about this. We've seen it before. £500,000 was raised in 2012 to "save Bradford". Former players sold medals in the process. Yet no-one knows where that money went. I worry that the same may happen here. I worry that the commitment of fans, who pour hundreds, maybe thousands into following their team anyway per year , is being taken advantage of. And for what? To cover financial mismanagement of others, who emerge unscathed. Many of these individuals still remain in the game. Some even get better jobs. Some even become leaders in the sport. I hope I'm wrong. I really do. But I've seen it before. Widnes fans were told 10 months ago by James Rule that they were debt free. Now they're staring into the abyss and are being asked to dig into their pockets. And the average rugby league fan doesn't have deep pockets. Yet the love of their club and the sport means they do it anyway. Nobody knows where this money is going. Widnes certainly aren't telling the fans. The fans get nothing in return either. No influence. No assurance or way of holding any new board to account. Money given in good faith to people who have no right to it. It's disgraceful and emotionally manipulative. This is why we need supporters associations to organise themselves again. To exert influence, to hold secretive shysters to account. The Widnes fans now have the chance to reset, coordinate and privately fundraise rather than pour it unconditionally into a failing business. I hope they take it.
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    "What do Wolfpack bring to UK rugby league ... oh wait ... coverage in a major weekend paper?" Of particular note, 42% of casual ticket buyers for Toronto games are millenials and 40% are women.
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    A national newspaper based in London printing a positive story on Rugby League, great news, please stop knocking Toronto, they are good for the game,
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    Well what a great afternoon for everyone then. Full time Bradford are happy to lose by only 10 at home to part time York. York are happy to win. Everyone's a winner! Just a perfect day.....
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    I really don’t like this attitude. The man has driven hundreds of miles on his day off to see his side play poorly - he has every right to have a moan. A few seasons ago Skolars beat Keighley, Doncaster and a few more established clubs. Since then they’ve been bitterly disappointing. I think LondonFan has every right to be very annoyed at how his club is performing, and for what it’s worth I agree with him. Skolars have been going a bloody long time now, they should be doing a lot better than scraping past West Wales.
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    I was always a strong cheerleader of Manchester Rangers bid to join the league structure and I've been frustrated that they've been kept waiting for so long and not been given the green light. My overriding thoughts were always that, if the rfl cannot see the benefits of having a well run big city club on the doorstep of its heartlands there's a problem. My second thoughts were, well what if the bid just isn't strong enough, perhaps they don't have a good business case or the bid ownership team do not meet the fit and proper persons criteria. I've been really disappointed to hear over the past few weeks and days along the grapevine how strong the bid actually was and this is a huge opportunity missed. - The bid was endorsed by Andy Burnham the mayor of Manchester - Recommended by the RFLs own consultant Ken Jones following a due diligence exercise - A board full of successful businessmen with proven financial acumen - Five star facilities at the Etihad Regional arena http://www.totalrl.com/rfl-consultant-slams-opportunity-missed-in-manchester-decision/ The decision to decline their bid was not even voted on by clubs. This is living proof that Ralph Rimmer has no vision for this sport, there is no opportunity for a well to do and ambitious organisation that adds value to the sport to enter and get bums on seats. The people that run this sport are still stuck in the old world and unfortunately the sport has been overtaken by boxing, union and many other sports because of this. The sport just isn't adapting to a global world which communicates via social media. The only way the situation improves is if the leadership is replaced. The next tv deal is due soon and I don't think the future is too bright for the sport as a brand or tv sport. Let's not kid ourselves, a lot of change needs to take place if the sport is to capitalise on the opportunities it has now.
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    Thought Bradford were pretty poor today, halfbacks were ineffective, forwards didn’t graft, only Webster & Ryan shone really. George Flanagan spent too much time playing for penalties rather than playing rugby. We were nowhere near our best, a man down for 10 minutes and lost one of our main go forward players to injury yet Bradford still ballsed it up. Their fans are a right moaning lot, constant whinging and appealing for penalties, we were offside at every play the ball, every tackle we were holding down. Only time I heard anything positive from them was cheering when they scored. They need to realise they’re a bottom 4 Championship side at best and deal with it accordingly then they might enjoy their Sunday afternoons more. £25 well spent from a York point of view though!
