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    A nice short feature on Inga included here.
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    I despair of academics and who think an interview is a good place just to test a proposition, a thought experiment if you will ... Some very clever people don’t have the brains they were born with.
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    Can I be unpopular here....? I'm becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the nationalism and the rubbing of german noses well and truly in it. Time for me at least to draw a line. Remembrance is a different issue. 55m died in that conflict. To safeguard our futures. Remembrance is important..... to me. Tonight I shall enjoy a quiet glass with the memsahib. No flags. No bunting. I shall exchange a few messages with a german pal and quietly abstain from the proceedings.
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    What an appaling thing to post and think at a time like this both personally for his family and loved ones and generally as well. Think on Whippet, keep safe and stay well.
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    You could always take the pledge.
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    I'm having sauerkraut and bratwurst for tea with Bavarian beer.....??
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    Live in a cul de sac , all going out around 3 , loads of flags and bunting , be socially distancing and drinking alchohol
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    You took time out to dig up the past and speak ill of someone who's died. RIP Mr Robinson
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    I'm unclear who's saying it's a bad idea HS, especially as it's similar to what others have said. It's long been clear streaming is the only way to save any sport this year. But Mr Beaumont's problem is that you can't play in a league on your own - it's a collective endevour. It's all very well saying he can afford to pay for state-of-the-art broadcast equipment but many other Championship clubs won't be able to, and the potential take-up of pay-per-view is probably higher for Leigh than say, Sheffield or Swinton. For a majority of championship clubs, it's just not in their interests to resume play this year. We've reached the point where any decision on the future of the leagues this year will be a collective one by the whole RFL membership, not based on survival of the fittest, as Dave Woods' article yesterday outlined, and it won't be a perfect outcome for everyone. So Mr Beaumont needs to think strategically. Short term revenues are not his problem, it's getting the league played at all so Leigh can continue to chase promotion. He should offer to install the equipment at the LSV and with RFL support come to an agreement to play all the games there (or maybe half there and half at Fev) with all the revenues shared. Then he might get the buy-in from other clubs to complete the season.
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    Super League chairmen will never make a decision that impacts their finances negatively. They will not go for a 14 team SL. Every decision they make it based solely on their own financial interests (see Toronto's SL acceptance conditions). They will not split the pie into more slices unless a broadcaster insists upon it. Maybe I'm jaded.
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    I thought I would start a VE day thread. I have put it here as it is not intended for political comments please. People in our street have bunting and flags. My stepdaughter is wearing her uniform all day. It's a nice atmosphere. Is anyone else doing anything within the confines of the lockdown?
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    Wigan Warriors are saddened to announce the passing of former Chairman, Jack Robinson, aged 77. https://wiganwarriors.com/blog/2020/05/06/in-memoriam-jack-robinson/ A controversial figure towards the end of his involvement, nevertheless he was instrumental in the turnround of the club in its troubled years.
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    I watched in a University Halls bar. The only League supporter were me and a lad from Wigan the rest were similar RU types, though I suspect by looking at them that very few had been on a field. Before the game one of them came over and something along the lines of 'you don't actually think you will win this game do you?' - I offered him a £100 bet with Bath getting 50 pts start. He declined the bet. Fair play to the lad he came to me afterwards and said he could believe how good Wigan were
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    Always felt Phil De Granville, as an England union international had plenty to lose, like Guscott, by playing in this match, but despite the obvious distance in talent in the centres opposite him, he gave his all. He was one of the players that came out of the game with respect.
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    Today should be commemoration rather than celebration We should remember also the Canadians, the Polish, the Anzacs, the Americans and such as the Resistance And also those on the 'other side' who gave a whole load of personnel that really didn't know what it was all about, in the same way as 'our lads' The veterans should be the focus, as they may be suffering to extra levels through isolation or being in a Care Home, not for the jingoists to have a pop a Johnny Foreigner about how 'we won'
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    I’ll have you know we’re unbeaten in two months
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    8 May - VE Day ?? Let's for a moment remember all those who gave their lives for our freedom Yes, we didn't know them personally and neither did they of us, yet they did know what the consequences for future generations might be if they didn't do their bit to halt the onslaught of tyranny. For our tomorrow they gave their today.
