Sport accord petition / GAISF recognition (merged threads)

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Maybe an idea here with a petition. If we can get Kevin Sinfield to 2nd in Sports Personality of the Year we can get make a fair number of signatures to recognise that we are indeed a sport.

I suggest anyone with links to Rugby Union and Rugby League players in particular to get them to sign up. Jonathan Davis, SBW, Jason Robinson, Johnny Wilkinson?

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And if, when you add a comment to your signature, you could refrain from slagging off other sports (who all have their own passionate fans), that might win you more friends than enemies.

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26 minutes ago, parklandswolf said:

and I've  just fb messaged them, well every little might help

That's doubtful.  A cursory look at the membership requirements would suggest that RL doesn't measure up as yet.  The part about "No Rivalry with GAISF Members" might be a difficult barrier to surmount as RL and RU are rivals in many ways.

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