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  2. Sports culture is very different across the world. The crowds at NRL where the game is massively popular suggests that televising every game in the home country could affect crowds. I think we would have to get serious uplifts in cash to allow that. Sports or broadcasters over here dont seem to really crave every game of a domestic league comp being televised.
  3. DavidM


    I’d agree on the last three . Missing Caine and big Gordon is massive and Moore and Kurt Maudling are solid who do a shift but we are badly missing that impact threat and ability punch holes out wide . Also , IMO I think Karl is totally wasted at centre and we really need a specialist strike back in there somewhere.
  4. Desert Skipper

    Vin de Dragons

    It’s not snobbery to dislike cheap sweet plonk is it? I’m not a champagne fan, but I was lucky enough to get Dom Perignon for free every time I travelled back home to the UK during my previous employment (normally unaffordable at $120 a bottle)... believe me I made the most of it, and I wouldn’t touch any other champagne now (not that I’ll ever get chance to drink it again). The older I get the more I appreciate a good dark local pint anyway... real ale is unappreciated by anyone outside Germany or the UK...! 😫
  5. Cl1998


    Be off to Oldham if we play like we did against Doncaster or even Bradford we will beat them. Can’t afford to be bullied in the pack and now with Morris, FFMM and Wilkes I don’t think they will be this time round as for Hemel.. credit where it’s due people are saying we didn’t play for 20 mins here and there we had 3 tries wiped off. They gave their all so in fairness we just had to ride the storm for a while. The one thing that is concerning is the amount of knock ons from KO
  6. That is a good shout, Thaler tried to let the game go, but there are five penalties he literally cannot ignore. Had one of our players acted like an animal and stood on an opponent I would have expected a higher penalty count against us.
  7. Have a good day at work Manxmanc. The bit I have highlighted in bold italics and underlined, never a truer phrase spoken, course it is, 99% of the topics discussed on this site and any other forum are the thoughts of all the individuals who pen them to either what they personally percieve or what they wish to happen. Concerning the promotion or otherwise of TWP and T.O. it will either happen or not, if they earn a promotion spot and are denied on 'technicallities' Mr Parksider wins hands down and will say 'I told you so, but you wouldn't listen' if on the other hand he is wrong and either or both get promoted I am sure that many on here will take great delight in letting him know how wrong he was just as they have been telling him for a long time. Whatever happens it makes for good debate and reading, isn't that the primary function of this site?
  8. Now that's a good TV rating for a sport which is mostly unknown in the USA and Canada.
  9. EastLondonMike

    Shaun Edwards to coach Wigan in 2020

    I'd imagine Edwards is contracted till 2020.. If Wigan want him for 2019, which is clearly preferable, they'll have to work out something with Wales RU.
  10. Hawkwindbag

    Another nail biter 80 mins

    We keep pulling 'em out don't we! To be honest I thought both teams were a bit 'off' yesterday, yes there was some good defence on show, but the game was never really allowed to develop due to the idiosyncratic** refereeing display. Think the score was just about right in the end though the final few minutes seemed never-ending! And in an echo of the away game Oldham, in the lead and in a period of the second half when they were on top, dropped the ball over the line, we go up the other end and score and the whole complexion of the game changed. Braham has now come on and help alter the course of the game in both games he's played, the half backs got the better of their opposite numbers but really a good team performance and never-say-die attitude. If only we could be in front against a fellow top 8 side with 10-15 minutes to go!! Next up, a trip to Wrexham and potential banana skin so we need to send a strong squad and maintain focus... ** I thought long and hard about the least disrespectful manner to describe the referee's performance before settling on 'idiosyncratic'
  11. Class always tells, well played Knights for keeping your heads, even though Keighley tried to knock them off.
  12. Morning, OF. No, I do mean Jake Connor. It was perhaps unfair of me to say that Gigot 'drifted past' Connor. Looking at it again, I am reminded that what happened was that Gigot broke free of Connor's attempted tackle and then had to turn through ninety degrees to then side step past two other Hull players. While he was doing so, Connor merely stood still with arms held out wide appealing for a penalty. I am sure he could have moved forward and either tackled Gigot, or half-tackled him and in so doing slowed him down enough for a colleague to come in and help to complete the tackle. To be fair to Connor, he wasn't the only Hull player to assume that Gigot would still be stopped short of the line by two other Hull players who unsuccessfully attempted to do so. It happens at about 4.19 of the resume of the match on the Dragons YouTube channel.
  13. AB Knight

    R14 The Cougar Cauldron

    You could tell Ford was riled by the comments, at some point in the future both managers will look back and perhaps regret certain comments. I don't know when the rivalry started having only followed York since 2016 but I well remember being called York KR last season at Cougar Park, in fact on the Cougarmania facebook group there's someone sending an email to the 'rugby league' about Dual Reg (we had 1 player on DR yesterday!). Then again it's an odd group, someone saying Keighley were always up against it having 2 players sinbinned meaning they had to play for 60mins with 12 men...last time I looked a sin bin was for 10mins, not 30. Likewise the Keighley tannoy announcer made certain comments after the 2nd Cougar Park match last season which didn't help things. Hopefully in future there'll be a bit more respect off the pitch. Lingard still started it though 😉
  14. Robin Evans

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    Sally tho......😊
  15. Robin Evans

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    There's no need for that. I spent 45 years trying to erase that experience from my memory
  16. Desert Skipper

    Shaun Edwards to coach Wigan in 2020

    Whilst I’m sure Edwards is a great coach and a local sporting hero, he’s been out of the game so long that he’d be better spending a couple of years under a decent current coach before taking the reigns... the last thing he wants is for things to not go so well in his first year and an impatient fan base end up remembering him for the wrong reasons. If the Wigan board weren’t happy with Wane’s record of a championship and two cups then that puts Edwards under a fair bit of pressure...
  17. Harry Stottle

    Middle eight fixtures - What are they?

