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    So I did it!! The weather was absolutely brutal - there was just no respite at all and simply couldn't take on enough water. Seeing Shadow at mile 25 was incredible - the power of the internet!! I was totally blown away by the support from mile 1 to the end, there really is no event like it in the world. The heat slowed me down by about 30 mins so slightly frustrated but not disappointed- in fact I'm over the bloody moon!
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    I live in Scunthorpe, and I attend about 20 RL games a season, even though I have no allegiance to any specific club ( although I admit to a particular liking for Catalans because it means I have to go to the South of France to watch them ). This Sunday's game has been on my calendar since the cup draw was made, but because of other commitments I wasn't in a position to book a ticket until Thursday morning. When I looked to buy a ticket online I could see no option to collect the ticket from the ground on game day, before committing to buying, even though I had done exactly this before last season's Toronto game, so I emailed the club just to confirm this was possible. 10 or so minutes after sending the email I received a phone call from John Flatman saying he would personally ensure a ticket was left for me at the ticket office to collect. I do not know John, I have never met him or spoken to him before, but we had a short conversation during which I said how impressed I was with the progress the Knights were making on and off the field. It was a pleasure to speak to John, this to me epitomises the true spirit and enthusiasm of the club,following it's emergence from less enlightened times. I'm sure there are people like John giving unstintingly of their time and efforts at most Championship and League 1 clubs ( I went to Batley Toulouse last week, it gladdened my heart to appreciate first hand the lovely set up there), so good luck to John and all the volunteers at York and elsewhere, doing much unheralded work throughout our great game. I saw the Knights at Doncaster earlier this season but this will be my 1st visit to Bootham Crescent since the Toronto game last July. I hope everybody's efforts are rewarded with a bumper crowd, good luck for the rest of the season.
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    I was at the Widnes game and proud to be supporting Coventry. And yes it was boys against men, but boys grow up, get stronger and go on to greater things. This was the first time the Bears have been this far in the Cup, the first time a coach of supporters has followed them away (plus other fans too), and above all this was our very own team, not mercenaries. Support is strong, there were 1,400 for a pre season friendly. Just give the project another five years...
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    This should be based on more then just results and league standings we currently average around 900 at games and is growing, we have a fully staffed academy set up that plays in the Super League academy structure just look at the recent results from our under 16 academy with wins over London, Widnes Vikings, Wakefield Trinity and Leeds Rhinos and our u19’s with wins over Wakefield and London so far. The club administrates and runs the the community game in the whole region and employs staff to grow the club and school game
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    I'm saying nothing 'til a NRL doctor advises us all of the terrible, life-threatening risks of playing tests outside Sydney.
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    I cannot understand why the Dutch are not bidding for Super League. It is the obvious place for rugby league.
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    Coventry Bears continue their community work. The latest venture saw 25 new U8's turn up tonight for a taste of rugby league. My youngest grandson was amongst them. He was buzzing after the session. That of course is where non heartland clubs differ from the heartlands clubs. The pro heartland clubs have established amatuer clubs doing that work for them. The non heartland clubs have to set up the infrastructure to give the kids a pathway. Those kids that turned up tonight will have to be nurtured for 10-15 years to come on stream. There is no quick fix, it needs patience. If the RFL throw out the ( League 1) bathwater the baby will definitely go down the plughole with the water. So, in the short term there may well be some distorted scorelines, is that a reason to pull the plug on the initiatives? We need 10-15 year plans if we are ever to catch up with the Aussies.
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    Hi All, Just here to say a big THANK YOU/ DIOCH YN FAWR for the hospitality shown to our travelling fans yesterday. We ignored the rogue poster encouraging us to go to the Railway Club and spent our hard earned in your bar. As always a good rapport with your fans who were very complimentary about how well Crusaders played yesterday. Oh....An I think we all agree about the referee... truely terrible. See you all at our place - don't forget we've moved - to Queensway Stadium, Queensway, Wrexham LL13 8UH - a warm welcome and a well stocked bar awaits!
