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NRL TIPPING COMPETITION Round 27 2023 Results Posted; Awards Presented

NRL ROUND 27 POLL 2023   

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  1. 1. Which game will produce the lowest points total?

    • Broncos v Storm
    • Sea Eagles v Tigers
    • Rabbitohs v Roosters
    • Dolphins v Warriors
    • Panthers v Cowboys
    • Dragons v Knights
    • Titans v Bulldogs
    • Sharks v Raiders

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Regulars, occasional tipsters and newcomers alike...

This tipping competition will continue throughout the finals series.




1. Name the 8 winning teams. A drawn game after extra time counts as a win for both teams for the sake of our competition.

2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R27?  Used as tie breaker for the Champion Tipster title when there’s more than one top scorer. 

3. How many AWAY wins will there be in the round? When a game is played on the road the first team  is taken as the home team.

4. Poll:  Which game will produce the lowest points total? Enter in your post and also in the poll at the top of the topic.

Entries welcome until the first game of the round kicks off this coming Thursday

Enjoy your Rugby League.

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Poll broncos  storm









 2 away wins

Points 345

You've got to get your first tackle in early, even if its late.

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Winners: Broncos, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Dolphins, Cowboys, Knights, Titans, Sharks

Points: 384

Away wins: 3

Lowest points: Rabbitohs vs. Roosters

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Broncos vs Storm is difficult to call because I don't follow the Queensland Cup. Panthers vs Cowboys depends on the Broncos result, because Cleary will rest most of his team if they can't still win the minor premiership. Anyway .......

Winning teams Broncos, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Dolphins, Cowboys, Dragons, Titans, Sharks.

Points 364

Aways 2

Poll Dragons vs Knights

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Poll Broncos \Storm, Points: 330 Aways: 3

Broncos, Sea Eagles, Roosters, Dolphins, Cowboys, Knights, Titans , Sharks

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Winners - Brisbane Broncos, Manly Sea-Eagles, Sydney Roosters, Dolphins, Penrith Panthers,  St George -Illawarra, Gold Coast Titans and Cronulla Sharks.

Points - 378

Away Wins - 1

Poll - Cronulla v Canberra


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Hi there, Graham!

Last round carnage; let's see what sticks prediction-wise...


326 points total

3 away wins

Fewest points: RABBITOHS vs ROOSTERS


Good luck to all!

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54 minutes ago, Graham said:

We don’t have exhaustive written rules. We go by what seems right. The norm is that folk stand by their tips before the first round kicks off. 
As for your question, it will be okay for you to modify your tip on this occasion. 

I was asking more in frustration than expectation. I am happy to abide by the norm of sticking to my original tip, but I do appreciate the offer.

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  • Graham changed the title to NRL TIPPING COMPETITION Round 27 2023 In Progress

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