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1 hour ago, Maureen T-k said:

Didn’t go due to having the  sniffles so cannot comment 

Hope you8r feeling better. I was frozen at the match after a lovely sunny afternoon . My three.

1. Chisholm

2. Sweeting

3. Hardcastle

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5 minutes ago, Fev1983 said:

Are you the first person to catch ‘it’ in Fev Mo?

I once caught a rugby ball at a match at Hull KR ???

its only a heavy cold, it’s nowt worse like man flu ???

Im Fev and im proud

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I am 85. I hope that SELF ISOLATE just announced by the government doesn't stop me watching matches or going on holiday. What exactly do they mean by self isolate? I hope I haven't to just sit in an isolated corner for 4 months. That would kill me!!!!

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I am continuing the MOM. If you feel up to it then let me have your vote for this game. Things will need readjusting because of the virus but the season will eventually start up again so lets look to the future and vote on. CHEERS 

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On 19/03/2020 at 16:53, jamescolin said:

Not closing the voting until Friday around 3/4. Please lets keep the ball rolling.

Closing now. The winners for the  Hunslet game were: Chisholm with 31 followed by Sweeting with 20 and Blackmore with 11. The overall position as we stand now is Chisholm 7, Hall 7, Harrison and Blackmore with 5 each. Susino and McLelland 3 each, The others in the list: Parata, Bussey, Joufratt, Worthington and Sweeting have 2 each. Let's now look forward to the next game whenever it might be. Cheers. UTR. 

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