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Signed players. 

1.Jordan Burns 

2.Jake Bradley 

3.Ciaran Walker 

4.Dave Eccleston 

5.Jack Stephenson 

6.JJ Key

7. Ellis Archer 

8. Chris Taylor 

9. Grant Reid 

10. Blain Marwood 

11. Jordan Thomson 

12. Matty Henson 

13. Connor Saunders 

14. Malik Steele 

15. Jake Lightowler 

16. Kian Mcpherson 

17. Tyler Walton 

18. Jonny Hutton 

19. Ethan Bickerdike 

20. Liam Mcnicholas

21. Sean Croston 

22. Luke Charlton

23. Carl Forber 

24. Stevie Scholey

25. Jarrod Sammut 

Keep eyes on our social media for announcements. 




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33 minutes ago, town2018 said:

Yeah both big lads but both only relatively new to the pro game I was thinking more a old head

Yeah i agree, like i said on another thread Wilkes and Dickinson were just what you want but how do you get somebody like that in league 1?  I suppose if Taylor, Bradley and Ecclestone are prepared to drop down then it can be done. 

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