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I think redditchbulldog is away so here goes.

Can you mark your selections 1,2,3, please.

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Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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voting now closed

cheers Rog for putting the thread up

1) Alistair Leak 37 pts

2) James Brown 16 pts

3) Dane Manning 13 pts

4) Tom Lillycrop 8 pts

4) Josh Tonks 8 pts

6) Johnny Campbell 5 pts

7) Ben kaye 4 pts

8 ) Adam Gledhill 2 pts

9) Luke Hooley 1 pt

9) Jack Blagborough 1 pt

9) Jodie Broughton 1 pt

9) Ben White 1 pt

pts for totaliser

1) Alistair Leak 3 pts

2) James Brown 2 pts

3) Dane Manning 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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