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Larry the Leit

Badger cull


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  1. 1. Kill the striped buggers?

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One of the drivers at work was telling me how his wing was once ripped off when he hit a weasel.


"how bloody big was this weasel?" I asked incredulously


"about this big" he says holding his hands wide apart "You know a bloody great black and white thing"





Badgers are a member of the weasel family though Phil, so he wasn't a million miles off.

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Despite the cull failing in its first 2 years, its carrying on and extending -

I am over in Canada at the moment. There is a policy in British Columbia and in Alberta to cull wolves to protect the caribou population:

However, it is failing miserably as it isn't the wolves causing the problem. It is human activities, especially the loss of habitat for farming and use of chemicals like compound 1080. We are supposedly the most intelligent species in the planet; it is about time we started using some of it.

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The Government has blocked the release of a report into whether its badger cull is a waste of money.

The major analysis, held by the Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs, is being kept from the public despite requests for its release under transparency rules.


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