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Brad (when we actually picked him) played on the wing, probably one of our quickest players we had, but we loaned him out to St.Helens academy, which I found quite bizarre. No idea what position he pl

Ryan Wilson signs for another 2 years, always good to have good locals sign for the club, good luck marra

Certainly didn't look like he's packed in at training this morning....

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15 hours ago, Town utd said:

think with the lockdown,players contracts will have come to an end,players will come an go, looking forward to new and old players who sign and wear the town shirt with pride👍

They'll have all had them honoured I'd have thought by the furlough scheme but as you say. Time, people and things move on. It'll be the same throughout the game. 

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41 minutes ago, Cumbria RL said:

I Think u will sign Burns & Dixon, possibly lads will maybe see town winning more than they lose, winning pay talks.

I think I can stick my neck out and say we’ll win more than we lose 

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1 hour ago, Cumbria RL said:

Do they want it though, gonna take some big scores next year especially away, like a said more winning pay will be available at town for the Cumbrian lads playing. 

Maybe totally wrong but is that the way most contracts are still structured? Winning pay/losing pay?

I'd have thought to avoid all the players going back and forward depending on who gets more win/loss pay, would be to have more consistent fixed pay that is less onerous on win/loss pay? Then it purely comes down to the individuals desire to play at the highest level

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