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Can’t actually believe some of the comments on here. We have got, potentially, the best coach we have had since Walshy. However that was arrived at I’m not really bothered, he has committed to a full

He should have hung around for a year then 

MODERATOR: I have listened to members of their distrust of brad hepi's heed, and,Their has been plenty of you that have not liked him pretending to be a Town supporter, for that reason i have decided

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36 minutes ago, townie88 said:

Who is already under contract?

You would hope someone like young Marwood got at least a  year when he signed. 

There’s a fair bit of recruitment to do so hopefully whoever is the coach is appointed in good time so that things can be done in good time. 

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36 minutes ago, Townster1 said:

For next year going off the town website :- Jamie doran, Elliot Miller, Tom Curwen, Gordon Maudling, Caine Barnes, Dec O’Donnell, Ryan Fieldhouse, Andrew Dawson, Perry Singleton, Stevie Scholey 

Great starting point. Be interesting over the coming weeks to see if any of the current faces are announced as staying?

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I think for us to move forward a club we need a good clean out off players and start again people saying we don’t need to rebuild a new team but how many times this year have we not had numbers at training or games where most don’t look interested why don’t we start with players that want to play for the club

weve got 2 players that have been injured all year is it really beneficial to keep them next year knowing how injury prone 

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1 hour ago, The Voodooguru said:

I'm amazed Danny Tickle hasn't been mentioned yet as he has been very good for us this year, almost like a player coach on the field. He hasn't exactly just came up for a final pay packet.

Correct. Largely goes unnoticed. But he's one Id defiantly like to keep. With Ollie finishing and the prospect of saying bye to a few other experienced folk, keeping him would be a plus (if he doesn't want to retire himself). Been very consistent this year and plays big minutes 

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