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    Great to see all of these RL legends in one place at the Annual Capital Challenge. Skolars put up a good fight against a Wigan team with plenty of first team experience and 2 French Internationals. Losing 34 - 6. Corporates and crowd best yet. Roll on Broncos in the London Clash next Friday at New River
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    "After the big-name signing of Gareth Widdop to Warrington Wolves ahead of the 2020 season, we take a look at five players who have flopped in the Super League era despite carrying a prominent reputation" Who did this and why? We have thread after thread about people in the media who either talk the game down or ignore it and we are all frustrated by it. So why would TRL write an article about "flops" as a response to Widdop signing for a Superleague club? I don't get it at all. This is the equivalent of punching yourself in the face. Who wrote this? http://www.totalrl.com/5-big-name-flops-in-the-super-league-era/
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    Great news here for the game in the Pacific: NRL teams will play pre-season trial matches in Pacific nations for the next three years. The announcement, made by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Suva on Friday morning, will see at least two NRL Telstra Premiership teams play an official trial fixture within the region in 2020, 2021 and 2022. The Australian Government have also included funding support for an elite-level rugby league team in Fiji to compete in the NSWRL Intrust Super Premiership. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/01/18/nrl-teams-to-play-trial-matches-in-pacific-nations/
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    Weight 10st 7bs (66 kilos) Height 5ft 9ins. Age 76 Todays walk 8.65 miles in 2hrs 28mins. Over a week I average around 35 miles. I also go ballroom dancing 2/3 times each week (wonderful exercise as well as being so enjoyable, Mrs Moose and I only took it up a year ago) In summer I'm also on the bowling green 6 afternoons per week. If only there were more days in the week☺
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    Here’s a wild thought, rather than publicly naming and shaming people (don’t we as a sport always seem to talk about mental health?), why not create a positive article about how a kid from Halifax has played nearly 200 games in the NRL for one of the best sides in the comp in the past ten years and now St George and is coming here to play in Super League in his prime, when he’s still wanted in the NRL?
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    That just about sums up Corbyn in a nutshell - Interested in fighting the cause of terrorists and genocidal regimes around the world, but doesn't really give 2 sh**s about the UK (unless of course it involves him standing on a rally podium listening to a group of deluded worshipers chanting his name like the messiah). I thought the guy was a total c**k the first time I had the misfortune to meet him in the mid 90's - Nothing's changed my mind since !!!
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    Totally agree. The distance while not ideal is not the main issue its the lack of comfort and cover from the rain.. Long term sharing with Haringey Borough who are literally 3 min walk down the road would make more sense as its a much better ground for football or rugby league. Athletics must stay at New River as young kids and adults need access to tracks and it was and is a community stadium....it matters to the community. There's also a gym there with lots of facilties which have been put in before with a view to helping athletes to train and Olympic weightlifters. I would like to see Skolars grow however not at the cost of the local area.. I live here and want my kids to have access to a track...
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    Australia is only a few kms from PNG at our closest point. Australia currently gives around $500 million in aid to PNG every year. PNG has massive social issues and a huge number of extremely diverse cultures that seem to have enjoyment of rugby league as a common factor. China is muscling in in a big way all over Oceania to gain influence. Subsidising an NRL team: -would help bring social cohesion to parts of PNG through the shared support of a team. -tie a significant part of PNG’s daily life with Australian cultural life -offer PNG something extremely culturally appropriate, appreciated and powerful that China would struggle to match. It would do this and more and be very small compared to the current aid spend in PNG by Australian taxpayers. Although I suspect most taxpayers know nothing about aid spending. Morrison is oferring to help Fiji most likely to extend our soft cultural power into Fiji in the face of others trying to do the same there. Having enough quality players may be an issue for PNG.
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    If we spare a second to stop fawning over that hugely privileged old #### , and actually spare a moment's thought for the nine month old child in the other car. But the nasty old #### was still sent a replacement vehicle in very quick time, almost like the royal family don't give a ...
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    A really succesful night for the Bears. It was great to catch up with some old friends. It was a horrible night with swirling snow and a bit ( major) of a culture shock for our new Aussies Attendance 866 and a healthy audience on the streaming sevice too.
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    Sorry Mark Wilson, I think you've missed the whole point of this competition; It was arranged as much to keep out SL clubs as anything else, to show them and the RFL that there is life and organisation outside of SL. I for one don't want SL sides in it, or else it's something else that a championship club can't win, SL has far too big a say in the game anyway. Seeing as SL has now become a separate entity to the RFL, I would also withdraw invitation to SL sides to the Challenge Cup, as it is a competition run by the RFL, not SL.