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    Oh dear. Looks like the pressures got to you as well
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    VIQI, an independent fundraising organisation that has supported Widnes Vikings for almost 20 years has stepped forward to help coordinate fundraising efforts to save the club. Supporters can donate and sign up to become members of the association at www.viqi.co.uk. As an independent organisation with its own bank account, all money donated is securely ringfenced by VIQI and will not be put at risk by the club’s current administration challenges. Money donated will be used to help take the club out of administration, if possible, or to support the continuation of professional rugby league in our town. Supporters can continue to donate through the crowd funder which had been set up by supporter Bethany Pennington. With every day counting, supporters are encouraged to donate as soon as possible and to give as generously as possible. Vikings Supporters are encouraged to sign up become a VIQI Members. This can help provide sustainable and reliable income to support Widnes Vikings. This will help VIQI to demonstrate to potential investors that Widnes Vikings can become a sustainable club, which has the full backing of its supporters. If VIQI can generate 1000-1500 members, contributing £15 per month, they will collectively generate between £180,000 to £270,000 per year for the club. This would help attract further investment and see Widnes Vikings’ supporters likely become the primary investors in their team. Throughout Widnes Vikings’ Championship and Super League history, VIQI members have collectively raised almost £200,000 for the club, helping to sign almost 40 first team players and invest in the club’s youth system. From our first signing, Martin Crompton, through to the likes of Corey Thompson, VIQI have consistently supported the progress of Widnes Vikings and assisted the club at times of need. Jason Shaw, Founder of VIQI, says: “At this time of financial uncertainty for the club, we would like to step forward to help lead and protect the fundraising efforts to save Widnes Vikings. Whilst all of us are hurting by the current crisis, the only thing that matters now is action. A united effort from our supporters and backers of the club can help save our historic team. We encourage supporters and members of the rugby league community to donate to the crowd funder as generously as possible. We also hope that our supporters will sign up to become VIQI members to demonstrate to potential investors that the club has the support of its community and ongoing revenue. Securing a thousand or more members by Wednesday 27th February at £15 a month is essential in demonstrating the local passion for the club and its sustainability. Supporters are encouraged to share the www.viqi.co.uk website as far and wide as possible. As an independent organisation, with a long heritage of supporting Widnes Vikings in times of need, we hope that we can be a trusted partner for supporters. With our own bank account, we will safeguard the money raised and ensure that it is used appropriately to assist the long-term future of this club. Our immediate priority is to help generate enough funds to make a meaningful contribution to ensure that Widnes Vikings can overcome the threat of liquidation. Ultimately, we hope that VIQI can work to help establish an active Supporters Trust, with the aim of taking an ownership stake in the club. With representatives from across our supporter-base working together, we hope that this will create a more sustainable and transparent club, that we all have a stake in. Given the need to generate funding immediately, this plan will naturally be developed at a later stage.” the money rasied by VIQI is not given directly to the club, so is secure if we do go into liquidation.
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    " on loan with a squad as big as yours? Ryan did not have a perfectly good try disallowed, he grounded the ball short, right under our noses. Regarding possession, I'm not sure we saw the same game. How many repeat sets did you have in the second half, mainly due to some poor discipline from York, and also you 'buying' some cheap penalties from the ref at the play the ball. Oh, and we played with 12 men for 10 minutes as well. Anyway, just looked on BBC results. It says Bradford 14, York 24. GET IN YORK!!!!!
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    Are you John Kear?, what a moaning prat you are.
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    Just imagine what exposure a transatlantic RL equivalent of Super Rugby and Pro14 with its franchises all located in major world-class cities like Toronto, London and New York could get for the sport.
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    Priceless exposure for our game which is good to see
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    Link - Enjoy https://www.telegraph.co.uk/rugby-league/2019/02/23/toronto-wolfpack-eyeing-world-domination-first-leigh-centurions/
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    Mad that we took about 400 to Dewsbury, similar distance, freezing cold and much less a “glamour” club (no disrespect to Dewsbury obvs) If there was any less than that from York today, there’s only Bradford Bulls to blame for that so coming in here criticising our numbers is pretty thick.
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    I must've seen Jake Webster play about 50 matches for Cas, always seemed to play the game tough but fairly. Very disappointing seeing him on 3 occasions on his hands and knees pretending to play the ball, milking a penalty, never had him down as one of those kind of players. Coached into him by King Kear methinks.
