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    It would be remiss of this board not to mark Eddie's retirement from the SKY box with a thread of its own. For like or not, Eddie Hemmings as much as Mike Stevenson has been the voice of Rugby League on Pay TV from 1988 to Good Friday 2019 when he bows out alongside Neville Smith the producer of Rugby League on SKY, keeping to a gentleman's agreement to stay on after Mike Stevenson's retirement to provide a couple of years of continuity as a man of his word, something others connected to Rugby League seem unable to keep these days.... If you express an opinion as a commentator or a journalist a large part of your audience is not going to like it and Eddie has been the butt of many a comment, some quite bizzare memorably being accused from being "a Ronald Reagan lookalike" to wearing a wig (actually he does have a bit of a bald patch on top if you ever lookdown on him from the stands as he scurries to the commentary scaffording -but no wig. those make up girls doing a sterling job on his coiffure). it seems to me as a southerner that like Eddie Waring and Ray French before him a lot of the criticism he has got is like a form of self-hatred from those who normally espouse the virtues of being a parochial sport but cringe when one of their own is presenting the game to a national audience And if in his commentary dotage he has not been as incisive as in the past, well that comes to all of us eventually, but to my mind his professional standards have never dropped certainly not to the extent that Henry Blofeld became a parody of himself on Test Match Special in his declining years. What the game should do is acknowledge the part he has played in popularising the game on pay TV and being the steady hand on the tiller of SKY coverage over the years. So good luck Eddie and enjoy your retirement.
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    I am confused with Yorkshire Knights stance on this. This is because on numerous Folou threads he has been saying all publicity is good publicity and how it's not a negative for RU in Australia. Yet for Rugby League its the opposite. Strange.
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    I bet it'll still be Bradford's biggest crowd of the season. Rugby league is Britain's cheapest mainstream sport - and the worst thing is it looks and smells cheap, compared to other sports. That needs to change if its going to survive. People spend far more than 23 to see other sports events that are on TV. They do it if it's an exciting enough event to want to be there in person. If we're saying the first competitive Bradford Leeds game in 5 years isn't worth that then we may as well throw in the towel completely.
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    This is the last play. Long... kicks it wide to Iro. Iro to Hall. Hall is trapped. Back it goes to Hoppe. Over the shoulder to Hall. There is Jonkers. Here is Long, and Long fancies it. Long fancies it. It's wide to West. It's wide to West. Dwayne West. Inside to Joynt. Joynt. JOYNT. JOYNT! OH! OH! FANTASTIC! Thanks for everything Eddie. I've never met you. I don't even like saints. But that gets me everytime. Enjoy yourself.
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    SportsNet, the largest sporting station in Canada, tweeted the TWP score along with other major Toronto teams yesterday. This is a great sign and shows they will be keeping an eye on developments in Ottawa.
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    IMO TW joining the game has been very positive. From a profile and marketing perspective especially. Also broadening the revenues of the game as well. New investment is always needed to allow business to grow. However i don't think we will see the full impact until they reach the top levels of the game. I think the salary cap will have to be reviewed. I think we will see the return of superstars to the sport both from NRL and perhaps even Union. Other clubs will have to follow suit. We will see new sponsors, new interest from potential new clubs (NY & Ottawa won't be the last) and maybe the start of many more millionaires and billionaires coming into the game. If they get up this year then for me its come just at the right time for the TV deal negotiations as well. Also how good will the WCC be if they are in that one day. Then taking that game to Toronto, NY, Dubai, HK, Singapore etc is probably inevitable. It should also drive up standards in the US & Canadian national teams and give a massive audience for the RLWC. I for one can't wait
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    A cheapskate! The guy has ploughed millions into the Broncos. Without his money there is no Broncos.
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    Mr. Parksider, its patently obvious that you do care about the views of the (very small) number of people posting on this site, evidenced by the lengthy tirade in your last post. I imagine, (perhaps we could take a straw poll) that most of the people here simply don't care what you think either. I'd be willing to bet, that the only thing that draws a response from them to your posts is your completely unrestrained and totally uncalled-for insults. You have not brought forward a single suggestion as to how the game can turn the tide of steady decline, and like a lot of others from the ''heartlands'' with a lifetimes experience in the game, your best advice to just sing ''nearer my god to thee'' as the ship goes down. The content of your arguments is old hat, contain nothing new, just mere repetition and we're all bored to tears with it. Grow up!
