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2022 New Kits, Sponsors and Suppliers

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17 hours ago, M j M said:

Also looks like almost all the shirt sponsors are rolling over for yet another year as this is technically the first kit of next year (ACS in for Ortus on the lower back the only change I think).

Looks like no NAPA either

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51 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

So do I, however that article included the dreaded words...


"a unique twist."

Terrifying isn't it.

Surely the 2020 kit was non traditional enough for them to go closer to home style wise in 2021.

Unless they're saving the tradition points up for the beautiful classic white away kit the people all really want.

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On 23/09/2021 at 20:27, Henson Park Old Firm said:

i'd love to see the league leaders shield renamed the Rob Burrrows Shield

Good idea, I wonder what he would think of that?

Might give it some grace and class than the "Hub cap."

Moving I have this opinion about team colours.

When I see a Wigan shirt, (most of the time) I (hope) I can immediately recognize (with a grunt) that it us a Wigan shirt.

The Cherry  red and white hoops are emblematic and distinctively recognizable.

I wish that every RL club, especially the big name ones have a "uniqueness" solely attributed to them alone.

Wigan, easy, so are the Saints and maybe Leeds. Whatever should be fixed for the rest?

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2 hours ago, RigbyLuger said:

Interesting as to who "owns" old designs, the club or the manufacturer? (I'm aware new Ellgren isn't the original.)



I'd guess back in the day the issue of ownership of such things was probably never even thought of. XXXX are probably the only entity still in existence who might have something to say about their branding being used in this instance, but can't imagine they'd even take much notice to be honest. Assuming they aren't aware, which of course they may well be, as any professional sports team would address such potential issues beforehand 🙂

Edited by EastLondonMike

Newham Dockers - Champions 2013. Rugby League For East London. 100% Cockney Rugby League!

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15 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

Pretty much perfect that (bar white collar)


ive given Oxen plenty stick but they’ve nailed it so credit where credit is due

Totally agree. With the white shorts too it's a classy looking shirt that ticks almost all the right boxes.

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