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    Kerry on the BBC site is D Collins who used to frequent this site (he had a few other names as well). He uses the phrase 'play the ball routine' that D Collins was obsessed with. I am disappointed with myself for knowing that though.
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    https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/over-30000-expected-for-elland-road-test-as-more-tickets-are-released/ Good to see that we're on course for a decent crowd this Sunday. But I've found it strange throughout the series that we keep referring to "the x best crowd for a test against New Zealand outside of London". It's as though not holding a test in London is some kind of mitigation for poor crowds elsewhere, when this was the RFL's choice. I know this has no doubt been raised before, but considering that history consistently shows that our best international crowds are in London, then maybe it would have been a decent idea to hold a test there? And then, maybe a test there again the year after. And every year going forward!
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    On the eve of the centenary of the end of WW1 i can recommend a must-read 'The Greatest Sacrifice'-Fallen Heroes of the Northern Union. An amazingly well researched book that tells the stories of the 69 professional players who gave their lives. Though there are no York players listed in the 69,but there are York connections right throughout the book. Such as the York born Robert Randerson who is on the front cover.There is a newspaper match report from the 1914 match between Hunslet and ourselves where York turned up with only 6 men as the rest had enlisted.The VC winner John Harrison who taught at St Johns College and played for York before joining Hull. All emotional and poignant stories. Tomorrow at 11am I will be thinking of these people and all the others who suffered and I will think of them again when im at Elland Rd for the England v New Zealand test.
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    That is why people who support RL should also be behind the new concept of Toronto. The audience in Toronto is a young one, all new to the modern game. There is a real vibrancy at the games....growth. Yet some bemoan Toronto...hard to believe, but true!
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    The Hakka respected, unlike that disgraceful effort from those morons yesterday.
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    I saw 2 empty seats, so i’ve switched off 🧐
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    Speaking as an Ireland fan, I have absolutely no interest in watching any player who needs to be incentivised to play for Ireland by getting a chance at playing for another country.
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    I always try to add a positive comment on an England thread. Ironically, the BBC (as would any other organisation) will be measuring the popularity of their pages through counts of hits and comments. It makes me smile that the negative comments will be adding to these numbers.
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    Interesting listening to Les Smallwood on the radio. He confirmed jake Moore is going to Whitehaven and that we have a major new sponsor which will be announced in the next couple of weeks. Talks are ongoing with players but he also talked about big name signings that Leon is capable of bringing in but only if it can be done within the clubs budget as he doesn’t want to jeopardise the clubs financial position. Sounds like it could be an interesting few weeks.
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    Surprised that Fages, Miloudi and Wigan lads are still there. As well as two Dragons who played at Wembley. Been a good tournament particularly for the likes of Da Costa and Belmas.7 Toulouse lads in the twenty, would like to see Marion again and Marguerite for first time. At half-time tomorrow the triumphant Tricolores 1978 who beat the Kangaroos twice that year will be introduced to the crowd. The group will assemble at the Lezignan club house in the morning before going over to Carcassonne for the Scotland game later. Finishing off the day by attending the post-match reception.Good stuff.
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    The problem is that these statements no longer carry any weight or meaning. Rugby League has zero reliability when it comes to announcements about the international programme. I take everything I read nowadays from the RLIF etc. with a pinch of salt.
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    I made that point on another thread. The tour they're suggesting is going to cost a fortune, and what income will be generated? Crowds in NZ are always poor (a couple of recent Tongan games excepted) which is why NZ play so rarely at home, so that won't raise anything. Going to PNG? It's a third world nation, despite its love for RL, so no money there. Similar for the other pacific nations. And all of this while the main focus of attention in the region is the Oceania Cup? This GB tour is going to lose a heap of cash. To add to that, England now look likely to go 2 years without a game. Meanwhile, Scotland and either Wales or Ireland are gong to play RLWC qualifiers next year without their best players. And are Ireland even part of this tour? Will their players be forced to sing GSTQ? Are the dual nationals available for selection? I'm sure there will be universal delight when Euan Aitken and Lachlan Coote run onto the field wearing a GB shirt. And, perhaps most importantly of all, is there really any demand to see the return of GB? To what end? What is the aim of this? What benefit is there in mothballing England for 2 years? None of these have been addressed. And all for a tour that's going to lose money!
