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    It's a big day at Pennine Way this Saturday when the Stags' junior teams contest semi finals at all age groups for a place in the London & South East Grand Finals on July 21. Under 13's - Hemel Stags v Elmbridge (10am) Under 14's - Hemel Stags v Eastern Rhinos (12.15pm) Under 16's - Hemel Stags v Brentwood (11.15am The Stags teams are coordinated by full-time Community Manger Luke Ashton and are coached by Shane Hurley (U16's), Dan Stocks (U14's} and Ashley Gingell (U13's) - all of whom are products of previous Hemel Stags junior teams.
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    Here's one. How about keeping things the same and let clubs develop and grow!
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    The point being missed in the usual suspect's post is that wherever the money and players are coming from, the expansion is in the form of Canadian supporters and sponsors, of which there are many, certainly for a lower division alien sport. Similarly, almost 20k in Denver, even if it was organised by an Aussie is a great effort. I find it truly bizarre that people think you only expand into areas that have players and investors already there. It is weird - it just cannot work. You have to invest money, time and effort to cultivate these things.
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    First junior club to start up just north of Toronto. http://www.georginagriffinsrlfc.ca/
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    Disappointing day for us and the best team won fair and square. Its normally us who steamroller teams in the 2nd half but yesterday the boot was on the other foot. As for the support, we do try and make a noise and get on with most teams fans as we just go for a laugh. Like all we do have some supporters who cross the line with bad language etc but its the minority and we do try to keep it in check ourselves. I shook hands and wished all the best to a number of Worky fans yesterday who in turn wished us a safe journey home but you always have the same 3 or 4 that try to cause problems mainly the fat one in the vest and flip flops who shouts and bawls then as soon as anyone says anything to him he runs to the stewards. And there is the black haired lad who likes to give the finger from a distance at every game. Its a shame they cant just enjoy the win but never mind, like i say, we all have em. Good luck for the rest of the season (unless we see you in the play offs).
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    Your reactions to May's new deal were calmness personified.
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    Carcassonne is a beautiful Treiziste city, with a wonderful heritage. Unfortunately, it's not big enough on it's own. They really need to bang a few heads together and get the Aude Cathares project back up and running. ASC, FCL and Limoux sitting beneath it, and the smaller village teams beneath them, feeding through juniors. Crowds turned out for that team on the couple of occasions they played. I'm convinced it's got SL potential, Championship at the very least. Alongside that project, Avignon, with a similar model to that outlined above. 4 French teams in SL/Championship would revolutionise the game over there (and boost international RL with the depth of professional players) and allow the smaller clubs to focus on providing a local outlet for the sport and producing players.
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    more bizarre stuff. You don't like top down expansion. You don't like bottom up expansion. You don't like... in fact I'll leave it there because this list could go on for a while. What do you actually like Parky? Because you literally just sit and rip everything to pieces which is the easiest thing in the world to do.
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    Whatever happens tonight, it's been a great WC and not one I showed much interest in beforehand. If the occasion proves too much for the players, they've still done much better than much more feted stars before them and can only learn from such occasions. That's not me accepting the inevitable defeat, it's just putting it into perspective. I really really hope they can do it though.
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    This Tory meltdown would be more satisfying if we had an opposition whose own Brexit policy wasn't equally as unachievable as any the government have come up with over the past two years.
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    I think Widnes are being a tad unfairly tarred with the same brush because they produce a lot of players. Salford add nothing. There’s a difference being ###### and not adding value!
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    On a short term deal to the seasons end
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    To paraphrase Warren Buffett: Investing is not about thinking about what will happen today, tomorrow or next week. It's about something happening five, ten, twenty five years from now. There is no way that Rugby League will take off immediately in the US and Canada; however, Toronto Wolfpack and the Denver Tests are good starts. The GTA has three Rugby League clubs right now, if I made a 10 year goal, it would be to have one Rugby League Club in every metropolitan area in Ontario with over 150,000 people. Hamilton, London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Windsor, St Catharines, Kingston, Ottawa. I would also try and start Rugby League Clubs at every single University in Ontario. The Wolfpack will pay off but the investment value won't be known for another decade. One thing that always irritates me on this page is how people lump Canada and the US together as if they are the same countries. We aren't the same, it's like saying the Irish are the same as the English. Edit: Canada should read Ontario
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    With some justification, he is obviously nervous after things like Paris, Gateshead and Crusaders. But we shouldn't let these things put us off. We shouldn't be nervous of things failing. Sports clubs come and go these days, it won't damage the brand too much if in 5 years Toronto pulled out of RL. Sure it would be disappointing, but if that is the worst case, it is not that bad. On the condition that it is not the game spending its own money. Get other people to invest, the risk is extremely low. I don't think our brands anywhere are strong enough to worry too much about damaging them.
