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Shortest SL select squad

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Not shortest in height, but shortest names. As a bit of light entertainment, and to idle way some time, can we put together a full 17-man squad from the SL era with players whose surnames consist of only 3 letters? No repetitions allowed i.e. only one Iro or Lam allowed.

So to kick off, and without any regard to positioning:










Any more for any more?

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2 minutes ago, graveyard johnny said:

tim- bob -ken- ron - jim- dan- joe- les- syd 

From those, Les Dyl, although he pre-dated the SL.

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1 hour ago, Southport Tiger said:





I liked the look of Garry Lo at RLWC2017. He was a powerful wingman. I enjoyed watching him in action, and had hopes that he would succeed at SL level. Wonder where he is now...

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Well done all, not only do we have a full squad, with players in their proper positions more or less, but also a coach, and representatives from every SL club (I think). Looks like it might struggle to make the playoffs though!

1 Krisnan Inu Widnes 
2 Liam Kay Toronto
3 Kevin Iro Saints 
4 Junior Sa'u Wakey 
5 Marcus Bai Bradford 
6 Danny Orr Cas 
7 Lachlan Lam Leigh 
8 Ligi Sao Hull FC 
9 Tommy Lee Giants 
10 Andrew Gee Wire 
11 Jesse Sue HKR 
12 Andy Hay Leeds 
13 Willie Isa Wigan

14 Ken Sio Salford
15 Tyrone May Catalan
16 Joe Mbu London
17 Sam Moa Hull FC

Coach - Tony Rea

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