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    Well she's seen a few car crashes in her time in Casualty. Just the job!
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    McDermott is one of the most honest and fascinating characters in the sport. I have no idea where you get the idea he is uncharasmatic from. His grumpiness was a feature not a bug - he got grumpy when being forced into cliched responses and/or being questioned by idiots.
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    Poppy or no poppy, it's all about this
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    Really ? So Parkside average 500+ a week do they ? And they must be doing very well if they have more money than Hunslet who receive 75k + sponsorships + gate receipts and have no debt whatsoever. For all the failings on the pitch Hunslet RLFC are a very well run club who do not risk the future of the club for short term gain as many others do. Parkside 'own their own ground'. Its a field full of dogshit next to the motorway where you get changed in a shed. Yes they have done well on the field and fair play to them but they haven't even got the best amateur facilities in Hunslet. And if i am wrong about all of the above, it must have been a massive shock when little old Hunslet RLFC hammered those giants of Rugby League Hunslet Parkside this pre season. I really don't know how they did it. And by the way, its not as easy as to just 'throw 75k a year at them' as has been proved recently with the expansion sides demise.
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    Step forward Brian McDermott https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/toronto-wolfpack-part-company-coach-13568374
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    Crowd is shocking again. Can't hear anything from them. Has been like that for almost a minute.
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    Apart from Parksider of course.
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    Good old delightful degsy had a choice whether to accept the parachute payment or not, he did but instead of managing the finances of his club he went and brought in more highly paid players. Its his fault and his alone the club is in the mess its in.
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    Oh gosh, another 8 year cycle, I can't wait for the Aussies to step in with their new and improved 8 year cycle that starts 6 months later in four months time, again.
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    When someone says "subject to consultation with the major playing leagues and the players’ representatives" you know you have to take these plans with a pinch of salt.
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    It always makes me laugh when clubs talk about having to come to west Cumbria twice a year , and it’s never easy here it’s a long trek etc etc . Pretty much what we do every other week then
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    You are definitely correct regarding Batley and I think the other clubs. I wouldn't watch a feeder team and would have no interest in following any other team. That's why people work so hard to keep teams such as Batley independent and thriving.
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    I'd be really shocked if core party political views have anything to do with the comments in the original post. In previous years, I've been frustrated with poppy sellers treating wearing a poppy as mandatory and doing passive-aggressive stuff such as tutting at me as I go past if I dared to not be showing a poppy and not buying one from them. I have one bought this year, I sometimes don't wear it when I'm out as it's not mandatory and it really is my personal choice, I don't have to do it to make anyone else's idiot pedantry happy (and that's the politest I'll be about it). There's two things here: 1. Remembrance; and 2. Wearing the poppy. They are NOT the same. The efforts by some to make them the same just completely misses the point of remembering the sacrifice of those who gave their lives. I can do 1 without donating a penny and do it ethically and morally sincerely as well. The day 2 becomes mandatory for people like me is the day I will refuse to wear one. Buying a poppy is almost a ubiquitous (one for certain military folk there) experience, you almost literally cannot go into any public commercial place without passing within 50m of someone selling a poppy. That's perfectly fine and gives people an easy way to get one, I don't really want them coming knocking on my door asking for more. When I used to be a councillor, I heard a good number of examples of the pressure doorstep charity folk put on people to give, and give more, they should be willing to accept being told to politely go away. Donating to the Poppy Appeal MUST be entirely voluntary and donation collectors must remember that. Same with wearing a white poppy. I was just listening to Nick Ferrari on LBC on this subject and the callers expressing outrage at those who choose to not donate to the RBL through the Poppy Appeal completely and totally miss the point of remembrance. Then there's the pressure being put on our politicians and celebrities of all political leanings to wear all the different types of poppy from the centenary one, to the Muslim soldiers' one, to the white one, to the expensive ceramic ones. It really shouldn't be a shooting offence for a politician or celebrity to choose not to wear one and it shouldn't be treated as disrespecting our past. Just remember the actual purpose of Remembrance Day. If you're getting angry about others not properly observing "remembrance" then you're probably completely missing the point. Remembrance Sunday, which falls on 11 November in 2018, is a day for the nation to remember and honour those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. That's it, nothing else, the Poppy Appeal is a charitable addition to this and is not remembrance in itself.

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