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  2. This!! Spoilt the first England game and doing his best to spoil this !!
  3. Ref will let game flow after Aussies are 30 points clear.
  4. I dont know why we bother if the refs are going to give the favourites a leg up. total utter joke
  5. Thanks. Will try copying to SD card first. Know bluetooth works so that'll be second.
  6. We gonna get about 30 Australian points from penalties here
  7. Would Haynes "shoulder charge" have been penalised if it was the Aussies? another penalty..... no chance with an Aussie ref
  8. Yeah, bit naughty of the ACB not to consult their crystal ball as to when the RLWC semi-final was going to be played when they scheduled the Ashes tests several years ago.
  9. That would require Wood, et al, getting off their backsides and actively looking to do something instead of waiting for things to fall into their laps.
  10. I'm not sure where in Halifax he played but it's obviously a possibility. I was talking to his daughter t'other week, lovely woman.
  11. Very good at this time in the morning mate. Cutting edge humour.
  12. Two penalties from Hayne really not helped there.
  13. It's late November, majority of people have turned their attention to summer sports especially with the ashes in town. We can't have a club season running for most of the year then a world cup after. Most will get sick of it, regardless of which sport it is. There has to be a compromise somewhere with either a shortened club season in a world cup year or both running concurrently. Unfortunately that's a whole other story with its own set of problems
  14. He's normally razor sharp. Not really gelled in this tournament.
  15. New Book - Against all the odds

    Hi mate, hope you enjoy it, have a great Christmas, see you soon!!
  16. Hayne's a little over-excited, I think. That was a stupid shove.
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