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    I think this is going to be great. As a retired women's player it means I can now still play the game. Really can't wait to be part of this ladies Masters game and I k ow the other ladies are really looking forward to it.
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    Mods, just noticed some scamp has hacked my account!
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    I was always a fan of this golden point in the league malarkey... ?
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    That’s surprising because it’s quite an unusual name
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    Instead of this fundraising which is for the right reasons, simply buy season tickets or is that too simple.
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    With respect this is rubbish. These clubs aren't "holding the sport back". They are the sport. I'm all for bringing new teams in and if they are well funded and backed find a pathway for them to get to the top of the sport. But there is absolutely no reason whatsoever for this to be simultaneous with kicking the existing smaller clubs and communities which support them in the teeth. That's what I don't get with some people - hating established Rugby League clubs just for being small and just for existing and just for surviving. Clubs whose same story of backs to the wall, hand to mouth community engagement they would revel in if the location was somewhere other than the north of England.
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    Encouraging signs from the raiders so far, hope it continues throughout the season ?
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    Saturday 9th March see's the first ever Women's Masters Rugby League match being played in the UK with York Lokos Ladies Masters taking on West Yorkshire Ladies Masters. The match is being played on York Knavesmire (the original ground of York rugby club) with a 1pm kick off. It is expected that Women's Masters will mirror the amazing growth shown in Men's Masters, the only difference between the Men's and Women's game is that Women can play as soon as they have reached their 30th birthday, Men having to wait till 35. A bumper crowd is expected to witness this historic Rugby League event, with the added bonus of York Lokos Men taking on their Leeds counterparts following the Women's game. All welcome to what promisrs to be a fantastic day of Masters RL.
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    Maybe he'll have a chilling message again
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    A cover of one of my favourite Dylan tracks Hurricane. This is by RocKwiz Orkestra, an Oz band and TV show. The two sisters on backing vocals are Vika and Linda Bull who are I believe are of Tongan heritage. All are talented musicians, the violinist is amazing.
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    This is a great concept and has been launched at an ideal time. It is providing retired players or players over the age of 30 who would like to experience playing RL, an opportunity to do so in a safe environment. Its all about inclusion and celebrating the sport irrespective of age. Its great that there’s now no limitations! Really looking forward to playing in this historic match for York Masters. For me personally, it’s going to be momentous, as after suffering a stroke nearly 4 years ago during a cup final, I was no longer able to participate. Masters RL means I don’t have to play contact, but can still be part of the special camaraderie you get being part of a team. I love the ethos of it and am really proud to be a part of it. I hope it continues to grow!
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    Hang on deano , bull mania's counting is as bad as his teams lack of grit and cohesion , as for the admission prices I tried my fordy fiver but no luck. And were still marching on???
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    Well I can assure you there would have been at least 51 york fans there if they weren’t trying to rip us off
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    That was a hard fought win. Credit to crusaders who will shock a few teams this season. We never seemed to hit top gear but still scored 8 tries and could probably have had a couple more if the last pass had gone to hand. Penky just continues to be our number 1 go to player, apart from a couple of loose passes today everything comes from him. Hope we can keep him fit because he is one player that you couldn’t really replace. I hope Scott Rooke gets a chance because he showed at the backend of last season against Bradford and Swinton he could more than hold his own. Next week will be a big test, Donny coming off the back of a defeat will want to get back on track, but if we can go and win there we will really have put a marker down for the season. Here’s hoping we can do it.
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    As a neutral, I thoroughly enjoyed the Swinton-Toulouse game. The visitors were fortunate to edge it 26-24 after leading 18-12 at half-time. I was impressed with Swinton's spirit and enthusiasm. Lions need to cut out the daft penalties, which on several occasions piggy-backed Toulouse to the try line. Given Swinton trailed 0-10 almost before they'd drawn breath, they did well to get 12-10 ahead before the half-hour. Down 12-24, Swinton looked dead and buried but, again, they fought back to trail 24-26 with a few minutes left. Keeping the ball alive after the final hooter had sounded, Lions almost went over in the corner for what would have been the game-clinching score. Not overly impressed with Toulouse. Are they really full-time? Swinton looked the fitter team towards the end. Admission was £18 and a 36-page programme (19 of them ads) sold for £3. The attendance was announced as 601. On a warm, sunny afternoon, this Heywood Road thriller deserved a bigger audience.
