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    If I let anyone out into a road (in car obvs) and they don't acknowledge it. I follow them home and batter them. It's only fair.
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    Oh give me strength. There’s a bloody good reason why RL is still a tiny sport with no money or interest and it’s not because of TWP but apparently that’s the way their haters want it to stay.
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    The game has become stale, boring and sanitised, it's just 5 drives and a kick, 5 drives and a kick and so on and so on. The product is turning people off, and I say that as a rugby league fan.
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    Got to love all the whippet molesters suddenly feigning concern for Toulouse. If Toronto didn’t exist and Toulouse was on the verge of SL promotion they would be the target of all the Wolfpack hate instead. What the Wolfpack need is another new club to come along that the fans of failing northern clubs will hate on even more. Maybe NY, especially if they get put straight into the Championship. That would do it.
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    MOM will be worth winning if it’s a load of cola bottles
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    A big problem with RL is everyone seems entirely agreed that the game needs money. But it seems all money is the wrong money. SL sells rights to Sky. Greedy clubs selling the soul of the game. People like Davy invest in Huddersfield. Just a sugar daddy. People like Lenagan want to spend to bring more in. Greedy, cutting off the rest of the game. People like Argyle want to invest in Toronto: Pie in the sky, damaging the real fans, sugar daddy. Where is this money the game so desperately need going to come from that has no strings attached, doesnt involve any sacrifice, is entirely equally distributed, doesnt come from rich men and doesnt involve selling the game? Because right now the game is looking at writing its own epitaph and it reads: We desperately need money; No, not like that.
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    Agree 100% with all the above. I would think about hiring Will Perry off the Whippets & Flat Caps podcast to anchor Sky's coverage as I like proper broadcasters fronting shows. A southern, middle class voice would also challenge certain assumptions. Hemmings needs to be pensioned off. Bill Arthur may have to do for now but someone with more passion would be preferable. I'd then bin off Terry O'Connor and replace him with Brian Carney in the box with Barrie McDermott. Three in the box is enough but if we have to have four then Phil Clarke should be replaced by a more recent player. Stuart Cummings actually reduces the credibility of the coverage by frequently coming to a different conclusion than the actual video ref, so he has to go too. Angela Powers should be replaced by Jenna Brooks and we should see more of her as a touchline reporter. Jon Wells to continue his excellent studio analysis.
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    I think that's an overstatement. Our game is no less expansive than the NRL, but the skill level in Oz, especially the last tackle kicking, is so much higher that their product still comes across so much better. That and they have a much smarter and likeable broadcast team. I'd ditch all of ours except Carney and Wells
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    Baz and Tez . I mean really , god knows how sky explain that. Carney and Wells should be doing their gig
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    I don't know him well at all but whenever I've met him over at Hornets he comes across as a really decent bloke. He's generous in defeat and he doesn't gloat over wins. I get the impression that when the surgeons cut him open they saw " Oldham RLFC " right through him. Get well soon matey, the game would be poorer without you.
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    Its unbelievable. Completely disrupted WWRs whole season.
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    I'm glad you used Hockey as an example. There won't be any new Ice Hockey teams in Canada. They will be in places like Las Vegas and other American cities. They will be located where there are markets to grow the sport, not where the players are developed (often small Canadian towns). This is the exact point that RL is missing, basic business sense.
