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Batley Bulldogs V Featherstone Rovers MOM thread only


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Bulldogs back on home midden as they take on high flying Fev rovers who will be smarting after 1st league loss of the season last week to Toulouse as Linners says this a free hit for the Bulldogs and a win will cement a top 4 place.


voting as usual 1 - 2 - 3 , open to home and away supporters

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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voting closed

1) Johnny Campbell 30 pts

2) Tom Gilmore 24 pts

3) Nial Flynn 18 pts

4) Adam Gledhill 6 pts

5) Toby Everett 5 pts

6) Dale Morton 2pts

6) Lucas Walshaw 2 pts

8 ) Joe Chandler 1 pt

8 ) Alistair Leake 1 pt

8 ) Ben Kaye 1 pt


pts for player of the season

1) Johnny Campbell 3 pts

2) Tom Gilmore 2 pts

3) Nial Flynn 1 pt

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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