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    I am in my late fifties and still love and enjoy the game but I can see one of our problems, too many moaners complaining everything is poorer than the past yet when I see old matches from bygone years I cringe and think how poor was that. And for the poster who prefers football now I use to watch all sports football included now I haven't sat through a football game for years it bores me. The game needs new fans not the many moaners who shout the loudest in our game.
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    I agree, damned if you do etc So the question becomes not why should we but why don't we, a subtle but significant shift. Traditionally we have looked at expansion and either thrown the doors wide open to what then appeared to be badly administered attempts or kept it tightly shut For the first time L1 gives a testing ground for teams that want to try We now start to widen the 'why...' question to why don't we let them join and fail if that's what is to happen? In business entrepreneurs know failure very well, its what they learn from and the better ones make sure the failures are quick and cheap so they can progress on. Sport is a business, never more so than now. If we start at the point where we say why don't we let them try instead of why should we, then the question about teams in L1 and their 'relevance' to the wider sport answers itself - you test the team, the administration, the local markets you are in. If it fails get over it, review the failure and look at what if anything you have as a legacy, such as a junior set up, any community work, school work etc. Bristol is a strategic objective, but will take cash. Diverting the energies of administrators in that area into the start up of Bristol generates some cash and interest. That allows a team to be raised and play out of Bristol, a team that should have been in place post 2013 RLWC. The fact it is being done now is down to politics in that area and the game following the cash to Gloucester instead. Gloucester and Oxford should inform the start up and growth of Bristol. Is that being done? Back to L1 and we now see if you allow teams to join having a standard criteria for joining, hitting the relevant expansion indicators and having cash ring fenced to finish any given season as per Toronto and their 'due diligence' tests and 'bond' lodged with the RFL, you start to say why shouldn't we rather than why should we. The bottom line is not affected negatively and the reputation of the sport is enhanced through clear governance and testing of each business plan. If they grow the game at that level bringing value to the traditional teams and the game as a whole, they are a success. What the RFL don't do is have a measure for that and an idea of what consistent success looks like as a strategic objective for the whole sport. Then its a question of making that a growth business and enhance the value to the game. Everywhere Toronto go they enhance the experience, crowds grow, people want to watch it. People spend money. It creates more interest in papers and online. In areas that a few years ago didn't know and couldn't give a hoot about our game. That's one team! Following the 'lets dump a team here' model into super league without paying due diligence to start up principles and testing the plan will always cost huge amounts of cash to work and be a failure as often as not. L1 is our testing ground and the teams already in there are a stern test for any team on their day and are none the less relevant for that. L1 currently hold a lot of teams struggling for organic growth and that's OK, but if they do fail there has to be a strategic review of the sport in that area, what's left after the headline club goes, what can be utilised in another team in the same area, is there a case to carry that on or move on? L1 should not be defined by the clubs in there, the game should be brave enough to accept it wont be a success everywhere all the time and failure there is far better than failure at SL level, where the reputational damage is huge. What I am trying to say is that clubs failing in L1 isn't a problem if there is learning from that failure. The reviews should be carried out, stringently, by the RFL who provide governance and strategic lead for the sport as a whole. The reason it is a 'poor' business in my view is that they appear to follow a very Victorian view of sport, if you want to join the party front up, if you fail thanks for coming. No learning. Certainly no transparency which is as good a reason to criticise as any other. If I was looking at investing in this sport I would use the business principles that had brought me the wealth to invest, remove the emotion from it and run it as a business. Argyle appears to have done this very well. Here's the cash, here are the business team, I can now be a fan. Good for him, but I bet he had really clear and firm strategic objectives at the start and had done his research before he invested. Certainly Perez was very strategically astute and perhaps that's why we don't see him more often now, job done move on. The RFL should be very interested in how that business is being run and what is successful and what isn't. Bring in more teams to L1 and let them follow the same model but provide governance and guidance to improve on the Toronto model for success. Use it to help teams like York and Bradford learn what needs to be done to refresh renew and grow the sport again in their own areas. Learn from what York are doing. Follow that through to Wales and the south west, the logical outcome is a sport with a cohesive business structure and support network that capitalises on the good will and hard bloody work of individuals across the UK because the clubs lower down the ladder don't have that business acumen or experience and cant grow without it. Winning something is a pyrrhic victory if you cant sustain the business. Just ask a Bulls supporter. The end of L1 is potentially the end of our sports wish to expand and cant be left behind. the Championship is too hard a nut to crack straight off. In business confidence and momentum is everything. Look at the Bulls now, a better team with a better support now than in the years they fell down the ladder. Looking up with some confidence is better than looking around and down with no idea where you go next. I am a Giants fan, I know all about that! Anyway targets out, have a shot!
