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Batley Bulldogs V Bradford Bulls MOM thread only

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27 minutes ago, Bullmania said:


woods for batley 


Although it's the Batley MOM that you should be voting for , it should be mentioned that Odoro was outstanding fpr Bradford ( assuming that Odoro was Bradford's number17 )

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8 hours ago, distantdog said:

This is normally for the season the Batley player of the match, with totals added up for the end of season award!

In that case




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After watching the full match on you tube,

1, Walshaw cutting them in half

2, Manning 

3, Matisias never stopped. 

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voting closed

1) Alistair Leak 29 pts

2) Josh Woods 23 pts

3) Ben White 19 pts

4) Lucas Walshaw 18 pts

5) Luke Hooley 10 pts

6) Nixon Putt 5 pts

7) Joe Burton 3 pts

8 ) Johnny Mitsias 2 pts

8 ) Dane manning 2 pts

10) Adam Gledhill 1 pt

10) Samy Kibula 1 pt

pts for totaliser

1) Alistair Leak 3 pts

2) Josh Woods 2 pts

3) Ben White 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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