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    It's a public holiday today in Berlin Robin also, to celebrate the birth of democracy and to commemorate those who fought the nazis. It's a public holiday in many European countries also.
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    Nice to see the whole nation joining the annual Victory over Everton celebrations! ?
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    Bunting up, union jack cushions about the place, ordered some cakes from a lovely bakers locally who designed some union jack cupcakes for me and my Mum, 40s music on the CD player, enjoying the sunshine and watching the various VE related stuff on the TV. About to eat those scrummy cakes with tea at 3 ?
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    They have 'cul de sacs' in leigh? Wow....?
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    I don't know if the Qld cup is stronger than the Super League, but it's a lot closer to SL than people here are making out. Most of the top half of the Qld cup wouldn't look out of place in the SL. The only club that they'd really struggle with is St. Helens, but that's true of rest of the SL clubs as well.
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    The top Qld cup teams could beat many of the NRL teams on their day, so suggesting that they would be competitive in the SL shouldn't be taken as an insult.
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    Each nation has its own day to celebrate. For example it is May 9 in Russia, East European states and Israel. As I stated before Berlin is commemorating their own loss of German people who fell victim to the nazis. The whole point of it is that "we" won and nazism was defeated. That's what everyone is celebrating. Most of the "foreigners" to quote you were on our side and are celebrating too. I deliberately put it here so it wouldn't become Political.
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    I thought Victory over Everton was a weekly occurrence?
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    Lord Haw-Haw Farridge using it as a dog-whistle for racial hatred - the people who thought like him lost in 1945, so he should, to use his favourite phrase, "get over it". Competitive neighbours trying to be more overtly celebratory than everyone else on the street - just as bad as competitive NHS clapping/fireworks/showing off on a Thursday evening. Social onanists or bunting w@nkers. Tipping a hat, taking a quiet moment or raising a glass of slosh to a whole lot of people, not all of whom were "heroes" but who collectively achieved the right result back then - grown-up behaviour.
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    We were on the somme two years ago. Went to grand mine, Delville wood, Beaumont-Hamil and other sites and spent most of the day in tears. We went to one graveyard with 1300 graves of lads lost in a battle of absolutely no strategic importance. An absolutely futile loss of life. On the drive home we stopped at another graveyard. A german one. It was no less harrowing. No less upsetting. No less poignant. Young lads dead way too early in their lives. Remembrance to me is important as is diplomacy at avoiding war.... on any scale. In my world I need all the friends I can get. Yeh I'm an old hippy that doesn't eat lentils. I'll live with that.
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    Yep, that’s what they told us Wednesday, now I suspect that like everything at the moment it contains more than an element of smoke and mirrors, politicians like to give us the most unpalatable news, relax it later, then give us what they intended all along. Personally I think that the BC government will be faced with strong pushback from the owners of the Canucks, Whitecaps and especially Lions (for those who don’t know the CFL is facing total collapse), the problem for someone like David Argyle must be if they say “no fans, time scale to be determined “, since that’s asking a huge level of commitment of anyone.
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    Indeed. There was what you might hope was a typo in the Mail this week where they referred to "Victory over Europe". But I'm in a fairly forgiving mood. I'll assume that most people who are doing it are mostly decent people who just want to celebrate something. There are times when it's right to call out the unthinking jingoism that accompanies a lot of British history but I can let that slide today.
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    This It’s ultimately all bound up in remembrance , respect and thanks . I get a bit wound up when people take negatives out of the tone of commemorations like this tbh , we do things like this excellently I think . We should never forget , never stop paying our respects and solemnly reflecting ..and we will never forget
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    Haven't your buttocks worn the varnish off that hobby-horse's saddle already? Both approaches were tried in RL, and very little difference was noted in the final scores. It is not, and has never been, a magic portal to an imagined golden age - In Rugby League, the better side on the day almost always wins because the game is not as simple as who kicks off after a score. I almost miss the days when you posted about how shared pitch markings were the mark of Satan in every single ###### thread.
