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Brothers in same team.

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3 hours ago, bobbruce said:

Did the Morley brothers ever play together. 

They both played for Salford, but not at the same time. Two other brothers who played for Salford but not at the same time are Steve and Phil Ford. Steve played 9(ish) games for Salford in the mid 1980s while he was under suspension from the Welsh Rugby Union for committing the heinous crime of having a trial with Leeds RL. He played for Salford while he was waiting for the WRU to be told that such practices were no longer acceptable. He went on to play RU for Wales.

During the 2015 / 16 seasons, there were a few matches where Salford had the three Griffin brothers (Darrell, Josh and George) and the Walne brothers (Adam and Jordan) all on the field at the same time. Having 13 players but only 10 different surnames increased the chances of Radio Manchester's Jacko correctly identifying a player during one of his commentaries by just under 25%.

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3 hours ago, bamfordsbeans said:

There were 5 Fairbank brothers at Elland. I believe 4 of them played together regularly (John was too young) and they all went onto play professionally.I don't think any of them played together in the pro game.

Almost certain David, a centre, didn't turn pro. Halifax were desperate to sign him but he was happy to play amateur with Elland. John, a prop, ended up at Leeds.

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The Bromwich’s , the Morris’s ,  the Ropati’s , the Sims’s , the Stewart’s , the Perrett’s , the Mcdougall’s , the Smith’s ( Darren & Jason ) , the Hughes’s ( bulldogs ) the Keating’s , the Minicheddars’s , the Paea’s , the Walters’s , the Robinson’s ( Reece & Travis )

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Barry & Shaun Berrigan at the Broncos

Jesse & Kenny Bromwich at Melbourne 

Nathan & Jason Cayless at the Eels

Andrew & David Fafita at Cronulla

Matt & Kurt Gidley at Newcastle 

Scott & Simon Grix at Halifax 

Les & Mike Holliday at Swinton

Brett & Glenn Stewart,Tom & Jake Trbojevic at Manly.

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1 hour ago, The Electric Gentleman said:

In the early 1970's Huddersfield had Trevor,Brian,Jim and Ronnie Doyle on their books,some combinations played together at different times but all 4 never played in the same team,the first 3 now reside in Australia 


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10 hours ago, fairfolly said:

Hopping Mad,

              Didn,t David succumb and turn pro. a lot later than the others.I thought he actually signed for Keighley,I may be wrong but I am sure I read somewhere that he had.

You may be right. Must say, I don't remember that. I've a feeling David did most of the work on the Fairbank family farm at Greetland. Left him short on time to play rugby league semi-professionally. He was certainly good enough to do so! Many rated him the second best of the brothers, behind Karl (who was ace). Mark (Jacob's dad) played at Keighley.

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