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Just now, corvusxiii said:

First time I've seen this. Apologies if 'Fun' is the wrong terminology. New to this perhaps. Beer still rubbish though.

Aye, I've never seen it either. Folk are a bit miserable I think :kolobok_biggrin:

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1 hour ago, corvusxiii said:

Thought this was fun at HKR last night. The last time I was at HKR Cas scored 30 points but lost by 2 as I remember. Some greased whippet called Antony Sullivan got a hat trick. Appalling beer though....hic....


Pretty impressed that Rovers knew how far it was from your house to Craven Park.

They'd done their homework.

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Old Faithful we never lose at Wembley

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31 minutes ago, Celt said:

Castleford.... a town so bereft of fun, that people laugh at signs with distances on them.


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha......you get the idea.

Actually it's worse than that. But you get the idea.

From my point of view it really is that desperate.(Dan).

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