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    Have you been down to the Vestacare Stadium? It's clean, tidy and AVRO are doing a sterling job in maintaining the place. They are an ambitious club and it's of absolute importance to them that the ground it up to scratch. If, as an Oldhamer, you're not prepared to go to a ground in Oldham to watch the town team, you're not a supporter of the club. Your baseless claim that most supporters want to sit in the stand is just wrong. Look at soccer. They're reintroducing safe standing because they realise there's a groundswell of support for standing up to watch a game. There's no difference in our sport. I'd pay a transfer to get out of the seats! The views of the pitch are excellent and you are right on top of the action. The bar area in the ground is spotless and it's a great place for fans, home and away, to meet up and have a chat both before and after the game. Some people like to do that. The squad put together this year is better than we could have hoped for. There's a tremendous team spirit, there's a connection between team and fans and we probably have one of the best second rows in League 1/Championship RL. We may not be promoted this year. We have no ordained right to be so. That's sport. You win, you lose. If you support a club, it's all part of the fun. Please stop assuming that everyone has your negative and biased view of our club.
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    Yeah but what else do Hemel bring to the game?
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    The reply from a fellow MP...
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    Hi Colin. His attitude there was the same as he had shown on the pitch - a disregard for the rules of the game, and accepted behaviour towards fellow players. Mind you, it was always going to be a long walk to the dressing rooms from where he was red-carded! Most Leigh fans are fed up with Jamie. You just can't have one of your main strike players spending more time off the pitch, than on it. The guy has wasted his potential, by his unacceptable behaviour. Granted, he's now a marked man - although that had nothing to do with yesterday's incident - but he just can't seem to learn what is acceptable, and what is not. He very nearly cost his team mates (and the fans who bizzarely applauded his departure) their last chance of a top four spot. He was extremely lucky that his mates put in a shift to save the game, but I think his luck will probably run out within the next week. Once again, I wish Tom Hemingway a speedy and complete recovery.
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    I have sponsored Greg Worthington this season. I gave the team a not-unreasonable sum of money, and in return get: my company logo printed under his photo in the game program each home game (not large) my logo displayed with a link to my company's web site at the bottom of his player profile on the team website (at https://www.torontowolfpack.com/player/greg-worthington/) "sponsored by True North Climbing" announced at the start of each home game a visit by Greg (and a few of his teammates) to my facility a few weeks ago (look for photos and video to be posted soon by the Wolfpack) a visit to the VIP section for me and 3 of my staff at the Leigh game (not the best view from one end of the field, but the drinks & food were free). and I'm also to get a signed shirt, as worn by Greg, to be presented at the end of the season So far I am happy with the deal. I see from Liam's player profile that he too is already sponsored (by TurnKey Site Solutions).
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    There was no discussion of what would be given up to get those pillars. Nor was there any discussion of how to implement these changes. In other words, there was no plan, just a wish list. I can accept you had a wish list when you voted, but if there was no idea on how to implement it, it could be just a fantasy.
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    Since the second world war new clubs have struggled when they have joined the league. ( Workington being the exception) Those that did manage to hold on have become fairly well established. Doncaster, Newcastle/Gateshead and Crusaders have all been put through the mill. Skolars perhaps flattered to deceive a little last year but have been around a while now. The intro of 5 new clubs in the last few years at least led to that league within a league situation. The game needs to expand. Yesterday I went to Dewsbury. There were 600 plus speccies there. A lot of them looked older than me and I am 70. That is in the pulsating heartland of the game in this country. Does anyone really believe that that is where the future of the game lies?
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    We have also seen some great games in division 1 this season, lets give the expansion clubs time and let them grow.
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    Me and Mrs Phil in that there London, a two night stay, going to see a show tonight (Kinky boots, I voted for Jersey Boys but hey ho) 2 star hotel, clean, but room tiny just had a couple of beers in a pub “50%off all drinks till 4pm” it was still “ how ###### much?” We look to be back on course, it turns out my “mate” she had the fling with pursued her relentlessly for over two years 😡 Unfortunately for him he bumped into our nephew a couple of weeks ago who was less than gentle with him, oh dear how sad, never mind 😂
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    The key is that people are not associating this league with good rugby and they couldn't be more wrong, it's improved dramatically. It is up to all who love the club to continue to beat that drum and its our 600+ supporters who hold the ace cards here, we know how good the games are, we know what a great place a vibrant Derwent Park can be (like yesterday) and if we could all pursuade 1 friend to come the effect on attendance and in turn income would be dramatic. Town v Haven is competing massively against the mood of a nation following football, but if you can pursuade your mates to do both at Derwent Park this week then you've done your bit. Keep your eyes peeled for some striking images across the website and our social media platforms very shortly. We're working our socks off behind the scenes, the teams won 7/8 beating Newcastle, Doncaster, Oldham and Hunslet in the process, the team is doing their bit too. It's also the Team Evie fundraiser game. Let's keep it going Townies. UTT #ourtown
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    You're reading too much into things. I'm a long-time stalwart of the London RL scene, amateur and professional, having first started playing for London Crusaders' defunct amateur 3rd team at Crystal Palace in 1992, played for East London (first incaranation) for several years, and was then one of the founders of South London Storm, and played for them until 2002 with the occasional second team appearance as recently as 2010! I refereed in the London amateur league for nigh on 15 years until moving out of London two years ago. I've been a season ticket holder at the Broncos, and watched them at Charlton, the Stoop and Brentford. I'd love nothing more than London to return to the top flight (although this time maybe with a bit more stability and support). My predictions were based solely on current league positions, with a starting assumption that teams will beat the teams below them as now. So I did predict London to beat Barrow, but Fev and Fax are currently above them. Sometimes there's no agenda - it's just a straightforward prediction based on a set criteria.

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