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The Redcliffe Dolphins

The Daddy

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5 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

You don’t fancy the Western Bulldogs idea???

No, it makes me nervous.

7 hours ago, Sports Prophet said:

Western Bulldogs... I will let @The Rocket or @unapologetic pedant respond to that one 😂 

I refuse to sink to gratuitous invective, despite the incitement. I`ll just soberly and magnanimously observe that I hope Footscray fans despise this moniker and don`t use it. 

North Melbourne could be a genuine basket case. Their crowd and membership figures might compare favourably with Sydney NRL clubs, but against the backdrop of what they compete with in Victoria, they look in big trouble. Talk of them relocating to Tas. Suspect this would be just the licence, not the identity.

Then again, if they stay put, Pete V, Greek God of Gullibility, will see they don`t go hungry.

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I reckon the Dolphins have made the right call. 

People know they are based in Redcliffe. People also know they are the second Brisbane NRL team. No benefit in being more specific at this stage. Let all potential fans project on to them whatever identity they wish.

In the UK, I think we make the mistake of thinking that the creation of an NRL franchise out of an existing club is the same as gaining promotion from a lower division.

Should also remember that the Auckland/NZ Warriors are generally known as "The Warriors". Most of their branding is "Vodafone Warriors".

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