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  2. Surely this is not about being amateur but cutting central funding. If clubs can pay players they should, if they can't and players still want to play fine. The RFL should be paying clubs to promote the game and bring on young talent, that is worth paying for.
  3. The travelling to and from (and in) Oz might have an impact on Wigan. But, they might just have too much for the Wire. Although saying that, with the injuries the Warriors have, it could be a draw. I think I may pick up an injury sitting on that there fence!
  4. I have real hopes that the ACS/ACO/ICS will get shot of some of the problems, all it needs is a few brave souls to go "sod it, this is capitated budget so stop being so bloody selfish".
  5. Super League Viewing Figs

    Is the Saturday black out only soccer specific? I thought I heard during a broadcast that Catalan games only had 3 cameras, if you check next time you will only see a couple of angles available for the VR. I could be totally mistaken though.
  6. What's inside the new Rugby League World?

    Definitely buying it now that you’ve put Roby Wan Kenobi on the front cover.
  7. Go out on a limb for once says Mrs Gaz. Go on then says I. Huddersfield by two scores I reckon.
  8. Looks like Russell has paid the price for too many mistakes, mitch brown replaces him. If Roberts and Akauola play I fancy a Wire win
  9. A significant part of that IMO is due to years of organisations competing against each other, which in many instances they still do. The mindset is to try to protect your own job/department/organisation rather than collaborate in many instances.
  10. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    I wondered that. It could be that there would be two conferences. Conference A plays 18 fixtures home and away plus x fixtures with Conference B. God knows how they would decide who goes in each conference!!
  11. When I worked in an international law firm, we regularly had multinational tele/video-conferences. I ran an entire project in Brazil while never leaving my London office. Now, working in the NHS, they get very twitchy if I don't show up at HQ for a couple of days. It's managerial inadequacy matched to a lack of trust in their employees.
  12. Gigot one of the best players Catalans have so is a must for the 13 if fit enough. He has skill and makes things happen
  13. RUCK

    He "dropped his shoulder" is one that's crept in.
  14. Hardaker Sacked

    Now that Micky is in France hasn't he just stuck it to him!! It is also a typical Wane pop at Leeds and Cas too. Whatever secret was hidden regarding Micky will surface now that Wane has just outed him! I am not sure what Leeds or Cas could have done to hide the Hardaker misdemeanors though! He was publicly sent home from England duty by England He was heard on live TV dishing out homophobic abuse to a ref The police and press had Hardaker beating up the student before Leeds knew anything He was caught by UKAD with coke in a sample Not much chance keeping those quiet and in house.
  15. By virtue of their Customs Union membership Turkey have to pay tariffs on exports to countries like Mexico and South Korea, but those countries have tariff free access for their exports to Turkey. Turkey will never get tariff free exports to those countries as they can't offer anything in return
  16. The bit that the various NHS England highheidyins just don't get is that most places are struggling to recruit medical and clinical staff and can't afford to recruit non-medical/clinical staff. Most of the initiatives I've seen get those the wrong way round, they fiddle Agenda For Change bands for admin staff who don't really need it while penny-pinch medical and clinical staff while wondering why people won't come. This work I've been doing really hits home how much money is being wasted on this shameful internal market that does nothing but introduce artificial barriers and anti-efficiency decisions. "I won't spend £1 on this because I get nothing from it, I couldn't care if it saves £10 from the downstream care settings". I could give easy examples of where large scale wholly NHS organisations refuse to do £8000 of work (one off cost) that'd save another wholly NHS organisation around £250,000 a year. This isn't all the fault of Lansley/Hunt, there's more than a few who have been in the system for a long time who need the bum's rush out the door and never allowed near a NHS building again.
  17. Second Canadian Team

    While we normally agree, I'd have to disagree on this one BP. RL needs to get things right with pro RL in its infancy in NA. Taking the game to Montreal and/or NY has the higher risk of failure. Hamilton is more likely to work IMO. I'd thing Boston is a better bet than NY for now also. The game will be noticed more in those places. Once the likes of Hamilton and Boston are established, then some risk with Montreal and NY will be worth it. So rather than say it an easy option, I'd prefer to call it the safer option. Get the game established in NA. Success will attract investors, sponsorship, players. Get it wrong and the negativity from that will hurt NA expansion.
  18. Proposal put forward to cut SL to 10

    How many rounds would be in this new structure ? H & A = 18 games , plus magic = 19 . Thats a big difference to the current 30 . An extra round is the obvious answer , but that seems to make it lopsided , and too repetitive .
  19. Our new position in the EU

    What do you mean by 'keep our market open'?
  20. This area is expanding its population given it's London and has one of the largest population increase projections in the UK. That's one of the reasons I'm in there, they just can't see a way out and are hoping for someone to perform magic. No pressure then. Also, the ageing profile won't be flat, most of the increase is expected to be working age people but the proportion of old folk will stay the same (more old folk, same percentage proportion of an increased population). It's good because the working age folk is high, bad because there's still a lot of extra old folk to help.
  21. I can sense that rugby league in this country will have a Civil War, like Australia did in the 90's.
  22. Labour don't seem to have grasped how the Customs Union works. We would lose our existing deals but have to keep our market open
  23. Dept of Health delay regulator publishing Q3 financial info Significant vacancy issues in NHS One again the government confuse "more than ever" with "enough". With demand for services continuing to outstrip both funding and demand, a national discussion about costs and expectations is really needed, and needed now before the whole system falls over.
  24. SWINTON (H)

    I was talking to him this morning,he says he's failed 3 head tests. He hopes to be back for Barrow game.
  25. Not bothered at all by any reactions to this post. Crowds generally went down outside super greed when super league started. Sl blocked clubs ambitions by denying them promotion. Then they introduced expansion teams and diluted the league. They change the rules on promotion nearly every year. They’ve taken away most clubs chance of a pay day in the challenge cup with sl clubs coming in at the later stages and only this year have they allowed clubs to play each other home and away. Duel reg is a joke. No wonder all those fans have gone
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