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6 hours ago, Adelaide Tiger said:

My top 10 chart hits by Slade.

1. Mama Weer All Crazee Now

2. Radio Wall of Sound

3. Everyday

4. ###### on feel the Noize.  Slade mispelt the word ‘Come’ 😄

5. My oh My

6. Merry Xmas Everybody

7. Far, Far Away

8. Skweeze Me, Pleeze Me

9. How Does it Feel

10. The Bangin’ Man


I would have eleven with Coz I lurv you at number one.😶

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My top 10 bucket list destinations:

1. Jerusalem

As a history obsessive, Jerusalem is my dream destination as so much of our modern history was shaped by events in Jerusalem centuries, even millenia, ago. 

2. Hong Kong

The unique identity of Hong Kong has always fascinated me and I need to see that before China completely erode that identity and I've always been a big Jackie Chan fan and those early films of his gave me the want to visit the city when I was a kid. My dream destination is Victoria Peak at night, looking out over Hong Kong Harbour, taking in all the lights of the city below. 

3. Havana

Similarly to Hong Kong, the very unique identity of Cuba has always fascinated me and I feel I need to see it before it is completely wiped out now that the Castro brothers aren't in charge and the country is opening up to America a bit more. 

4. Moscow

I've always wanted to stand in the middle of Red Square and just take in the scene. Lenin's Mausoleum, the Kremlin and St. Basil's all around me. It gives me goosebumps just thinking about it. 

5. Churchill

I've read a lot about colonial Canada and the Hudson Bay company is a particularly interesting part of that history so I'd love to visit Churchill and Moose Factory to explore that history further, as well as take in the magnificent scenery. 

6. Hammerfest

I say Hammerfest to represent all of the Norwegian fjords really with my trip finishing in the far northern town. Possibly the most beautiful scenery in the world. 

7. Tokyo

Japan seems to have such an alien culture to ours, so different and I'd love to just explore that culture. 

8. Rome & the Vatican

I've never been to Rome because I was planning a trip there when Covid struck. Again, one of the most history rich cities in the world and I want to take all that in. 

9. Istanbul 

The clash of cultures in Istanbul looks to give the city a very unique identity and with having seen quite a few films set in the city I'd like to explore some of those locations. I've always wanted to visit the Hagia Sofia. 

10. Chernobyl

This one won't be possible any time soon I guess with the war but I've always wanted to go to Chernobyl. I like a bit of dark tourism, having visited a Gestapo execution prison, a Stasi psychological torture prison and the Nazi Rally Grounds before. Plus I have a massive interest in the Cold War. 

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Top 10 British classic black and white films

1   Billy Liar

2   Great expectations      1946 David Lean

3   Cruel Sea

4   Brighton Rock

5   Lavender Hill Mob

6   The Third Man

7   Oliver Twist    1948 David Lean

8   League Of Gentlemen

9   This Sporting Life

10   Whisky Galore

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Difficult to limit myself to just 10 as there are so many great episodes,  but TOP 10 INSIDE No. 9 

1. Wise Owl


Ronnie, in his 40's is clearly disturbed as the story starts. He gets into a bath fully clothed and is about to put an electric current into the water when the doorbell rings. A neighbour has brought round a dead rabbit, his daughter's pet, named Ferrari and wants Ronnie to stuff it, as he is a taxidermist.
Animated Scene

A 1970s public information film; two children, brother and sister playing with a kite which gets stuck on an electric pylon. The boy wants to climb the pylon to retrieve it , but the Wise Owl flies up to them with the catchphrase, " twit you, twit you."
Wise Owl says, " electric pylons are dangerous."
Little Girl " how do we get our kite back Wise Owl?"
Owl," the wind will help."
Wise Owl blows and wind frees the kite.

End of animated scene 

Ronnie sleeps in a sleeping bag on the floor of the house and dreams, a naked man in an owl mask approaches, Ronnie wakes. He gets a phone call from his mother, his parents no longer are together, she wants him to come round to her place on Monday. In the kitchen Ronnie opens shoebox containing dead rabbit and starts to work on stuffing it.
Animated Scene
Same two children, their pet cat has died, they are sad. Wise Owl appears," twit you, twit you."
Owl, " don't be sad, taxidermy is easy, you can be with your pet forever."
Little Girl," how so Wise Owl?"
( Wise Owl tells kids how to do taxidermy, skin animal, pluck out eyes, burn carcass, create new innards with foam and wire, treat pelt with chemicals,  place skin over new torso, job done. This is a very strange public information film, teaching kids taxidermy!)
End of animation scene

Ronnie starts work on dead rabbit, but it doesn't go well, he clearly knows nothing about it. The neighbour returns and demands dead pet back, after being told that the taxidermist is a man in his 70's, and isn't Ronnie. Ronnie hands over mutilated rabbit ,the neighbour goes potty and storms off threatening action against Ronnie.