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    Interesting read. Lots of comments I agree with, some I dont but I'm just going to post about why I'm backing the North Wales Crusaders -OK last couple of seasons we've not done so well - mainly because we are playing of a debt created by an ex-CEO who has been found guilty of fraud. The debt he mounted up will take us another season to pay off -but in 2013 we won the league (or the then Championship 1). Since our crooked CEO;s demise we have floundered at mid-table, finishing last season in 9th losing out on the top eight by points difference. However as some have pointed out a club shouldn't be judge purely on results. We have initiated an player pathway, with U 16's U18s and now Crusaders A all plying their trade in North West Counties - the best players can go on to play for North Wales Origin - a concept to promote rugby league for local talented player and a patheway into the WRL teams. We have the only wheelchair Rugby League team in Wales, we have a number of mini- teams, touch rugby is starting back next week. After the CEO was found fraudulently using the club accounts the Supporters have set up a Supporters Trust so there is an independent funding source controlled by its membership. Our move to Queensway has led to volunteers running matchday and the icome from the bar and food outlets all coming back into the club. It may take a while until we are back at the top of League 1 but dont write us off. And please, please support League 1. Dont let the SL or the RFL cut us adrift - it would be disasterous for community rugby league.
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    I’ve just checked google and Utah looks a huge risk with a mean elevation of 6.1k feet above sea level with some parts reaching 13.5k feet. The effects on players could be devastating. New York, at only 33 feet above sea level, is the obvious choice for this match.
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    And no away fans. Amazing what can happen when a club takes responsibility for getting their own fans out, instead of moaning about away supporters not buying enough of their pies.
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    Go watch some amateur rugby league while eating a pie and drinking a beer. It will make everything in the world great again.
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    So lets see this season march 11th Cougars 6 -Bulls 54 , last weekend Bulls 52 - Bears 6 ....why is the Bears result any worse than an established Northern Club ???
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    What a great and surprising development. Live and delayed on TV. Played before regular NRL fixtures. Mens and women’s teams from each of the six initial clubs. Hopefully the first step to professionalism. https://www.nrl.com/news/2018/04/18/nrl-announces-historic-touch-football-premiership-competition/?utm_source=NRLFBContent&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=NetworkContent
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    As a Wiganer I loved to hate him. Absolutely ran Wigan ragged in his day and was hard as nails. One of those players who just ran every ball like it was his last and would literally bleed for his team every game and would make sure he did his best to make the other team bleed as well. A cracker. I've experienced a lot of loss recently, a sign of my own advancing years perhaps, but when someone like Roy passes who's so closely tied in my head with my own youth it's a reminder of how quickly everything passes. Enjoy it whilst you can.
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    We were down from the frozen north for my first live Challenge Cup match for 35 years!! Saw a magnificent performance from Whitehaven against Rochdale Hornets and also escaped the other half's clutches on Saturday to take in my first ever amateur match as Wath Brow Hornets lost 24-16 at home to Egremont Rangers. An excellent weekend in West Cumbria. If only the RFL cared as much as the locals.
