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Newcastle Thunder v Batley Bulldogs MOM thread only


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Campbell - Hat trick so gets MOM for me

White - Thought he had a great game, really taking on the line and looking threatening.

Gilmore - Talent

Despite choosing all backs, I thought all of the forwards were outstanding. They dominated their full-time opponents throughout the match and laid the platform for today's win.

Thought our man Dale Morton had a decent game on his return too. 

If I could choose everyone I would!

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Campbell  for his well taken tries and setting up attacking posistions

Lillycrop  no stopping him

Brown  for his leadership

As somebody else said you could pick any of the 17 out

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voting closed


1) Johnny Campbell 37 pts

2) Adam Gledhill 22 pts

3) Tom Gilmore 13 pts

3) Luke Hooley 13 pts

5) James Brown 6 pts

6) Lucas Walshaw 4 pts

7) Ben White 3 pts

7) Tom Lillycrop 3 pts

9) Michael Ward 1 pt

pts for player of the season

1) Johnny Campbell 3 pts

2) Adam Gledhill 2 pts

3) Tom Gilmore 1 pts

3) Luke Hooley 1 pts

Stoopid Cup Winner 2012

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