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    And the RFL wonder why they have no money and few revenue streams. Internationals are one of the two main ways that the RFL can generate income but yet they largely neglect them and make little attempt to grow internationals with our closest real opposition. A game against France in France would attract a good crowd. A game against France in London, or somewhere else outside the heartlands, could attract a decent crowd too. However play it on a Wednesday night in Leigh and you get the results you deserve.
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    Well done to the RFL https://www.rugby-league.com/article/54770/amendments-to--referee-policy The following additions / amendments to 2019 referee policy have been introduced with immediate effect: Placing the ball on the defender lying on the ground – It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to place the ball on the ground at their feet. If necessary the player should step backwards to ensure this can be done. OUTCOME – If the ball is placed on the tackler, this will be ruled a knock-on. Moving off the mark / stepping over to deliberately place the defender in the ruck - It is the responsibility of the player playing the ball to place the ball on the ground at their feet, and not to advance off the mark - if necessary the player should step backwards. OUTCOME – The player in possession will be penalised for moving off the mark if deliberately stepping over a defender to place them in the ruck. Playing the ball into a defender in the ruck – The player playing the ball should maintain balance and control when heeling the ball to the acting half-back.OUTCOME - In this situation the player in the ruck will be penalised if hit by the ball - or if in the opinion of the referee the half-back is prevented from picking the ball up. EXCEPTION – A penalty will be awarded against the player playing the ball if the ball is forcibly heeled back with the intention of contacting the defending player with the ball. Passing into an opposing player – Any ball passed into an opposing player in and around the ruck, in any direction, will be deemed to be acting against the spirit of the game. OUTCOME - The passer will be immediately penalised. Steve Ganson, the RFL’s Head of Match Officials, explained: “A number of high-profile incidents during and before the Easter weekend have shown certain teams or players acting contrary to the spirit of the game, in a manner that has infuriated fellow professionals, broadcasters and, crucially, supporters.
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    How on earth any educated person can think Twp are a ''phony'' club is beyond me. They have shown that they know how to set a club up for the long term. Successful marketing has them becoming a part of Toronto's sporting conscious. They've built a solid core group of supporters with attendances far greater than some Super League clubs in less than 3 years (free tickets is also good marketing as most clubs around the world have done it). To round it off they have good portfolio of sponsors. The juniors argument only exists because Perez stated he would create juniors and hasn't done it yet within 3 years only upsets a few parochial Englishman on this forum. It doesn't bother the Canadians and it doesn't bother the hundreds of thousand Melbournians who have supported their team for 20 years knowing full well that there is more than just one way to develop players. It's the same people who are concerned about teams flying 7 hours or so once or twice a year. Look at sporting teams around the world and realise that this is how modern sporting codes operate. It's the same people who will dig up negative, old one line quotes knowing full well that the positive talk and realistic outlook of how people outside of the few anti Twp posters on this forum outweigh the negatives ten fold. Rugby league, especially the Super League, can't afford to be choosy when rich benefactors want to invest money in our sport.
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    Whilever you have religion you will have hatred and war.