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    Barnyia guessed correct with his local knowledge - the crowd today looked smaller than yesterday - maybe 400, mostly home Carcassonne support. I enjoyed the ASC v Albi game - it was fun to be amongst a vocal, partisan crowd as their team came from behind to win. Most ASC fans stayed on for the 2nd & final game of the weekend. I liked how the teams were matched up with their nearest rival in the league table which made for 4 of the 5 games being very balanced, competitive games. All were enjoyable. One: Lezignan v Limoux, was very good. But I particularly enjoyed TO's win - they are clearly a weak team but they showed guts and dermination to get back into their game and win. Hard to dislike the magic weekend - it had sunshine, beer, steak & fries sandwiches and Rugby League - but it lacked the feel of a special event. The cup and championship finals are better occasions - better presented and better supported. But, back to Yorkshire tomorrow - I'll miss this!
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    If league one is cut off our sport doesn't deserve any credit or media coverage. Bulls took half of the crowd ton a "SL" team. in a cup game. York get 3000+ against a team with limited away following today. Some SL teams need to get their bottoms in gear and do the great work that Fax, Newcastle, York, Fev, are doing below them.
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    But is that not the essence of promotion/relegation? Well -funded teams move through swiftly. Heartland clubs whose "luck turns" (code for finally get run professoinally) a la Wigan in early 80's, Keighley in 90's, Salford in late 60s. hopefully York nowadays will rise. Twas ever thus. Development clubs need 20 years minimum. that is what it took London before they started prducing SL quality players. Newcastle now, after years of fearful beatings, are starting to look decent. Patience is needed. Throwing it away would be a false economy.
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    Your guess is that this piece of news won't get coverage on the BBC and you illustrate this by linking to a story on the BBC. Right. Good job.
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    Possibly the most stupid post I've ever read on here and that's saying something. First of all Minns played at Leeds with Hardaker last over 2 years ago - but don't let that get in the way of you trying to make a link.... By your reckoning Hull KR should probably strike off Maguire, Mulhern and Clarkson too as they're bound to have been at it too? Sacked and forgotten about? Whether you believe the comments he's made about the the affect the passing of his mother has had or not, this young man needs help. What happened to Terry Newton after his ban is still way too fresh in mind to think that's the way we should treat players in this situation. Between UKAD, the RFL and Hull KR I'm sure he'll get whatever punishment, but more importantly whatever support he needs to get through this clearly difficult period in his life.
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    Did you completely miss the resignation of Christine Shawcroft from the NEC, and the reason behind it? The NEC is swamped by these cases of anti-Semitism which number in the thousands: cases of actual Labour members being actually anti-Semitic. A lot of those 'random dickheads' you refer to are Labour Party members! I saw one very real case in my own CLP, a person with a long history of posting anti-Semitic ######, ending up on a shortlist to be selected as a candidate for my local Council. It is real, it is happening, it is not made up, it is not a conspiracy, it needs dealing with - urgently. The more this is trivialised or explained away as some sort of 'Get Corbyn' campaign, the more poisonous an institution the Labour Party starts to look.
