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The Law Cup


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3 hours ago, jroyales said:

THE game is almost here and nothing has been said from both sides of the frontier!

If the Lads play half as good as they did on Sunday they'll score 50.

Can’t wait for this one, with Hornets doing us 3 times last year I’m very nervous about this one with them still recruiting.


who impressed you most last week? 
mcnally meadows and Wilkinson 

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To be fair oldham v hornets is always spicy especially when there is alot of cross over between the clubs. 

Not to put a dampener on it but it's only a pre season game on a level with widnes and in my opinion the entry price should be the same for both games.


I know it won't be a popular statement but it's not going determine anything in respect of promotion 

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He was taken to hospital we were told at the end of the game. It did look a really  bad injury.  The game was held up nearly 15 minutes 

He had played well particularly in the first half and will be sorely missed if it turns out to be as bad as it looks. 

fingers crossed for the lad

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Different type of game today compared to last week. Rochdale were as expected, big physical & aggressive (in a good way) and we got drawn into a forward dominated battle. Disappointing we didn’t replicate some of the good set plays from last week but we battled to the end and snatched an unlikely win. Didn’t look good for Sheridan & I’d be surprised if we see him again this season.

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7 minutes ago, ManchesterYed said:

Very sad news regarding Sheridan. Think that will be his season. 

good character to come back. The late subs turned the game. Plenty to work on but plenty positives. Think we need to sign one or two prop forwards still 

And probably a half back too, it seems. Though he many are available at this time of the season God only knows 

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