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NRL ROUND 24 POLL 2023  

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  1. 1. How many R24 games will produce 50 points or more

    • 0 games will see 50 points or more when both teams scores are totalled up
    • 1 game
    • 2 games
    • 3 games
    • 4 games
    • 5 games or more games willsee 50 or more points scored

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  • Poll closed on 10/08/23 at 09:50

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Our tipping competition will continue through the finals series up to and including the Grand Final


Bye: Cowboys


1. Name the 8 winning teams  A drawn game after extra time counts as a win for both teams for the sake of our competition.

2. How many points will be scored by all the teams added together in R24? Used as tie breaker for the Champion Tipster title when there’s more than one top scorer.

3. How many HOME wins will there be in the round?  When a game is played on the road the first team  is taken as the home team.

4. Poll: How many R24 games will produce 50 points or more? Enter in your post and also at the top of the topic.

Entries welcome until the first game of the round kicks off this coming Thursday

Enjoy your Rugby League.

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  • Graham pinned this topic

Poll Question

2 games.


Round 24 Winners

Penrith Panthers

Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks

Brisbane Broncos

South Sydney Rabbitohs

NZ Warriors


Melbourne Storm

Newcastle Knights


Total Points



Home Wins



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Winners: Panthers, Sharks, Broncos, Rabbitohs, Warriors, Roosters, Storm, Knights

Points: 336

Home wins: 5

50 points or more: 4

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Winners - Penrith Panthers, Cronulla Sharks, Brisbane Broncos, South Sydney, New Zealand Warriors, Sydney Roosters, Melbourne Storm and Newcastle Nights

Points - 354

Home Wins - 6

Poll - 4 Games


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Good luck to one and all.

Poll 3, Homes  5,  Points 322

Panthers, Sharks, Broncos,  Rabbitohs   Warriors , Dolphins, Storm, Knights.

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Poll 2









Points 345

 Homes 5


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  • Graham changed the title to NRL TIPPING COMPETITION Round 24 In Progress

I think we might be in the VERY unusual situation of two all-correct tipsters who also went with the same prediction for total points in the round. Might need a second tie-breaker, heehee - or have two top tippers!

I see plenty of 8/8 tipsheets as well. Seems to have been a kind round for tipsters!

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We do have a tie for champion tipster, by standard rules that’s it. One of the two did get one category more than the other but we haven’t met this before so no rule has been made to cover it. I don’t feel it fair to retrospectively make up a rule and apply it, so we’ll have two joint champs this week.

For another time we can apply using other categories to separate when both top score and points total are equal.

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5 hours ago, Farmduck said:

Do it in alphabetical order according to height.

A helpful suggestion FD.

I had these thoughts:

  1. Establish boundaries. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
  2. Examine the issues.
  3. Agree to disagree. ... 
  4. Compromise when possible. ... 
  5. Consider it all.
  6. Stick a pin in the list with eyes closed.
  7. Go with the latter.
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