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    Well they can't defend themselves for a start. It upsets those at the time of grieving. It is a massive over simplification of the events. I suspect the man gave ridiculous amounts of time the club. I suspect the man gave a fair chunk of money. I suspect the events caused many sleepless nights. He was one of a team of people running the club
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    George Flanagan was always good to bring off the bench to liven things up.
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    I agree with you, the RL game was a one sided slaughter and though the RU score was closer even as a Wigan fan I have no desire to watch either game. A documentary on the games like the BBC did for the Watersplash final would have been a better bet than repeating the two games. Particularly when Sky told everyone the scores in their pieces promoting the re-showing. Such a documentary would have been better to show next year rather than this (I appreciate they are filling time but even so) as that will be the 25th anniversary. As you say there have been many great and dramatic/historic games they could have shown instead of the Wigan v Bath games.
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    Lots of flags and bunting about our way and street parties / afternoon teas planned . Really is stirring stuff , very rousing and makes you proud to be british and wanna get stuck in ... maybe invade the Isle of Man
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    Still a big jump though makes the 100 seem a bit more achievable once you go past 80. I think we are both one or possibly two weeks away from the 100.
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    One of my all-time favourite players, let alone cross-code signings. He's now in the funeral director business, and handled ceremonies for the late king of Tonga, Taufa'ahau Tupou IV.
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    Barrel and scrapping comes to mind, can you not find a shovel big enough for that hole you are digging for yourself?
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    Flights resume into Poland from 9th May (tomorrow). There's quite a bit of detail here: https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/poland/coronavirus.
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    I can't recall hearing him speak before. He seems like a great guy, as well as a great player.
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    Ok havent been to New Caledonia so dont know anything about the health system but I have been to French Polynesia, that was some time ago but prices are also expensive there. Regarding the standard of living from what i understand New Caledonia has the next highest standard of living in the pacific region aside from Australia & NZ. The New Caledonia union comp switched to league around 15 years ago but they switched back to Union a few years later. Former Cronulla, Canberra, Catalan Dragons and French Rugby League representative Dimitri Pelo was born in New Caledonia but his parents were originally from Wallis & Futuna. As for Standard of the Queensland Cup id say its currently probably the best semi pro comp in the world
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    Until the lockdown I never realised just how stressful I found the level of noise in this country. I have enjoyed waking up to the sound of the dawn chorus, hearing the birds and the breeze rustling the leaves during the day. I hate the thought of all that traffic noise coming back, not to mention the noise of drunken people arguing and vomiting on a Friday night.
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    i bet football refs will be glad of the 2m distance rule.
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    Leigh don't receive any food or drink revenue ,they'd have to pay for the whole of the LSV to be open at extra cost , add on the extra stewarding for all the stadium , not cost effective , and what everybody here keeps missing completely , is you need ALL the clubs to agree to whatever is proposed , just one or two clubs finding a way to operate isn't enough , you can't play yourself
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    What a slur ?. 10 mins? In his prime it was nearer 25 ??
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    My dad is really into his board games so I get dragged along with him. I've not played Pandemic but Carcassonne is really good. Other games that don't use dice like Ticket to Ride are K2 and Flamme Rouge. For those that don't have company in lockdown there is a website called board game arena. You can play for free but can't set up games, can only join them. The premium account is something like a couple of quid a month and is well worth it if you spend any amount of time on it or want to play against friends. There are rules are videos about how to play games if you want to learn new ones.
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    It does amuse me how people continue to propose the same solutions week after week, year after year. And that they always seem to best suit their own particular club. Like Leigh fans suggesting 2 leagues of 10, which co-incidentally works very well for the traditional yo-yo clubs (other fans/clubs/formats also available).
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    Used to like seeing Dennis Trembath warming up on the touchline in his black duffel coat. Always knew you were about to see some action.
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    Dicky Doel anyone? Don't forget Alan Brunt either, just a little better than his brother. Shayne Williams has to be the most fearsome substitute of his time with Mikaeli Aizue also up there.

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