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    Don’t do that mate , post what you want . This is a forum , inhabited mainly by the fans who pay their money and turn up , who are passionate and interested enough to care . If you don’t care you don’t give your opinion and ask about something . You don’t get happy , frustrated , angry , questioning , upset and every other emotion . This is an outlet for all of those and anything you want to say on the subject . Why people get hung up on anything anyone says I don’t know . Debate it , agree , disagree , ignore it . No one has the right to set themselves up as a moral guardian telling other people what they should or shouldn’t say , and assuming what their motives are . If you question or critique your automatically a haven fan or troll is juvenile nonsense in the frequency it’s thrown out there . If your so sensitive and intolerant to any questioning comment or critique then I’d say a forum isn’t the place for you . When we stop bothering to care and comment we’ve got a bigger problem . We all ultimately want the same thing and have the right to comment on what we see as we see it
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    Let’s be honest we’ve punched above our weight and probably caught sides off guard as they maybe underestimated us at first. At the start of the season before a ball was kicked/passed I had it in my mind that 16/18 points would more than likely keep us up. I’d have been happy just surviving and building a team that can become an established championship force like Batley/Fax or the Rams. Our start has way exceeded my expectations for 2019. We’ve been superb for the best part of it. Apart from Widnes with the 11 players and Fev yesterday we’ve been competitive in every game we’ve played. Yes, we might be a little light in players and depth in quality BUT we can’t match the likes of Bradford/Fev/Widnes etc for financial muscle. We need to build our fan base which is growing (money through the gate is such a vital asset to the club) and get the businesses in York onboard with the club (big improvement and uptake this season Benny C doing a cracking job) then watch us go. There is a lot of interest out there in the City in RL, a lot head over to Leeds /Cas I know but a fair few are now attending Knights games too. The club has done an amazing job out in the schools promoting the Club and the game, there’s a lot of potential new fans out there, it would only take one game seeing the Knights and I’m sure people would fall in love with the game and our club. We can average over 2 and a half K a game I’m sure next season. We have a superb product and a club to be proud of. We are putting championship and SL clubs to shame in the way the club is promoting itself via Social Media etc. Yes we got well turned over yesterday, yes we could get a beating again on Monday but this club has been a breath of fresh air in my life for the last few seasons. The chairman, Neil, Fordy and all the lads have all been magnificent. I’m so proud of the club and the way it has risen from the dead. We’ve come so far in a short space of time, it’s a pleasure and gives me and many others great joy to be there on game days be it win/lose or draw. Come on guys, let’s not start moaning or running anyone down because we’ve lost a couple of games against a very good established side in Fev and a SL club that was relegated last season. Not in my wildest dreams would I have imagined we would have 12 points 9 games. It’s been a dream start, we’ve excided my expectations. We have a club to be proud of, a club that’s moving forward, a forward thinking club, a club that has great standing in the community and a club that has the potential in years to come that could be in SL. Lets keep the Faith and get behind the club and the lads. We can make the difference by just walking through the turnstiles and giving the lads our full support.
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    RL has had a few ‘tricky’ years recently- but at long last it feels we are getting more things right than not. Exciting times ahead. Is it just me or do we all feel tad more positive?
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    Totally agree. It makes Super League look infantile and refs like muppets. The NRL refs play on because they realise the dynamics of tackling will sometimes result in players at the back of the ruck. Unless there is deliberate intereference, Play On!
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    A new low there for cheating and robotic refereeing falling for it . This has been coming all season with ridiculous interpretations which are being mercilessly exploited by players and refs are straitjacketed into going along with it . It’s down to ganson , it can be fixed in a week like it was down under . Let them ref with common sense on what they see , and stop rewarding cheating . In fact penalise it . Black n white rules are incompatible when the game isn’t black n white . Same with obstruction . They can just make the game look silly n frustrating.
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    I hadn't seen any Raiders games this year until tonight. How good are the Poms on the team!! I feel Great Britain is a smokescreen for the Kangaroos right now. England are stronger than I've seen them for over 20 years. The Kangaroos are in a state of change with Slater, Thurston, Cronk, Smith, Inglis all out. All their "once in a generation" talent are gone. England need to be pushing hard to play the Kangaroos as many times as possible. If not, they need to be playing Tonga and New Zealand multiple times a year. The RLIF also need to grow some balls and put in place a rule that would require Tier 1 nations to play a minimum amount per year. Right now the Kangaroos are essentially camping on the top spot. Great Britain can't accumulate ranking points. It's not going to help change the attitude of Australia.
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    As an aside, was it not good to see a good crowd today with good banter. Enjoying a game of rugby in west Cumbria. Just shows if the right games are played in this area people will come to watch. So if you want to rugby to flourish and grow close to home. Back your team, be it Town or Haven? by turning up on game day. bring the kids, start them young & get them interested. It can also benefit the local Amateur scene as well
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    A tremendous performance by the 16 players left to smash a half decent rams side, a number of players stood up to be counted, Brown, Dom and many others gave their best performance of the season taking the match to Dewsbury with plenty skill and aggresion not taking a backward step all evening. How much will it of taken out of them we will know Monday, hopefully the Diskin fan club will be kept quiet for a few weeks because anyone attending the match could plainly see the players are responding to the coaching team and putting there bodies on the line.
