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Featherstone away Mon 17th may

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I'd treat this game like we did London away. Pick the fittest 17 we can and just go out and try and tackle everything. Anyone who has needed a game but we couldn't quite get in the team I'd use this game for match fitness. I think York away is a game we could target for an upset the following week.

Fev are a quality side and are gonna push Toulouse right to the wire for promotion. Even if they have an off day with crowds back for the first time it seems highly unlikely they won't win.

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7 hours ago, Chorlton Pete said:

Just booked it on their website and they have sent me an E Ticket. No problem.

Following ongoing consultation with the local authority and SAG (Safety Advisory Group), the decision has been taken that the club will not be able to sell food or drink to supporters at the Millennium Stadium on Monday night.

We appreciate that this will be frustrating for supporters.  Fans are advised that if they wish to bring their own food, water or soft drinks that it must be brought in a seperate bag and that all drinks are in a sealed, clear and unoppened plastic bottle.  

Please note, supporters are not permitted to bring in cans or glass bottles, and no alcohol can be brought into the stadium

We urge fans to arrive at the Millennium Stadium as early as possible and to ensure that you have your season card, match ticket or e-ticket ready to scan before arriving at the gate. 

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Hope we go there and just play tough. Complete our sets an make them work for the win. Will be a strange atmosphere for the players having a substantial crowd back and maybe we can make them nervous if we start quick.

Wish we could go but working tonight. 

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26 minutes ago, jroyales said:

I didn't think we could go anyway?

Do keep up!

Things change quickly these days, so the website/social media sources need to be checked out regularly.

100 tickets became available for away fans last night. Sold out now, so you can't go anyway - just think what you missed! 

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1 hour ago, tandle said:

featherstone will be without 8 of their main players tonight.


True apart from sweeting and summers tuthers in first team squad 

Looking at the squad that' been named probably only change from team that beat York last week will be a place on the bench for FIELD instead of HALTON having said that only named 20 so FERRES may sneak in 

Hope that helps 👍

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36 minutes ago, tandle said:

according to featherstones own website ferres is out with a calf injury.

all the 8 players i mentioned are not in your squad for to nights game.

As expaected field for halton only  change



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