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  2. 2018 Series v NZ

    I’m pretty sure the players wouldn’t welcome Taumalolo back and I don’t think he’d want to either tbh
  3. It’s not but it’s stating the harsh reality that there won’t be any professional clubs in Wales unless any multi millionaires come along. I think the point about the strategic value in North Wales is important, given the lack of Welsh players. I get it takes time to develop them and there are some youth teams in the North now but it’s still disappointing that they won’t have any Welsh players in a League 1 competition. I like the idea of implementing a minimum 4 week rest period after internationals but we also need a decent pre season. Starting SL at the start of Feb now is ridiculous. I also like the idea of a couple of WC sponsors on all the jerseys and funds being split between nations
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  5. 2018 Series v NZ

    What's the gossip Spud?
  6. You disagree Geordiesaint? Australia are the masters of slowing the ruck and the wrestle. Then they have the audacity to complain about the ref not punishing their opponents.
  7. Jon Wilkin (unless he is penciled in at 6).
  8. Stevie Ward is probably favourite but I'd add Whitehead. Who really impressed when he was moved to loose forward for Canberra last year.
  9. Depends who will be coach and how he wants his team to play, a lot of young 'starlets' play 13 at junior level as it's seen as a glamour position, a lot of these move a bit wider into the 2nd row as coaches like a running footballer out wide, like mentioned loose forward now in a lot of team patterns are used as a 3rd prop to get them to 'points' to attack from, Morgan Knowles as a kid was standoff/loose forward so has a passing game, id like to see him change his colours to white from red in a couple of years.
  10. 2018 Series v NZ

    I wouldn't be too sure of that
  11. 2018 Series v NZ

    I'm sure the likes of Taumalolo and Fusitu'a will be switching back to NZ next year
  12. 2018 Series v NZ

    Plenty of good old fashioned RL moaning going on here. The RFL is damned whatever it does in this regard. Still at least they haven't booked a fixture at the Ricoh. It is great to know 12 months ahead when and where the fixtures are and to be able to plan which games to go to and get a group together. Sure a match in London would be good, but realistically there are only 2 options for it, Olympic and Wembley. It looks increasingly likely that Spurs could be playing Wembley again in 18/19 as their new stadium is behind schedule, and I imagine this far out that the second season option means nothing can be firmed up. And the Olympic stadium is a horrid stadium for rectangular sports (terrible Aussie expression but it works), having been there for the previous England v NZ match I would certainly not go again. Personally, I think it would have been interesting to take an international to St James' Park, build on the RL exposure from recent Magic events. The biggest concern anyone on these boards should have is what kind of shower turns up wearing the Kiwi jersey next year. The Kiwis seem to be going backwards at an alarming rate.
  13. 2018 Series v NZ

    Could you imagine that only the RFL could finally win the WC after 45 years. Then drop England the following year.
  14. A winding up petition certainly isn’t issued when you’re four days late in paying
  15. First job done, toss won. Now for the collapse.
  16. On a positive note if it was paid 4 days late 2 months ago there’ll be another due in less than 28 days. No wonder they aren’t signing anyone 😂😂
  17. Have every sympathy for Scott and his family but not for the club. The 4 days is subject to debate but ultimately it was late and you don’t pay it late regularly unless you’re thick, incompetent or skint.
  18. Six Nations Oct/Nov 2018

    IMO this would be good: England squad of 35 to allow for increased fixtures. 17 picked from full 35 for all games as Wayne Bennett (if still in charge) sees fit. (Oct 19-21) Italy v England, Scotland v Ireland, France v Wales (Oct 26) England v France, Scotland v Italy, (Oct 27) Ireland v Wales (Oct 30) Scotland v France, (Oct 31) Wales v England, (Nov 1) Italy v Ireland (Nov 3) England v New Zealand Test Series, (Nov 5) France v Italy (Nov 6) Wales v Scotland (Nov 7) Ireland v England (Nov 10) England v New Zealand Test Series, (Nov 12) France v Ireland (Nov 13) Italy v Wales (Nov 14) Scotland v England (Nov 19) England v New Zealand Test Series No final. Top team wins 6N.
  19. Ashes exclusive to BT sport.

    Cricket predicton - Australia win Ashes 4-1 sorry folks, but Australia have the better bowling attack and England will struggle to put the runs on the board for the bowlers to dig them out of a hole. I do expect England to win one game probably where Mason Crane comes in and his shock value helps England win a low scoring encounter. On a positive note, England to win the bilateral ODI series v Australia, the T20 Tri-series with Australia and New Zealand, the ODI series v New Zealand and the Tests with New Zealand a rain-sodden drawn series. Wot you mean you do not have BT Sport
  20. 2018 Series v NZ

    I'm slightly annoyed that the last test is on the Sunday rather than the Saturday. Presumably this is because the union internationals start that weekend and the BBC have already committed to showing 2 on that Saturday. No doubt similar considerations will impact the fixtures in the latter stages of RLWC 2021....
  21. 2018 Sponsors

    Nope it’s up to the clubs. We just need to wear a rhino kit in the NCL We’ve been clear with them & Rhino
  22. Some interesting insights and targets for the future but im not sure finding a couple of millionaires counts as a strayegy as such 🤔
  23. Not fancy Bradford to challenge personally i think they'll walk it at a canter
  24. President of USA (Merged threads)

    Given the nature of my business I meet a lot of people who are thin skinned. They are abundant in Rugby League organisations, for some reason. But none of them behave like Donald Trump. I don't think Trump is thin-skinned at all. If he were, he wouldn't expose himself to so much criticism. He strikes me as a naturally combative character who always likes to deliver the last punch. I suspect it comes from his background as a New York property developer, which is not a profession where you make progress by being nice to people, especially your competitors. I certainly think you can criticise Trump for constantly looking for a fight, which detracts from the message of what he is actually doing. And you can accuse him of being narcissistic. But if he were thin-skinned we would hear a lot less from him in public, while he would be plotting in private against his opponents. But with him, almost everything is done in public.
  25. We have to deal with the fundamentals.
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