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World Cup Jerseys

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2 hours ago, Henson Park Old Firm said:



very smart! red jersey would be a great Welsh kit

Very smart indeed. Whilst I don't expect it to be the same spec as the Kangaroos gear, I've had canterbury's cheaper range stuff previously and it is really good.

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6 minutes ago, Davo5 said:

Given England are supplied by Oxen,that might not be a bad thing.

Maybe 😂 I think the Aussies have got it right here with their women’s team effectively playing in their away strip. Was hoping England went down that route

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13 minutes ago, SydneyRoosters said:

I’ve just seen Irelands kit. Absolutely shocking it looks like an 8 year old designed easily the worst kit of the tournament. I don’t know how they’ve managed to stuff up an Ireland kit, Ireland kits are usually very easy to make across all sports and always look great.

Got a link?

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