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    The last game of rugby league I ever watch. Hull vs Leeds, April 2018 I used to thrill over tight defences broken by astute passes, breathtaking footwork, evasion and deception, perfectly executed leg tackles, the balance between attacking calculation and reactive defence. Not any more. Now the game is about wrestling, pushing, battering, impact, playing the referee, winning penalties, the important and game changing action mostly taking place on the floor. Standing up quickly after being tackled is now the most valuable skill in the game. The whole affair is accompanied by ridiculous hyperbole from the commentators, and the incessant nattering of a referee needing to manipulate the rules and attempting to choreograph the game to a preconceived pattern and pace. A referee so incapable of keeping a defence onside, he has to sprint forward at each play the ball to avoid giving a penalty. The game had two good passes - the lead commentator did not appear to have the wit to appreciate them - not enough for 80 minutes of involvement. The game is no longer the greatest game, the most thrilling spectacle in sport. Super League, the most visible part of the sport, has become a tedious, uncomfortable, sometimes ugly, activity. The drama of a close score (that it seems suspiciously orchestrated is my own delusion), occasionally adds a last few minutes of interest to otherwise drabness. What I used to enjoy is not coming back. Most other spectators want it as it is, and the top teams have an enormous vested interest in the status quo. And there’s no point in hanging about for the possible expansion, exciting though the prospect is: it will falter and fail because the sport is simply not as watchable as some think, not enough to capture the spending and attention and commitment of people who have an array of alternatives. None of what this silly old dinosaur thinks matters: the game is better off without me. No big drama, but after a lifetime’s involvement, I think I’ll have a final word. Except I won’t be the last one to give up: there is a significant percentage of fans who are becoming increasingly disillusioned. And I do need replacing. So can someone find a six year old to introduce to the sport, a new fan who will watch, play, teach, preach, coach and spectate for the next 50 years? Bye. For good.
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    There's a lot of good stuff discussed on this thread, and a lot of guff too. Wading through it all would take too long, but here's some thoughts... 1. If L1 is no good for player development, why does:- a. dual reg exist? b. not every SL/Champ club run academies/reserve teams? 2. Surely the RFL can get "a" tv deal to show L1 games regularly, as it appears sky don't have tv rights to the division? Even if it's low £ value, any extra coverage is good, yes?? 3. Whilst it's ok for full-time pro clubs to play on thur/fri/sat/sun, it's not very viable for part-time players to do this on top of full-time jobs, sat/sun are really the only viable days. 4. the community work done by hemel, skolars, etc. is outside the heartlands, and shouldn't be dismissed lightly for the future of the sport. there's probably a lot more to add, but if a measly 2.5% of tv money split between almost 37% of the pro teams in the country is such an issue to SL, which division is actually the best value-for-money to the sport as a whole??
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    So..what are the better solutions to be explored, Sotchy1? What is better for League 1 than being a semi-professional 3rd tier league spread widely across England and Wales that brings together new areas and traditional areas? Perhaps, we should turn it into a giant collage? It's a bit rich saying League 1 is subsidised. 14 clubs getting £75k each adds up to around £1 million a year or roughly 2.5% of the £40 million a year TV contract. It's simply not true to say that League 1 has no value, especially when you see some of the games this season and the interest they are getting. League 1 over the last couple of years have seen average crowds surge when crowds in Super League have plateaued. Finally, your pragmatic look at League 1 seems to be a rehash of meaningless phrases... "...It isn't really working."..but I can see...teams are turning up each week to play games, the winners get the right amount of points, some clubs are doing well, some aren't, the league tables look to be published regularly and are quite interesting, in what way is that not working. "its not growing in to a viable competition in its own right" - just about the most tired cliche in Rugby League at the moment. There seems to be scores of players turning up every week and trying to win followed by thousands of supporters..that seems like a competition to me. Last years winners got promoted which seems to be viable competition in my eyes.
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    I hope Hull FC have summoned the ARL to a meeting in Hull on Tuesday to explain what transport & medical provisions have been made for Sika Manu before the test can go ahead.
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    Yeh, of course. I've got 26 of 'em running around in Nottinghamshire, enjoying their first season of Rugby League at Bassetlaw Bulldogs. Some have packed in their other sports participation to join in. Whilst I sympathise with your situation, we are very quick to dilute the draw it has for young children.