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    Senior looked lightweight and didn’t exactly run the ball out with any conviction. Not sure what Walsh has done to warrant being a level above Scott tbh
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    I have some good friends at Cov Bears from my days at the Midlands RL and their progress is nothing less than they deserve. Well done to Boomer, Ron, Tom and all the players and staff.
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    Cresta is barrow through and through but he has to shoulder some of the blame for the boring naive rugby we've been playing
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    Had to grind that out with better discipline against a decent Rochdale side (excluding their 7 & 10). Their two forwards 30 and 26 or 28? were outstanding as was the winger in the scrum cap. Well done for getting over the line not the best game but we're off and running and no easy games this season!
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    Disagree Phil the effort was there and you can't realistically bag our forwards. We seemed to be in the driving seat uphill at 12 up with lots of attack. Good to see croppers return and retties energy. Think brambani has slowed down or choosing more carries over shipping ball out. Our defence and discipline won us today not necessarily attack
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    Intelligent, intellectual and loquacious inbreds. The thinking-man’s inbred. ?
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    I take great offence to that. It's inbreds on Humberside.
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    Brilliant win for the Bears today!!!!!! Absolutely fantastic, and is testimony to the hard work this young squad have put in this preseason.
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    Being British born does not automatically mean a person is a British citizen, as I explained earlier in this thread, and that has been the case since 1983. Also, nationality is now passed by way of the mother (rather than the father, as previously). If the mother is Bangladeshi in this instance, and she is, then the child would also be Bangladeshi unless the mother had registered the child as British or the mother had dual citizenship in which case the child would also have dual nationality. If the child has dual nationality then Javid is legally entitled to strip her of her British citizenship as he does not make her stateless in so doing. In Bangladesh if the parents of a citizen are Bangladeshi (and both her parents are, with her father living in Bangladesh) the citizen inherits their Bangladeshi citizenship up to being 21 when they have to apply for it. Therefore, it could be that Bangladesh would be in breach of international law if they refuse to take her because she is not yet 21. Jacob Rees-Mogg doesn't think she should be stripped of her citizenship. He didn't say she couldn't be. I also said in my first post on this subject that we would have to take her in if it proves to be that she is a British citizen. Therefore, it is not a question of me being wrong. What I have said is perfectly correct. What this is a case of is you coming to the conclusion that you think she should be allowed back into the country and I do not. It's a simple case of us disagreeing with each other.
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    Yet again, how is her citizenship under question? She’s British born and acknowledged as a British citizen by the Home Secretary. Her “dual nationality” was made up by Javid though who conveniently mis-spoke when he said she had Bangladeshi 2nd citizenship, when the truth is that she could apply for 2nd citizenship and could be given it but never had done so. Bangladesh have said that they wouldn’t let her in as she isn’t their citizen and also for them to accept someone for 2nd citizenship under the rules, they have to have a good moral character and be accepted under review, it’s not automatic. I’m sure you’re good enough to go and look at the background of the 100 people and find out why they were legally excluded. I think you’ll struggle to find a match to the circumstances with this case. Can you, just once, admit you’re wrong? Even Jacob Rees-Mogg can see it...
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    https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/catalans-and-toulouse-enter-dual-registration-agreement/ Catalans have announced a dual-registration agreement with Toulouse for the 2019 season. This agreement will see the Dragons make players available to play for the Championship club. Catalans youngster Arthur Romano will become the first player to play for Toulouse via dual-registration this weekend.
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    On the T/S website that Town have added two new board members in Gary Murdock and Graeme Peers, welcome on board gentlemen.
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    I am eating a large pile of custard creams. This isn't going particularly well.
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    Achillies feels fine today after 2 days of throbbing aches. I think I am using it as an excuse though, as my leg has no influence on what I should be eating. The exercise part of losing weight is the 'cherry on top', with the diet doing the bulk (!) of the work. The fact that I have a sore leg should not stop me dieting, yet I seem to be linking not being able to do much exercise with not sorting my diet.
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    The fans should demand a place on the board in return for the money raised, that way it didn’t go missing like it did at Bradford.

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