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Summer Bash MoM v Halifax

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Usual voting;

1 Gledhill, he's been here a LONG TIME, best ever game IMO. Just immense, no other words necessary.

2 McGowan, superb fielding of the ball, killed every man who came at him, made great yards.

3 Kear, played with a passion and fire, took everybody on he came up against and was tenacious in the cause.

Meadows, Woods really got involved, pushed us forward and Ben White played 6, 9 and 13 and had a stormer, still couldn't get him a place in the list.

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Not often I agree with PD...

Gledhill - so many minutes

Morton - so consistent

Buchanan - SL next stop

Great performance from all the team ūüĎŹ

Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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All the rest number 4

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Tough tough call this one after such a massive effort from all the boys! 


just so comfortable at the back makes ye wonder if we really need Hooley 

White. lead us round all day

Walshaw. Another massive shift from the big guy! 

You could really pick 1.2.3 in any order for all of the 17. Yet another game that shows how these boys work so hard for each other, and a such fantastic team spirit! 

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Posted (edited)




But of course, could have been any of them.

Have just watched the whole game again and wanted to mention Niall Flynn. Often overlooked in these lists but what effort he puts in every game, yesterday being no exception. Just a fantastic team player!

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What a grit performance from all 17. Not our best technically but a win nether the less.

Gledhill - big minutes and big yards

White - again asked to play several positions for full 80, plus leading the team around

Walshaw - strength on that right edge in attack and defence

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Posted (edited)

voting closed

1) Adam Gledhill 19 pts

1) Aiden McGowan 19 pts

3) Lucas Walshaw 12 pts

4) Ben White 11 pts

5) James Meadows 6 pts

6) Elliot Kear 2 pts

6) Dale Morton 2 pts

8 ) Keiron Buchanan 1 pt

8 ) Dane Manning 1

pts for totaliser

1) Adam Gledhill 3 pts

1) Aiden McGowan 3 pts

3) Lucas Walshaw 1 pts


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