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    The bare minimum turnover for an NRL club (so no bells and whistles just the bare necessities) is roughly AU$25m (£14m), of that I think AU$13m (I don't remember the exact number but it's around there) comes from the NRL grant, that covers the cap (AU$10m) and then some, so that leaves roughly AU$12m that the average team has to make up, but a PNG team isn't the average team, their travel costs are going to be significantly higher than the average team, their security cost are going to be through the roof for home games, etc, so lets conservatively guesstimate that they need an extra $5m on top of the average team each year taking that number up AU$17m. Now keeping in mind that there is no way in hell that a PNG team could turnover those sorts of costs independently (the broadcasting rights aren't worth a damn, the vast majority of the population couldn't afford a ticket every second week even if they only cost AU$5, etc,), so there's no way that the club can be self sustaining, lets say that the Australian government says 'no worries we'll cover that bare minimum of AU$17m a year' and they do for however long that they do until as is natural politics happens and then poof suddenly it's no longer no worries and that money dries up, now who is going to cover that AU$17m a year (undoubtedly more by that time cause the cost of running an NRL club continues to steadily climb). At that point the NRL would have a club on their hand that's costing them a minimum of AU$30m a year with no return to show for it, so they have three options: 1. Fold the club, but then they look like the bad guys for folding the pride of the PNG, and it damages the sports image in PNG and probably across the South Pacific. 2. They write off the Au$30m a year and prop up the club indefinitely when realistically that money could be better spent then just throwing it down a black-hole. 3. They try to find somebody else willing to cover the costs, but who is going to cover those costs when there's no hope of a return in our lifetimes? You might say 'the PNG government' to which any sane person would respond that not only do the PNG government have much more important things that they should be spending their money on, but that they are also one of the most corrupt governments in the world and the NRL does not want to be involved in that as it'd only end badly. Then you might suggest 'what about this mining company or that rich benefactor' to which I'd respond lets say that the NRL find a rich benefactor willing to write-off those costs, which isn't a given, but lets say that they do, what happens when he/she/this or that company/etc inevitably gets tired of that yearly write-off or goes broke? Do we just keep going through a cycle of finding rich benefactors, waiting for them to move, and then looking for another one until finally we can't find one and we are back at the inevitably of deciding between option 1 and 2? A PNG NRL team is a fanciful pipe dream, it'd be lovely if it was feasible, but it's not, and even if Labour wins the election and actually keeps their promise to fund it (which in of it's self isn't a given), and the NRL did accept a PNG team into the NRL on that basis, then sooner or later it would inevitably end in tears, tears that the NRL and the sport as a whole would be better off if they weren't shed at all.
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    Does every 30+ outside back in the NRL have to retire now that Micthell is playing well or is it just Inglis?
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    I got quite excited when I saw the news last night. I've got him in our office Celebrity Dead Pool Let's spare a thought for the real victim here, that's £15 I missed out on.
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    One of the best I’ve had the privilege of seeing live.
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    You're aware you're on a rugby league board, right? You're not guiding a bunch of rah rahs through a northern safari.
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    Hull Daily Mail reporting that it’s to be decided by be a panel of 18 (mix of coaches, players). “The panel will rotate at each of the six games each round, with a member present at each game in Super League to award points for first, second and third in their choice for the men of the match. Those points will be accumulated throughout the season and a league table published for fans to track the leading candidates until the latter rounds of the season when the vote will become private, with the winner revealed at the Man of Steel Awards at the end of the campaign.” Done to prevent stupid nominations and disrespect for a top player and bloke, Steve Prescott. No news on the ‘private’ vote or the timeframe for which Round becomes ‘latter’.
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    Credit where it is due, this is going to be an excellent day. The revitalising of any form of Yorkshire Cup competition has been refreshing and impressive. Well done to all concerned. I shall be bringing the family along today to see what it is all about. At £26.40 for two adults and two kids (pre-sale, online price), the penny also seems to have dropped about the value of Championship RL to those who are not regular attenders. I am more excited about this game than any during the whole of last year - of which I attended none. It is a pre-season friendly in disguise, but it works for me more than the over-priced 'meaningful' matches in the regular season. There's perhaps a message there, but that's for another day. See you at the Mount.
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    Whatever have Catalans ever done to you to make you hate them that much ? ☺️
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    I wonder if the away team is charged $500,000 due to the fact it doesn't bring enough away fans?
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    One minority sport getting a leg-up by doing over another minority sport is not a good look.
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    Hope it's not as mobile as the last one.
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    So they should say to Enfield and Haringey Athletics Club, a club that is one of the the most prestigious in the country and that produces Olympic, World and Commonwealth medallists, that they have to give up one of their main training venues and at the same time remove all the community athletics facilities from the borough? That would create great publicity and really win the hearts and minds of the people of Haringey.
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    The single most exiting and memorable game ever...the reason why I still long for ORLFC to climb out of the rut...I was there and the whole thing was Awesome...even though we lost! Colin Hawkyard was Immense on the night....Bruiser was surely up for it. The sheddings was rockin that night!
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    May suffered the biggest defeat for a government in Parliament since the 1920’s. I would suggest the emphasis is fully on her to find concessions.

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