    TWP will finish top no question, AND they can to a certain degree going into the last round dictate who finishes in 2nd, 3rd and 4th, if the contest is still very tight for those teams down to 5th maybe 6th position were for those teams not only a win for themselves but other teams results control the final placings. As the Frightfuly Old One reminded us last year HKR seemingly manufactured a result to avoid a trip to France, so it can be done. Dependant on how the the league placings are situated it will be interesting going into the last round if a "manipulation" of a result could come into the reckoning, i.e. if Leigh are nailed on for 3rd but a loss would see them fall no further than 4th spot whatever the outcome of the other results they would avoid a trip to Canada and play the TWP at home, a fixture I am sure both clubs would rather play at home than away, BUT if in that round of fixtures results of all the games matter it could be that a TWP loss at home to Fev could ensure a home tie for TWP v Leigh. Same goes for the remaining SL fixtures if that is very tight and there is no chance of making the top 8, tgey may also have a say in who goes where, as I say it will all get very interesting going into the last round for both divisions should the league placings at that time allow a "fabriction" of results to dictate the final league tables going into the qualifying 8's. I can't see any other way the RFL can set the format for the qualifiers fixtures, this way it is transparent, but what I think that they have to avoid is that for any team travelling overseas, those from these shores and also T.O. and TWP that they are not making those oversea journeys on consecutive weeks, that could be a headache to sort out especially given that 4 teams have 4 home fixtures and 4 teams have only 3 home fixtures, and obviously the reverse applies.
  18. Ricardo Taylor

    M.OM. Rovers V Sheffield (A)

    Thaks Wildie Hardman
  19. I need to go to work, but there appear to be massive holes in all this. Then again, it's an opinion piece, rather than one in which the writer is seeking to provide evidence in support of the points raised.
  20. Was there a profit announced from the recent World Cup?
  21. RP London

    Toronto and Visa's

    I can imagine the office staff at championship clubs now banging letters on a keyboard not knowing what to do or where to look, not wanting to pick up the phone and ask a club that didnt have any problems what they should do..
  22. The championship is NOT fair as Matt Diskin stated pre-season. The reason the salary cap was raised to £1 Million was to make the middle eights system work so someone could actually get promoted. When this did not work Derek Beaumont complained it wasn't enough and he threatened to break the cap. The RFL then allowed "club" (I nearly said clubs plural) to pay full SL salary cap, but of course most of them could not afford it. So we do not have a competition only ONE RICH MAN'S PROCESSION. Sadly the parachute payment paid to Beaumont to get Leigh back into SL has probably failed on that bad start to the season. You may have not noticed but the decision has been made to scrap the eights and so it's all a pretty pointless excercise especially as the leading clubs TWP and TO are both on warnings that without any contribution to the TV money via French and Canadian TV deals, and without any contribution to developing the Superleague player pool they are unlikely to gain entry. That decision won't be made unless it has to be, the SL clubs all have their fingers crossed Leigh make it or if they do not, all SL clubs survive. TWP of course were distraught at the idea of winning the MPG and going nowhere so Argyle offered to forsake Superleague TV money in exchange for promotion if they won it, and the other 11 SL clubs could share that money with the rider if a big Canadian TV deal came in TWP would keep that!! Of course SL clubs ignored that as one club in North America playing English no-names won't pull any big TV deal. Argyle doesn't "Invest" in our sport. If he did the Billionaire would have dropped a £Million on a system of "conversion" coaching, teaching grid iron athletes from colleges to become RL players as Perez promised two years ago. He could have dropped another £Million on RL development officers and facilities for the Ontario Junior Rugby League to be formed. Instead nothing. Your reference to "socialism" is nonsensical, of course sport needs a level playing field where all are equal to create the competitiveness that excites the fans. We all know if your club got in Superleague it would struggle without any player infrastructure, and without the ability to outspend the SL clubs. The Warrington match showed you right up in that regard So the two main requirements of guest entry to Superleague are met neither by Toronto nor Toulouse and it's very unlikely Fev or Fax can win it. As for London, the favourite pin in the map for those who dream of a new dawn, the owner himself downsized the club to something he himself could financially manage and enjoy running and it's a massive joke Mr. Hughes would ever accept entry back into Superleague. But not as massive a joke as this years Qualifiers are going to be, unless Beaumont and his team pull their fingers out and scrape in at the death........
  23. Today
  24. He is a better footballer than Williams or Percival, and has far more marketability than Parcell (a good player, but basically a nuggety competitor). I will give you Barba.
  25. Maximus Decimus

    FIFA World Cup 2018

    It's because we all remember that time we lost to Ray Charles.
  26. FarOutRam

    Nothing but respect....................

    I would never have a go at anyone who takes to a rugby field. The players kept at it. There is a huge difference between the top six and the rest. Sadly, you know we are going to get beaten, but you have to stick by them.
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