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13 hours ago, League of XIII said:


even if that only took you 5 minutes you have too much time on your hands.. 


you are using this as an audition piece for the next Super League/RFL/England rebrand, we must be due one soon.. its been all of 2 days since the last one!

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isnt this supposed to be board members and what their views are eg:

Parksider = luddite 

Big Picture = Big City Dreamer 

(the 2 best examples of what I think he is getting at??)

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I didn't realise Transport Research Labs (TRL) had two rugby teams?

I'm a classic either/or, born and proud East Yorkshire-man, but lived much longer in my adopted home counties which is more of a rural setting than the 'big city' that I came from, bit of a dilemma tbh!.

If either side is desperate I'll turn out as an interchange for a bullocking two minutes?

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3 hours ago, The Hallucinating Goose said:

What are you if you're from Cumbria? It's not Yorkshire and Lancashire but I'd hardly called Barrow, Whitehaven or Workington the big city either, or are they gonna provide the refs? I know who could ref but I think the luddites would walk it. 

Luddites definitely, don’t even want a nice shiny new stadium when they get the chance ?

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