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    Thanks Bob for giving me one of the greatest afternoons of my life.
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    That's a real shock. Whether you liked him or not (and he never tried to be endearing), the great memory of that vicious and prolonged stint at Headingley in 1981 just doesn't fade.
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    At last – with all five fixtures fulfilled this weekend. Toulouse reserves ‘the Broncos’ at last started this afternoon after two no-goes because of a virus issue and Avignon last weekend had floods. Round 3 Limoux 30-8 Villeneuve/Lot St Esteve 22-18 Avignon Carcassonne 24-14 Palau Albi 37-22 Lezignan Toulouse Broncos 18-28 St Gaudens Wandered down to Domec last evening to see the Canaris taking on the Catalan minnows of Palau. Wasn’t disappointed too by the fare on offer. Didn’t look too good early doors as the locals plundered two converted tries in the opening ten with Garry Lo just back from PNG and their win over the GB Lions - running amok. It looked like the heavier hosts pack would be just too strong especially as the visitors lacked new signing Jamil Fakir up-front. But they stuck to their guns and worked their socks off. Coach Olivier Elima I reckon doing a fine job down there and now he has former Kangaroo Rodney Howe in support. Well organised and committed. Young full back Castany was excellent for them too getting them down field and two unanswered tries saw them back in contention by the break 12-10. Nip and tuck after the oranges as the unfancied Catalans grew in confidence. Still only18-14 deficit on the hour mark but when Castany was carried off injured late on they lost their way a bit. Still if sides like Palau (2 bonus points so far) can continue to perform like Saturday the competition will only be the better for it. After 3 Rounds then only Limoux undefeated and one team without a win. All the sides have picked up at least one bonus point. USC and the Pro 16 has its say but the treize with advertising like this will still have its place
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    fevnut has produced a chart showing all the professional and semi-professional clubs that have existed since the Northern Union breakaway in 1895. Clubs are grouped by their current or lat names but all the names and the dates of the clubs are shown. Access the page by clicking on the link below. https://fevblog452.blogspot.com/2019/11/all-rfl-clubs-since-1895.html
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    And I couldn't be happier! I haven't been happy in it for a while and recently the situation has been getting even more stressful so I took the leap and just left with no notice. It will probably hit me in a week what I've actually done but for now at least.... PARTY!!!!!
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    By Aaron Bower It is 9am at Wigan’s Robin Park training complex, and the entire first-team squad are already in the building. This, however, is not going to be your average day’s pre-season training. The first real defining point in the rigorous pre-season agenda is nearly upon us: the Christmas break, and for so many people all across the world, it is the happiest time of the year. But Wigan’s players are about to experience just how challenging everyday life can be away from the glitz and glamour – if you can call training in sub-zero temperatures in mid-December that – of being a professional sportsman. View the full article
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    Do you still class yourself as a marra?
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    Because I couldn't work another second in that place. Basically a new boss has been brought in and they are a massive bully and I had a bit of a to do with them and threw my ID badge at them and walked out.
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    if my numbers came out I would contact euro millions and tell them to make the cheque out to a MR S.B. Williams and agent to see how long it took dollar bill to realise he cant quite settle at wolfpack and needs a new challenge in my over 30s tag tues nite tig n pass team, bet it wouldn't take long
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    stop bickering, LM will be going to the bunnys
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    Well said, cant wait for what should be another great season.
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    Can we get back to talking about jimmy keinhorst bursting through the opposition's defence and scoring 20 tries next season
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    I can't see that SL offers the volume for an Amazon or Netflix - certainly not as a subscription driver. For me, the bigger issue of the next Sky deal is how digital rights are handled - we need a more modern agreement that allows SL greater control over digital content.
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    I'd like this if it meant I no longer subsidise Premiership football/Formula one Downside being the sport has a certain exposure to non-fans through Sky Sports... Not as much as terrestrial but certainly targeted at the general casual sports fan I think I'd quite like it overall. Especially if it means some new ideas and also if it makes SKY less arrogant about the amount they can give us
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    The problem is that virtually every area of the game is crying out for more finance. However, I would love to set up a property branch of the RFL whereby they start to invest & purchase pitches/clubhouses & so on throughout the country so that amateur clubs in non-traditional areas aren't having to rent RU/football grounds & have a more secure tenure, so that every penny generated by these clubs stays in the game.
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    Superb kits, great pictures. The traditional kits of all Clubs were good and instantly recognisable.
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    So 20,000 then, not 20,000 to 40,000? Can’t wait to see Toulouse XIII get bigger gates than their union and football teams.
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    Used to watch these with my mum who never watched rugby league in her life until Trafford Borough rocked up. I don't think she's seen a game since they shipped out either, This shirt no longer fits me very well. It must have shrunk in the wash. Still, it's my favourite shirt ever. It's hard to believe it must be 30 years old....
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    Lets give the lad a chance, if Fordy thinks the lads not up to his standards or not big enough he wont sign him, easy really, in Fordy we trust and his mate Dave.