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    Exactly...last night will have brought more money into the club, and that's the bottom line. What's more, it's not as if the announcement was a new toilet roll holder or something. There are currently two SL clubs with interim coaches and a third (Catalans) whose coach must be hovering on the brink. Duffy must be one of the most highly-regarded young British coaches in the game and his initial contract runs out in a few months. If the announcement last night had been that he was leaving to take up the Leigh/Huddersfield job, I don't think anyone would have said it wasn't a major announcement, so I don't see why this contract extension isn't either. From what I can gather (I wasn't there) there was lots more other info passed on last night...Briscoe in contract until 2019, the club doesn't need to sell and he's happy...Thackeray back in the squad for this weekend...club aware of the floodlights situation and explanations of where we stand with it...Walton 3-4 weeks away, Wheeldon nearly ready...Lockwood banned for 2 games and club very unhappy about it...lots of discussion on officials...also on the land behind the 70m stand...MC still trying to strengthen the squad. Most of the people complaining on social media seem to have been people who didn't go anyway.
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    Considering I'm not a labour supporter no I wouldn't and thats utter nonsense. I'd like you to show any evidence, with regards my previous posts where I've used making political hay (or something similar) to back your accusation. Politicians need to be held to account. This is a tragedy, should the media just sweep it under the carpet because it's all on the conservative watch? No they shouldn't. That we are treating people we invited here like this is horrendous, and frankly the buck needs to stop somewhere, and the political party that has been in power over this change in policy has to cop the responsibility.
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    I would also add that too much emphasis gets put on struggling clubs - as part of any league you'll have clubs struggling at the bottom of the table. It's the nature of sport. We shouldn't be too hung up about it. Only when clubs struggle to do the basics, which include fielding a team and not paying the bills, should alarms bells start ringing. Gateshead Thunder struggled for a number of years at the bottom of League 1, suffering many a defeat but they've turned themselves around. A bit of persistence and longer term view is required.
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    Is there a smash myself in the head with a claw hammer emoji on here?
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    After today's debacle, not just the team's performance but more pointedly the showing by the officials, and the disgusting cheering by Halifax fans of an injured Dewsbury player, I am now convinced that this great game of ours is in its death throes........ That was the worst display of officiating I believe I have ever seen -- sheer incompetence by both the referee and the touchjudge on the North stand line in the first half......Our team selection requires some explanation for the fans to stay on board (those of us that are left, that is): WHY did we bring in Annakin and leave out our 'own' players Reilly and Everitt ?? Those two lads gave their all against TWP and then seemingly get ditched in favour of a Wakey 'guest'...... What did Potts do wrong last week ?? ........ Wasn't Michael Knowles in with a chance of returning this week ?? .......... This veil of secrecy is wearing damned thin -- someone else referred to it as the "Mushroom" syndrome........... but the "Mushroom" syndrome doesn't require unquestioned loyalty and financial support in return for being fed sh*t on a regular basis........... These 'kid' referees have no understanding of the game -- they're like students: Clever, great in everything to do with theory and bl**dy useless when it comes to actually doing something that requires a modicum of common sense............. And the coaches don't help them....... We, every team not just Dewsbury, are constantly trying to hoodwink them : slowing down the PTB, pinching the ball, creeping offside etc etc etc........Is it ANY wonder we can't get near the Aussies when we only play the game at half their pace. We could have the best sport in the world -- IF we could, or would, just play to the rules and play the game in the best spirit of sport............ I know, I need to get my head out of the clouds...........but why the hell should I ??? There has to be better ways of spending Sundays......... Watching Yorkshire put Nottinghamshire to the sword for example......................... I don't think, in all my years of involvement, have I left a game feeling so down and disheartened by the whole thing..... And the ADM Security bunch: Don't get me started......those worthless morons insulted those in the South Stand today -- eight or more at all times, yet at times there were none to be seen at the scoreboard end.......... WHY ??.... Are they 'policing' the home fans only ?? Waste of money and another needless blight on our sport...........
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    Never been more proud to be a Knights fan, well played all of you, its just not the 1 - 17 on the field its the coaching staff and all the people behind the scenes, thank you one and all.
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    haven were immense to nil a team in the league above is outstanding never mind 38 unanswered points.
