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New Coach - Names in frame?


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It would be an honour…..but I would have to take a pay cut.


Just get it right…because if there are two teams that desperately need to get out of this hell hole of a division its your lot and the mighty hornets.


Ten years ago this weekend that we won that preliminary final at your place. Didnt you turn the hot water off in the away dressing room in a fit of pique? Our lads had to shower with the refs (pre female refs days😊) while you lot worried about facing the skolars for a chance to get your revenge in the final. We all know how that ended.


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1 hour ago, jroyales said:

Team announcements this week. Surely the coach must come first so as to form his/her team!

You would have thought so , maybe we have more decent options for coach than normal and they're at the short list stage . 

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On 17/09/2023 at 09:14, sheddingswasus said:

Mr Hamilton took us precariously close to extinction on a good number of occasions 

Where was this consortium from 1997 onwards? Oldham Rugby League could have gone under then if it wasn't for CH, he is no angel but he did keep Pro rugby alive in Oldham. 

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48 minutes ago, RawlinsonRaider said:

Where was the money men then? He was far from perfect but at least there was a club to takeover 26 years later. If you want to rubbish people, look at Jim Quinn and Co. 

Spot on - well said - I believe CH was an accountant in a previous life, so whilst getting paltry crowds through the turnstiles with dwindling central income & players who always got paid, the fact we had a club at all is perhaps because of him, not despite him.

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