Animated Scene;
House is on fire, little girl inside screams as she burns to death. Wise Owl outside house helpless watching.
End of animated scene
The house Ronnie is squatting in belongs to father Wilf who returns to see Ronnie and is not overjoyed to see him. Wilf reveals Ronnie has been in an institution for years after the death of his sister, burned to death in a house fire, as Ronnie was held responsible. Ronnie glumly says that on Monday his sister would have been 50 if she lived, and mother wants them to go over to her place, Wilf declines.

Wilf looks at mail just arrived,  envelopes addressed to Wise Owl, mostly written in crayon,  by kids.

Wilf, " apparently they want to bring Wise Owl back, done with CGI , probably be cr..ap.  I just do taxidermy now, you'll be surprised how many people want to cling on to the past. Funnily I've never done an owl."
Animated Scene
Little boy and girl, birthday cake on table, it's the girl's birthday , she wants to light candles. Wise Owl sits on chair drunk!
Boy " Wise Owl, isn't it dangerous to play with matches?"
Wise Owl,( drunkenly)" Can't you fu**ing read Ronnie,  they're safety matches , they're safe, let her light candles. You and me Ronnie will go upstairs."
End of animated scene
In house Wilf and Ronnie go upstairs, Ronnie hides knife behind back, into bedroom. Wilf sits on bed and says," give your Dad a hug, you know you like it."
Ronnie reveals that Wilf told everyone that he rescued him from house fire that killed sister, by climbing in through window, when in truth he and his dad were upstairs in the bedroom when the sister set fire to the house trying to light candles on birthday cake. Wilf says, " what else could I do, I was the voice of Wise Owl giving out safety information, and my daughter dies in a house fire, not exactly good for the brand image."
Ronnie attempts to stab Wilf but misses and says he'll tell his mother and everyone the truth about his father, voice of Wise Owl, taxidermist and serial child abuser. Ronnie storms out of house, Wilf desperately follows .
Animated Scene
Child, who is Ronnie, leaves house, Wise Owl flies behind,
Wise Owl, " twit you, twit you, don't do it please Ronnie. You must do what Wise Owl says. "
Ronnie, " get stuffed!"

2. Riddle Of The Sphinx 

3. Random Act Of Kindness 

This episode has a staggering twist and surely no one could forsee this, but some clever clogs on YouTube claim they did.
Zach is a surly bad tempered teenager studying physics at college hopefully to go on to University. He lives with his mother after his father has left home and set up with a new partner in Singapore. This makes Zach incredibly vicious and aggressive to his mum Helen, who is a bit sad and desperately wants companionship. Zach has no intention to be his mum's surrogate pal.
They constantly bicker and after another shouting match Zach goes to his bedroom and on his laptop gets on with his physics course work. Suddenly something is heard banging the window of his bedroom and it appears a sparrow has flown into the glass and lays stunned on the grass.
The front doorbell rings and a man is there , he has picked up the bird and wants to bring it into the house to recuperate. Helen desperate for company says yes and the man enters gently holding the bird.
By cutting up a cereal box Helen makes a little cot for the bird and places it on the kitchen floor. The man places the bird in the box and introduces himself as Bob Bliss.
After a while the bird recovers and flies about the kitchen, Helen releases it.
Zach is introduced to Bob and when Helen reveals Zach is studying physics Bob reveals he is a physicist and studied at the Uni that Zach is aiming for. Another argument ensues when Helen suggests Zach needs extra tutoring and Bob agrees to come round and give Zach extra lessons.
Things go well, Zach makes progress and Helen finds Bob charming company.


