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Who are your current 3 favourite male NRL teams and why?

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1 hour ago, KL700 said:
From the time they started to present day, who are your current 3
favourite male NRL teams and please separately say why, for each
one named.

South Sydney. After arriving in Sydney(1968) joined their Leagues club and followed them until I moved to near Cronulla in 1970.

Cronulla.  Joined their Leagues club and followed them until moving from Sydney to the Blue Mountains in 2000.

Penrith.  Joined their Leagues club and became a season ticket holder until 2023.

Have moved again last July to near Port Macquarie where there is a Penrith Leagues club.

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When I retired to Port Macquarie I settled on Storm originally due to their salary cap issue which as a Bradford Bulls Supporter saw a parallel but the difference in finances saw different outcomes!

Before then I looked out for the Rabbitohs because of the Burgess Brothers and the Broncos during the Lockyear, Tallis years

I also keep a look out for Newcastle now Boom Boom is an Assistant Coach there


If you like old type radio comedy/drama's etc listen to http://pumpkinfm.com/

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1...St George Illawarra Dragons, I started supporting St George Dragons as a little tacker when they were the powerhouse of the game towards the end of the 11 premierships in a row in the 1960's 

2...Manly Warringah Sea Eagles, It is where my junior club is situated where I played the game from 1966 to 1972 Harbord United.

3...Sydney Roosters (Eastern Suburbs), Bondi is where I was born and have found myself living back there a few times in my adult life also played one only and my last game for the Astra Hotel back in 1978.....And yep you guessed it was on the wing.


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Penrith Panthers for their junior development programs and the same for The Dolphins as they are going to be huge with all their junior development programs, and Canberra Raiders for keeping the Rugby League flag flying there despite some politicians putting hurdles in their way for their own agendas.

Also i add with about The Dolphins is that their junior developments programs have made the Broncos expand their junior development programs as they know they have serious competition now for juniors, which they wasn't getting from the Titans and hopefully its made the Titans expand their junior development programs as well now,

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My choices will probably be unpopular, but when I first took notice of Australian RL in the early 80's and first got to see highlights on UK TV the Eels were top dogs and that back line of Taylor, Liddiard, Cronin, Ella, Grothe, Kenny and Sterling was incredible - specially as they invariably played behind a beaten pack.

2nd choice is the Sharks, primarily because of my admiration for ET and his ability when he was at Headingley. Nowadays I love watching Nicho Hynes.

I guess third are the Bunnies, mainly because of the Burgess brothers, although I have huge admiration for the modern day Panthers as well.

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I know it doesn’t answer the question correctly, but the teams I support are Cronulla Sharks, Newtown Jets (Sharks reserves) and Sharks NRLW.

As to all the other men’s teams. I don’t think I like a single one of them. It’s more varying levels of hate or no thoughts at all I have for each of them. In saying that, I can be happy for the fans of certain clubs if their team wins.

For example, I ###### hate Penrith and Storm more than I hate Lewis Hamilton 😂 

I hate Dragons, Raiders, Sea Eagles, Broncos, Cowboys.

Any other clubs, I can’t remember how much I hate them because I don’t really think about them 😂 

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As some of you already know or don't...I am from London but have been following the NRL for many years. I'm 40 now and have been watching the NRL since my teens. I've always liked South Sydney so they are the number 1 team that I want to do well. Two other teams I would say I'd like to see win trophies, if the Rabbitohs don't are...the Broncos and Warriors. 

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I’ve followed NRL since Super League was set up here in the UK.

My NRL team of choice is Melbourne Storm whose fans were so generous to me when I joined them on the Bai Stand fans forum.

I don’t have a firm 2nd and 3rd team as I relish good RL whoever delivers it. 
I liked following Souths especially during the Burgesssss years.

Similarly I watched Raiders avidly when they were rich in Brits.

On a shallower level I like Eels for their generally attractive kits. 

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Penrith - Welsh name. Community reflects parts of inland Wales. Phil Gould. Stevo. 

Wests Tigers - Tommy Raudonikis. Roy Masters. Fighting. Les Boyd. Benny Elias. 

Newcastle Knights - A Johns. 

Edited by Llangennech

Cymru Am Byth/New South Wales

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