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Uninteresting Trivial Facts

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I would but I've a feeling she would eat me for breakfast.

And lunch. And dinner.

You'd be red raw by the time I'd finished with you. ;)

A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal. ~ Oscar Wilde

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Im tiling the kitchen

the current Mrs Riversider expects it will all be over by Christmas.

its 1914 in our house

Even as a Wire I am sorry but Westwood is nowhere near as skillful as Super Sam or Ellis.
Wazza's main industrys are service industries, call centres, warehouses and the public sector nowadays. All three are under threat from the Tory cuts.
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Well some one has to keep the country running.

Keep it up A/V.

1744 at 1:11 pm eh?

Seems not much Xmas shopping was done lunchtime today,I missed my chance.....

Wires record breaking 10 match run: L 16-17 ; L 34-36 ; L 24-44 ; L 20-38 ; L 8-46; L 14-26 ; L 20-40 ; L 22-48 ; L 14-20 ; L 8-60. Thanks Jimmy.The Glamour Club. Apparently.

Captain Morgan Trophy Holders.(I still think we have the British Coal 9's trophy hidden somewhere, too...)

Ooooh, the Challenge Cup!!! Thank you Tony.....

And again!!!smith_morley_small.jpg

Tipping Competiton Challenged Shield Winner 2010

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Am out tonight with the girls on our Xmas night out.

The night has been made even better with the news that my sister is keeping her job. She works for HBOS (now Lloyds/TSB) they had to reapply for their jobs with some losses of positions & she found out yesterday that she has got hers & can remain managing most of her team in the new set-up :D

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Just getting ready for my RU game this afternoon... not looking forwards to it at all. There are two sides in the whole of the East of England who I can't stand and they can't stand me. Today, they have a league match against each other, it's a local derby game and both are under pressure after a few poor results lately. So far this season I've given seven yellow cards, four were against today's home side in one game and two were against the away side.

I'm leaving early so that I can have a meeting without coffee with both coaches and captains and let them know that I'm not going to change my reffing style to suit their whining and cheating. It'll go straight through their ears without making contact with any brain cells and I expect to get plenty of use out of my whistle today :(

"When in deadly danger, when beset by doubt; run in little circles, wave your arms and shout"

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