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    Having my picture taken by a stranger without my mother shouting and screaming pervert at the photographer. Don't know why she does it now as I'm nearly sixty.
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    See Bradford’s full time squad score against Warringtons kids today. BBC radio had it that Wire couldn’t be bothered. Betts played the best 17 he had. You cannot compare this seasons Bears squad with last year. The progress is that there are less travellers this year. I can assure you that no one st the Bears is feeling too happy this evening. Today was always going to be a mismatch. Our challenge is to get off the floor and regroup for next week. Today ( and last week) was a learning experience IF we can keep these kids together it will stand us in good stead. We are not and will not be the last team to suffer a heavy defeat. It has happened to every team including Superleague v Superleague
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    Oooo! that could be good, we are away at Whitehaven, and no bus going, if I don't drive up there, I might become an honorary Roughyed for the day, I like Bower Fold. Whatever I decide, I wish you guys luck.
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    Just to confirm that we have replaced John Heaton with our new conditioner for this season Gary Dempsey who is doing a fine job. I should also add that it is great to see John Heaton at most games and he was one of those delighted to see our win over Toulouse.
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    We've got a few ideas in mind... #10KGiveaway
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    Wow, I wouldn't want to fall on hard times with some of the folk on here around me. On the face of it, looks to me like Hull KR have handled this well. I hope Minns takes the help he is offered: certainly better than taking him out the back and shooting him, which is what I think others are suggesting. It isn't acceptable to take drugs and I think the statement acknowledges he will cop a big punishment for it.
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    This! Forget the strategic putting in of pins in a map. If a new club wants to enter the League then the only thing that matters is does their business plan look sustainable? Not just in short term funding but in building long term interest in the community.
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    Given our options at prop forward I’d like to see us use the available money to bring in a centre think we’ve areas of the team that need strengthened we’re fine in the forwards
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    It is embarrassing that some are trying to paint this as a failing of the Home Office. If the political direction is given over eight years that non-whites are to be treated with suspicion and hostility, don't be surprised when it eventually has an effect on a section of non-white society that the public hold affection for.
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    I've deleted this post about four times now as I can't get the wording right, enough "right" that it sounds anything other than a very negative post. It still isn't right, but well, it'll do. Sky pay the equivalent of £40m a year into rugby league in the UK. If we wanted a deal that replicates that elsewhere, who would offer it? Let's take the high figure of 200,000 punters walking from Sky and going to a new supplier, realistically it'll be a lot less as people will stay for other sports and really grudge another subscription, but let's stay with 200k. That's £200 per punter per year they'd need to get in BEFORE they cover their own costs such as equipment, studio, presenters, travel and so on, and before they even think about profit. Let's just say their costs and profit add 30% as a fair guess, £260, and that's assuming all punters move to the new provider. Round it down to the realistic assumption of not all rugby punters moving to the new service, let's take a low estimate of 25% not moving, and that takes it to £347 a year. For a single sport. Given that rugby fans gripe about £10 international tickets, how likely is it that 150k people would pay out? I simply can't see an alternative where we have anyone but Sky as our primary provider. BT are full of unionites who've shown no desire to come take rugby league as well. BBC can't afford it, neither can the other FTA lot as there isn't the advertising revenue to pay the premium price. The cost of entry into HD sport would be prohibitively high for any current non-sport provider and there's no evidence that they're interested anyway. The other risk is that if we start dabbling our feet in the bitter world of commercial DIY then how long would it be before the SL clubs get very precious about the money coming in and grudge more than 25% of the money going elsewhere. Look at the clubs and honestly tell me they'd happily accept the international and community funding coming from "their" game. For me, the next step would be working with one of the FTA providers to get a single SL game played per week FTA, even if it's last-choice after Sky have had their picks. I can't see any serious provider paying enough to combat Sky's fees for the leagues below SL. Sky may seem like the devil to some, but they're the devil that's kept rugby league in Britain alive as a professional sport since the start of Super League.