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Bulldogs back at home as they take on relegation threatened Rochdale Hornets looking to secure another 2 pts which should make 7th place their own with just 3 games remaining after this one

Its looking like its going to be a forward that wins the player of the season with top 4 places all been forwards

Please vote for your Bulldogs' Man of the Match after Sundays  game. This is open to opposition and neutral supporters at the game as well as Bulldogs supporters.

Voting will be open till Saturday after the game to allow the ones that don't get there but get the DVD of the game to have chance to watch and vote

1st, 2nd & 3rd choices  please

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Ye Gods we made hard work of that@




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Thought or half backs and backs were poor not one line break apart from Scotty running a good line 

One for the forwards today 


Never stopped in defence or attack and he was the one I thought who got us going forward eventually 


Ran strong and tackled strong .He goes quietly around his job and I thought he was good today 


As usual never stopped and that’s his usual game and what we’ve come to expect from him but 10 mins in the bin didn’t help us 

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 made hard work a that one for sure. we seemed to try lots a fancy stuff for 20 minutes that dident come to much, then got back to basics a bit more and did the hard graft that brought the win, some sore bodies in morning for sure including a couple who know they arnt req for 2019,

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voting now closed

1) Adam Gledhill 34 pts

2) James Brown 29 pts

3) Alistair Leak 18 pts

4) Dane Manning 10 pts

5) Johnny Campbell 5 pts

6) Alex Rowe 2 pts

7) Dom Brambrani  1 pt

7) Louis Jouffret 1 pt

7) Dave Scott 1 pt

7) Joel Farrell 1 pt


so points for player of the season

1) Adam Gledhill 3 pts

2) James Brown 2 pts

3) Alistair Leak 1 pt

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