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    Match summary One team turned up, One team didn't,one team had desire,one team didn't,one team had passion,one didn't,one team fight,one team didn't,one team,had 12 men,one team didn't,one team was tenacious,one team wasn't,one team had fire in their bellys,one team didn't,one team showed spirit,one team didn't ,one team got stuck in,one team didn't,one team worked hard,one team didn't,one team high fives at every positive,one team didn't,one team showed steel,one team didn't,one team had a attacking game,one team didn't,one team wanted to win a derby,one team didn't,one team went forward,one team didn't,one team had a game plan,one team didn't,one team mixed it up,one team didn't,one team got players into touch,one team didn't,one team were hungry,one team wasn't,one team has had 2 great results in 3 weeks,one hasn't,one team showed it won't go down,one team didn't,one team made ground on every set,one team didn't,one team controlled the game,one team didn't,one team looked like team,one team didn't,one team showed balls in adversity,one team didn't,best team won ,worst team didn't show fire,Batley got what they deserved, Dewsbury got they deserved....well done Batley
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    There should be two french clubs locked into super league, and at least one confirmed test between England and France every year. The repeated failure of the English rugby league authorities to achieve these relatively simple, but potentially extremely valuable steps is really poor. This year's test calendar is a case in point. The southern hemisphere able to schedule a viable, appealing 6 nation regional program, and the RFL has to reduce itself to manufacturing a GB tour and showing up uninvited. If they'd spent the last decade committed to nurturing France and Wales, or even stuck with the Exiles, they'd have local games to play. If they don't help get France up to speed soon, the test game could move on without them.
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    It is an absolute bloody disgrace. The penalty Shenton just bought is atrocious and unsportsmanlike and it needs sorting out immediately!
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    HALLELUJAH! As the starter of this topic I feel personally responsible for this rule change, you're welcome
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    If they were blocked it would be the worst PR mistake they have made, worse than asking the Catalans for money to play in the challenge cup. I appreciate that most super league teams are scared of Toronto, the whole dynamic would change as Toronto could easily buy their way to the top. But these super league bosses need to stop with this phoney club rubbish. It's small time thinking and the sport doesn't need that much bad publicity if they blocked promotion. Toronto have made more positive space in major news outlets, the last few years, than any super league team. Some people would rather kill the sport just so it stays the same.
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    There are at least three points being discussed in this thread - moving off the mark, obstructing the tackler and 'milking' a penalty at the expense of a tackler. You ask, Doc, whether this has always happened. In terms of moving off the mark, the simple answer is 'No'. Go to YouTube and look for a game from, say, the 1960s. like the great Wigan -v- Hunslet cup final and you will see that tacklers did not move back and the tackled player did not feel they had a divine right to move a couple of feet forward. If a tackled player does not move forward, much (if not all) of the current problem disappears. The solution is simple; penalise tackled players for moving off the mark - forwards or sideways - and the problem will disappear, after a week or two (I would predict no more) of chaos. I recently noted on another thread that I would just like to see the existing law implemented. This states that it is an offence for a tackled player to play the ball before the tackler has had a chance to clear the ruck. In general, I think the laws of the game are pretty good. We just need to implement them - all of them!
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    It's quiet on this thread.
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    I lost count of the amount of ptb's in the Cats v Cas game where the attacker moved about 2 foot forward onto the defender, it was ridiculous.
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    The Would add: Quality of rugby seems better, Ottowa/NY getting voted through so categorically on principle, departure of Barwick, improved MOS system (gets vastly more publicity now), Bradford continuing on the up, Widnes takeover and recovery from near oblivion, Wakefield buying their ground back, some genuinely talented NRL players in SL who are here through genuine choice, Tolouse continuing to build and Nou Camp. Still some significant downsides though: 1895 final scheduling is mad, Internationals remain a shambles, Catalans forced to pay to defend their cup title, recent upsurge in players milking penalties/whingeing and Rimmer is still on board. Overall though, I am more optimistic about the game than say a year ago. People complain Elstone hasn't done much, but SL is a better product on the pitch in my opinion and I think a lot of his focus is long term, which is exactly as it should be.
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    The lack of vision and short sightedness from the RFL amazes me. They say that they lack incomes, they can't get competitive games for England without negotiating with Australia and New Zealand, yet they have had for years an opportunity to build up France, help them improve by giving them more fixtures. Why haven't they built up a rivalry? As I keep saying on this site they will get beat badly to begin with, but the long term objective of creating revenues and building the England brand is worth the short term pain. I've now read an interview with the head of French Rugby League Marc Palanques in Forty20 magazine who has confirmed that the RFL only want France to play England Knights and not the senior team. What type of vision or strategy is that? Where is the leadership? Where is the planning?