Interspersed with these scenes we have seen a couple of times a Dr Brann making school videos on the subject of physics, he makes videos used as teaching aids.
Meanwhile Bob sets Zach a problem, using physics can he predict who will win a horse race, using data such as jockey weights, ground density, horse bio data etc.
Helen receives a phone call that she's been dreading, from a hospital with results of her scan, she has to go to the hospital to get the results. Before she leaves she notices the cereal box is still on the kitchen floor.
She picks it up and notices the barcode on the box, the number of the barcode is 55179909, when read upside down reads Bob Bliss. Bob is a phoney, that isn't his name, but who is he?
Zach returns home with news that the horse he predicted to win has won and Bob is coming over with £2000, half he'll give to Zach. Helen forbids him to take it, and doesn't want Bob in the house again, saying that he's a weirdo who rescued a bird and they know nothing about him.
Zach is furious and threatens to run off to Singapore to take up his father's offer of a paid for place at Uni out there. Helen in tears tells him to go then and Zach promises he will.
Helen leaves to get her scan results, and Bob turns up at the house, Zach does what Helen asks and refuses the money and storms up to his bedroom. Bob follows him up and reveals something incredible.
Helen returns and she has a pamphlet with her ," Living With Terminal Illness ", she is dying.
In Zach's bedroom Bob reveals Zach's theories about black holes is right and in the future he will succeed in creating a mini black hole in a laboratory and be world famous as a quantum leaper.
Zach thinks Bob is mad, until Bob shows him a tattoo on his arm, the same as Zach's. BOB IS A FUTURE ZACH, quantum leaped into the past to tell Zach to be kind to his mother as she's dying. He tells Zach that he did go to Singapore, Helen died and he has had to live with the guilt of how badly he treated his mum, never having the chance to say he loved her.
Older Zach asks Zach to tell Helen how much he loves her. Older Zach gets a gun out and blows his brains out. Helen runs in and Zach and Helen make peace.
Forward 50 YEARS.
Zach in the year 2072 has just attended the tasteful funeral service of his mum Helen who lived to 92. In this timeline Older Zach going back to visit his younger self and telling him the truth meant Zach studied Chemistry not physics, he created an anti cancer vaccine and Helen lived.
Dr Brann, the guy making school physics videos enters and pulls a gun on Zach, revealing he has received a video message on his phone from a version of himself from a redundant time line. In the original timeline, Brann and Zach created a black hole/ wormhole in the laboratory and sent a sparrow into it, and were world famous as Quantum leap technology creators, but Zach altering the timeline to save his mother meant Dr Brann ended up doing the ###### job he has now. Brann wants to reverse the timeline shift. Zach says that'll mean Helen will die. Brann is sympathetic but he doesn't want to be collateral damage for saving Helen's life. The two of them struggle over the gun. How does it end, does Brann succeed in undoing Zach's altering of the timeline?
Last scene: Young Zach is in his bedroom when a sparrow flies into the window. The sparrow lies on the grass.....no one picks it up.....the sparrow dies


4. The Devil Of Christmas 

5. Tempting Fate 

6. Simon Says 

7. Diddle Diddle Dumpling 

8. Mr King

9. 12 Days Of Christine 

10. A Quiet Night In

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On 28/01/2024 at 12:30, The Hallucinating Goose said:

I was gonna try to do this list but I too don't follow enough sports but here we go anyway. 

1. Snooker

2. Football

3. Rugby League

4. Motorcycle road racing

5. er..that's it. 

1/ Rugby League

2/ Football

3/ Squash

4/ Cricket

5/ Athletics

6/ F1

7/ Snooker

8/ RU

9/ TDF

10/ Darts

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10 minutes ago, johnmatrix said:

Top 10 british boxers

1 joe calzaghe

2 carl froch

3 ricky Hatton

4 Lennox lewis

5 naz

6 Lloyd honeyghan 

7 nigel benn

8 Ken buchanon

9 ricky burns

10 David haye

1/ Calzaghe

2/ McGuigan

3/ Lewis

4/ Eubank

5/ Honeyghan

6/ Benn

7/ McKenzie

8/ Hatton

9/ Conteh

10/ Naz

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top 10 bucket list








car washing


cigarette stubs 


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see you later undertaker - in a while necrophile 

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On 03/02/2024 at 04:35, The Hallucinating Goose said:

My top 10 pubs in my hometown of Beverley:

1. The Sun Inn

2. The White Horse Inn aka. Nellie's

3. The Monk's Walk

4. The Windmill Inn

5. The Tiger Inn

6. The Green Dragon

7. The Woolpack

8. The Beaver

9. The Royal Standard

10. The Rose and Crown

My top 10 pubs in my home town of Halifax ( I’m including Sowerby Bridge)

The Cross Keys, Siddal

The Big Six, Savile Park

The William the fourth, King Cross

The Three Pigeons, South Parade

The Upper George, Crown Street

The Meandering Bear, Westgate

The Grayston Unity, Horton Street

The Blind Pig, Sowerby Bridge 

The Hogs Head, Sowerby Bridge 

Vocation, Alexandra Street 

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"Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice, socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality" - Mikhail Bakunin

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