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Really need some joined up thinking from the council. It's hard enough for home fans, but away supporters are going to have a job on navigating 2 park and ride buses across town. Really need a direct bus from askham bar park and ride on matchdays, would cater for all the away fans coming down the A64. Even better if the council went the whole way and had a direct bus from every park and ride site to the new stadium on matchdays.

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Will genuinely put me off going as i am not paying a tenner to park, full stop. 

No buses, and i cant park elsewhere and walk as my dad is well into his 80s. 

Suspect the council will go back to a fiver and claim they have compromised whereas all they will have done is been successful in their plan to get money out of football and rugby fans.

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Just reading through the comments on the press site, this one had me in stitches...


"The Willy of the People Mk IV2 hrs ago

You can "park and pedal" for free, so long as you're not cycling into Monks Cross or Vangarde sites (according to i-Travel York).
And bicycles that are invisible aren't specifically prohibited, so simply enacting a "cycling motion" as you leave the car park should cover you legally, and good luck on them proving where you rode the invisible bicycle to, as not only do bicycles not have to display identifying markings; in the case of an invisible bicycle these too would be invisible.
I'm currently unavailable for case consultancies"
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56 minutes ago, Hopping Mad said:

I always used the free car park at the stadium when watching York at Huntington. What's the score with parking in the residential streets west of New Lane? Can't be more than a 10-minute walk from there.

As it stands there's loads of free parking on the streets nearby in Huntington, 10 minute walk max. I imagine other businesses like The Range and maybe some land owners might also open up some parking if they can make a few quid. 

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5 hours ago, georgeb1 said:

The knights will definitely do a car parking offer for season ticket holders .

Me and my dad have always been those strange breeds that never buy a season ticket but then go to every match. This may be the reason we finally change that cos i'm damned if i'm going to pay a tenner extra every week just to park up.

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