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    I’ve got a mate called Dave too. He’s a fireman. How many fires have you put out?
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    I had one of those, gave to a young cousin from South Africa when it got too small, would love to have seen the reaction when he wore it to Rugby training
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    Two classic proper shirts there, both identify with only one club from any sport, how many of today's shirts can you say that about?
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    2019 - finally getting San Miguel in the South Stand bar.
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    We've got the best setup we've ever had, best coach we've ever had, probably the best squad we've ever had too with players like Clarkson, Kienhorst & Washbrook signed for next year and you come on here moaning about a 19 year old kid we've taken on trial? Give your head a shake.
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    So your saying dont sign a prop who has lost the ball, cant see us signing many, in Fordy we trust.
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    No more words needed. ☹
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    Rest in Peace Bob Willis. Legend
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    yep agree with a previous poster, an age when cricketers were household names along with other stars of darts, snooker , football, rugby etc etc - sport has been so diluted and airbrushed by greedy tv channels to the point it just blends in to the bland now, eg. its the Mersey side derby tonight, would I be able to name a single everton player? erm no! prob wouldn't fare much better with the European champions and runaway leaders, Klopp, sala , mane...….. starting to struggle now
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    I reckon you mean Henning Wehn?? Berg was the footballer. I've seen Henning Wehn a few times and, yes, he seems to have a habit of sitting around on his own both before and after performances. Excellent comedian who I hope to see a few more times yet!
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    Hunslet have signed Simon Brown for the third time, hope he does more for them than he did for York, he was a total waste of time at the Knights.
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    When he was at Workington he was a fantastic professional in everything he done how he was with fans, sponsors, a brilliant speaker and he gave everything every game often when his team mates weren't on his wave length and on occasion light on numbers. He will be a great signing for whoever is lucky enough to get him.
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    Wally is a fantastic guest speaker, it will be a great night.
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    A first for the NFL. Punter throws to the kicker for a touchdown!!
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    You can watch the carcassonne home games live and on replay on their Facebook page,
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    A very large group from Rose Bridge attending Sunday the 8th at the Monaco Hindley. Monday looking dubious for work !!!
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    Bradford Northern dropped out of League 2 just before Christmas 1963 but re-formed during the following close season and came back into the league at the start of the 1964-65 season. So, that's less than a year out. A bit similar to York in the early part of this century, methinks.
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    Think you will find that years shown are those in rl competition.
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    I’ve also included national league 3 for years 2003-2006, although there was no p & r between national league 2 & 3.
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    I have all time totals for each division & all time for all teams combined 1895-2019. Also a page for each team with season by season record if anyone wants to have some for their club
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    NOMINATION LIST FULLBACK 1 - Zak Hardaker 2 - Joseph Manu 3 4 5 WINGERS 1 - Luke Briscoe 2 - Josh Addo-Carr 3 4 5 CENTRES 1 - Harry Newman 2 - Latrell Mitchell 3 4 5 STAND-OFF 1 - Callum McLelland 2 3 4 5 SCRUM-HALF 1 - Shaun Johnson 2 3 4 5 PROPS 1 - Wellington Albert 2 - Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 3 - Liam Watts 4 - Jack Ormondroyd 5 HOOKER 1 - Damien Cook 2 3 4 5 SECOND ROWS 1 - Sitili Tupouniua 2 - John Davies 3 - Josh Hardcastle 4 5 LOOSE FORWARD 1 - Boyd Cordner 2 3 4 5
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    Judah,Kelly .and Brown all released by the club thank's for you contribution lads good luck
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    I see joe bachelor has a squad number this year. Well done him
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    167lbs this week, down 1.2 on last week, 62.8lbs overall. Was at the pool on Monday night, there was a snowstorm so not many folk had made it there, had a lane to myself and a fast guy on my inside. Chasing that ###### I got 40 lengths done in just under 30 minutes! Best yet and 15 minutes less for the same distance than when I started back 6 months ago. Been focusing on getting back running but perhaps I should change tack and focus more on the pool instead.
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    I don't want to take any credit for this because the current guys have done it all really but I started this off with the Facebook page. Then I was contacted by Tom and he ran with it. It's really cool to see where this can go.
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    Whatever (loaded) names get thrown around, I'll listen to women who speak up for women.
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    you have to be careful with population stats, if you search for Wigan population you will get a figure of around 350k. however that is Wigan Borough, so includes Leigh and eastwards right up to Salford. the town of Wigan has a population of around 150k. So depending which figure you use you will get large variations. Leeds population has similar issues, there is the city population and the district figure.
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    1 Tuivasa Sheck 2 Josh Addo-Carr 3 Latrell Mitchell 4 Joseph Manu 5 Maiko Siva 6 Luke Keary 7 Cooper Cronk 8 Jared Waiwera Hargreaves 9 Cameron Smith 10 Luke Thompson 11 John Bateman 12 David Fifita 13 Jason Taumalalo

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