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    Just out of interest, how many of us all watching live, with a perfect angle of the Caton-Brown "try" actually called the knock on? I know I didn't. I also wonder if the Caton-Brown disallowed try in the first half from the kick was legitimate, unfortunately we didn't get a replay to judge. Many, myself included, often bemoan the video referee, but as was pointed out earlier on this thread we can't have it both ways. If we don't want the video referee, then from time to time decisions like that will be called incorrectly and we have to accept it. Similarly, but for the video referee, Leeds would have been 19-0 ahead instead of 7-0 ahead by half time in last year's Grand Final. But, we had the video referee there to correctly rule out two Leeds tries that understandably would have been awarded on the field. The video referee has its drawbacks and can be frustrating, but on balance I think it needs to stay. It was a match of many talking points. The Toronto public have had almost two years of walkovers and blowouts. In the last few weeks, they have had two very close encounters which went in to the final minute with the outcome uncertain. These are the sorts of matches that can get a new audience in to rugby league. I thought Toulouse were fantastic in parts. Their desire to hold on in the second half and to then counter with a try was exceptional. But I think it's fair to say they blew it! They had their chances with a relatively simple missed conversion (I don't know why Kheirallah didn't take it!) and didn't even take a shot at drop goal when having 3 clear chances. Toulouse have missed out on at least a point through poor tactics, and it could cost them a place in the MPG. I didn't really care who won and I still feel frustrated for them. Their fans must be furious!
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    Total and utter bollards. The only damage being inflicted on the Labour party at the moment is coming from the Labour party leadership itself and it's devotees.
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    Two things. 1, as broadcast times increase (three hours on Fridays now) viewing figures decrease. They are average figures for the whole show and I can tell you from doing radio commentary that a lot just tune in for the match and barb figures don't equate that. 2, that 27% decrease may have just been some switching to tablets, mobile phones etc. I think barb figures are purely for TV. The way people watch TV is changing all the time with new streaming technology and its only natural that TV figures will decrease across the board. Streaming figures to my knowledge are not made public by broadcasters but likely will give them a much clearer picture.
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    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink
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    He certainly bit off more than he could chew. I wonder if that's the last time we will see him in a Toronto jersey
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    I don't like that there is no TMO. It would certainly have meant a disallowed try for Toronto and I think there was enough evidence to warrant a sending off of Bussey for his inexplicable bite. In Canadian Football, every scoring play is automatically reviewed and the occasional delay is well worth it for me if it means they always get it right but that's neither here nor there. There is no TMO here so you just have to control what you can control. The touchie looked to be in good position on the wrongly awarded try. Might have been focusing on whether or not the player's foot was in touch, I don't know. Officials are human. They make mistakes. There's no agenda. Bad calls happen. I think they tend to even out over the course of a season. It's tough to take when it goes against you but the truth is that no game comes down to one bad call. Toulouse made some key mistakes down the stretch and ultimately missed a conversion that would have won the game. That's a kick you should make if your team belongs in the top division. Not the prettiest game but the effort level and intensity made it enthralling. Toulouse showed a lot of fight and that game could have easily gone the other way. Just when I thought they were spent, they raised their level and were unlucky to come away with nothing. As a TWP fan, playing these hard-fought, intense games week in and week out is an absolute joy, win or lose. I really hope they can earn promotion.
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    I can categorically state that Coventry DID NOT vote to accept the proposal. We have put out a statement denying it and contacted League Express who started the rumour. I cannot understand how they came up with that list as it was a secret ballot. If they did an "exit poll" they did not ask us and if they had we would have told them we voted NO.
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    Unfortunately, the Sky Commentary Team I'm sure are a big turn off. The match commentaries are ruined by the stating of the obvious, the absence of any articulation by some of the presenters and a general lack of insight, intelligence and imagination in their observations. I'm not the first one on here who thinks that a total shakeup of the whole Programme is well overdue!
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    It's a shame for Catalans, but the signing of Smith makes slightly more sense now. Their improvement after Drinkwater joined showed how much they needed a half who can organise and kick. Despite his limitations, Smith is experienced and has shown he can do that job - including in some big games. His combinations with Tomkins and McIlorum will also help, and with Gigot and/or Albert also offering a bit of attack around him, they should still have a decent spine.
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    Yep. I really don’t know what the controversy is
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    An oversimplification, of course, but the £75,000 central funding Raiders receive each year could fund 3 development officers in Wales. That would be a much more productive use of resources.
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    If you can't s the difference in a one off game and a season worth of games, there's no point in having this discussion.

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