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Bulldog Inbound - Elliot Kear

Batley Bob

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somethings happening in the nine hole at 8 00am

"The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it's difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine" ....Abraham Lincoln 1809-1865..

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maybe Heather McCartney is our new social media guru? other than that I'm stumped.....😏😏

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"you never win a game unless you beat the guy in front of you. The score on the board doesn’t mean a thing. That’s for the fans. You’ve got to win the war with the man in front of you. You’ve got to get your man." - Vince Lombardi.

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  • Batley Bob changed the title to Watch this Space - Bulldog Inbound

Decent experienced player, think he'll do us well.

Touch Rugby W(h)inger and part-time Super Hero (Thursday mornings by appointment) :superman:










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6 hours ago, redditchbulldog said:

for me too inconsistent when i have seen him play plus had more clubs than Tiger woods but on the plus side can kick goals but if we do sign will hold judgement till he has played a few games 

Woods you say 🤔

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QuailtynIf signing don't get better than this we might be in for long season our team isn't the youngest . Our pack is a year older and father time as a habit of catching you up quick. Halves this year could be white and meadows unless we have a a quality replacement for Gilmore as kear as a replacement for me hooley is a cheap option 

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  • Batley Bob changed the title to Bulldog Inbound - Elliot Kear

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