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  2. Determined then and now, Lee Radford still has unfinished business at Hull FC despite remarkable success View the full article
  3. Understood. However, MOK may have a point, there could be merit in separating the M62 from expansion teams. The vitriol from a vocal minority in the heartlands gets very tiresome.
  4. Playoffs

    Saints - Leeds... We haven't seen that one in a while, it will appeal to every RL fan in the country and abroad. I don't think SL is ready for a new first-time champion yet.
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  6. Todd Carney - to Brisbane?

    Is he going back to Australia with his hamstrings or will he get a new pair down there?
  7. Rugby League columnist Craig Murdock and Robins reporter Gareth Westmorland select their best player from the 2017 campaign. View the full article
  8. The Robins forward has been praised for his work, going under the radar in a strong 2017 campaign. View the full article
  9. Todd Carney - to Brisbane?

    You'd think SL clubs would finally realise that if a bloke has been sacked by at least one NRL club and essentially pushed out of the league he's possibly a dickhead you wouldn't want at your club. The same goes for players with reputations for being lazy, unmotivated, transgressive, divisive, selfish, dodgy off the field or any other negative trait. If they were like that in the NRL where they're under constant scrutiny and have hugely professional club structures around them, how are they going to go in a comp where there is less scrutiny and less structure? Not to mention the fact they are probably playing in a comp they don't really want to be in if their careers had panned out as planned.
  10. Blueprint for SL

    I suspect that it can't be resolved without having two totally distinct leagues: one big-city based transatlantic Super League with equal numbers of teams in Europe and here in America, and one lower-level traditional M62-based league. The RFL's poor history of trying to manage past expansion (e.g. their stipulation that Gateshead do without any TV money in their one SL season in 1999) does not suggest that they're capable of managing the growth well.
  11. Bradford signal intent for next season

    I don't think Keighley or Bradford can really boast a healthy past history of treasurers and they've survived many decades without playing them in a competitive game to not be worried about the pennies a few remaining fans may bring in. Nothing wrong with a bit of good old bit of hatered in my opinion. Obviously I do not condone violence in any way but I'm all up for rubbing it into the mighty that have fallen. PS don't worry about the Cougar stewards, they can't stand Bradford either.
  12. First ever Championship game in Quebec?

    It was 1995, a very low key affair at an outdoor field adjacent to the Olympic Stadium with under 100 in attendance. I know because I was there.
  13. Restructuring options doing my head in

    You need to understand that these Brits don't have a clue how that sort of structure works, as evidenced by the nutty idea of making London and the French clubs play in the same division as the ones here in America.
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  15. Todd Carney - to Brisbane?

    That's the point. In SL, when you sign a proved NRL player, they turn out to be bad. Some of them schokingly bad. 90% of the time, when you sign a reserve grader, you get a very good SL player. SL is the place where Cuthbertson is a top end player but Greg Bird is useless.
  16. What would be the point of having them if they're not competing? What happens if one of them actually wins more than the top of the heartland table?
  17. Todd Carney - to Brisbane?

    Considering the players that have made the "dream" team I wouldn't be rubbishing NRL players too much. Quite literally reserve graders from the NRL in that team. If Carney even gets a start with an NRL club, and so far there's not much interest, it will be in reserve grade and he'll have to earn a place in first grade if he can. Benji spent much of this season in Qld Cup.
  18. GEOFF Toovey insists the planning must be right as the Bulls aim to make their stay in the third tier a brief one. View the full article
  19. Positive things about Batley RLFC

    The league table still says 6th....Ill go with not one for this wooden spoon lottery...where the players that got you into that position might no longer be available.....or have no interest in unpaid trips to France.... If the rams had won the shield and taken Toulouse's money......would the league table show you as 5th or 8th?.... the League Leaders are the rightful Champions....Runners up 2nd.....leave it simply as that.....
  20. Deal with that when it comes to it. When that amount of clubs look viable a total reshake might be needed, maybe introducing conferences as mentioned.
  21. Restructuring options doing my head in

    If they are in separate conferences, they wouldn't be competing for the same league places. You wouldn't be able to finish above/below then so they can't complain. Cas, Hudds, Hull FC, Hull KR, Leeds, Salford, Saints, Wakey, Wire, Wigan. Avignon, Catalans, Montreal, New York, Toronto, Toulouse. The future will be to build that second conference to include more teams over time, not replace existing British clubs.
  22. London are part of the World league? So in this scenario, there is a SL with an M62 Conference and a World Conference?
  23. Yet ..... what about NY and Canada2 in a couple of years?
  24. Next season squad.

    Tyson has signed elsewhere
  25. For the record. I don't see any problem with just setting the amount of spots from each country. The English clubs can keep p/r between themselves and the French and Canadians can have allocated spots which can be reduced or increased by the RFL. England keep their 11 clubs in Super League and France keep their 1. Increase to 14 total to invlude Toulouse & Toronto and no English clubs will have to be "sacrificed". That goes for Championship too and ideally join Elite 1 in to the pyramid at a level below Championship.
  26. A different kind of paper plane. Simple, and worth trying for a bit of fun.
  27. Eyes Down

    I'm going to add a comment to this....or you will think you have got no friends and are being ignored...... zzzzzzzzzzz..........there you go
  28. Made my day

    Thank you.......
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