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    Terrible performance. Defensively we were awful. We feel well below the standards that have been set so far this season. The ref was poor but we gave way too many soft penalties away and some of our D out on the fringes was paper thin. Saying all this it’s obvious that injuries and the busy program over the Easter period means that Fordy has to juggle the side around. We do look light for me squad wise, the depth is a little worrying at the moment. I'm sure the standards will return Monday but I can’t see us winning been honest against a very good Widnes side. It will need a massive improvement from tonight’s showing to see us get anything from Monday. The lads have done so well and I’m sure this set back will see us learn from it in the long run. Just hope we can get that shape and workrate back and we will be fine. This division is a tough league and we have done incredibly well so far. I’m proud of the club and the lads. Onwards and upwards.
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    I like Adidas gear ( they are perfectly at liberty to send me lots of free merchandise for that shameless image recognition and advertising )
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    A mid-season test in France, against a full strength French team, should be a no-brainer. It would be a really good work out for England, especially if lacking the NRL players. Planned long enough in advance (yes, I know!) I see no reason why you couldn't get a couple of thousand England fans over and help fill a sell-out 18/20k stadium. Stick with that formula for 3/5 years.
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    Just had a look at the last couple of tests of England v France. We bang on about the Kangaroos not doing enough to expand international RL, but England are even bigger culprits. I have long been an advocate of playing the French mid-season in France. I don't think you would need the NRL guys for two reasons, 1) it makes the game more competitive, 2) it gives aspirant England players a chance to stake a claim against those Aussie players. Over the last ten years or so, here are the games v France (excluding WC, but including 2012 international series and 2009 Four Nations). 2008, France 12–66 England, Stade Jean-Bouin, Paris 7,600 2009, England 34–12 France, Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster 11,529 2010, England 60–6 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 7,951 2011, France 18–32 England, Parc des Sports, Avignon 16,866 2012 England 44–6 France, Craven Park, Hull 7,173 2012 England 48–4 France, Salford City Stadium, Salford 7,921 2015 England 84–4 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 8,380 2016 France 6–40 England Parc des Sports, Avignon 14,276 2018 England 44-6 France, Leigh Sports Village, Leigh 5,144 As we can see crowds (taken from Wiki - so excuse inaccuracies) and results are more respectable on the whole when played in France. Personally, if you're not going to include the English NRL players which as mentioned gives you a more even game you could hold it whenever and not in the NRL's international break. My preference would be around Bastille Day and maybe if it gains good traction you could double up and play one in England on or around St George's Day. The French get out and support their national team in whatever sport - see the Palanques interview you mentioned. France would hold their own and surely get better with this back-of-a-fag packet side I've put together. Kherillah, Yaha, Gigot, Miloudi, Escare, Fages, Albert, Navarette, Pelissier, Bousquet, Julien, Garcia, Baitieri. Interchange: Robin, Simon, Goudemand, Nzoungou. Other possible inclusions: Springer, Barthau, Belmas, Marguerite, Cardace, Dezaria, Ader, Duport.
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    There are dozens of examples in Rugby Union in Canada of successful football converts, here are a couple: Jeff Hassler: All Canadian Running Back at University of Saskatchewan, Ospreys Rugby, Canada 7s, Canada XVs Pro14 Dream Team Jason Marshall: All-Canadian Quarterback at Simon Fraser, drafted to CFL. Prop Forward Hawkes Bay, Aurillac, SU Agen Hubert Buydens: University of Saskatchewan All-Canadian Linebacker, Prop for Canadian National Team, Manawatu Turbos, NOLA Tevaughn Campbell: Ex-CFL now NFL Cornerback, also Rugby 7s player for Canada. Tevaughn Campbell broke the CFL all-time record in the 40 yard dash and literally walked on to the Canada Sevens team. He had never touched a rugby ball before. Elite Football players can become rugby players quite easily, the money just needs to be right to actually attract them.
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    When the West Indies play England or Ireland at Cricket, it's a test series, or an international. RU has autumn internationals. We shouldn't call these games "friendlies."
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    Set to be the biggest crowd of the season so far. Wigan have announced over 20,000 sold.
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    This last point is worth drawing attention to. I'd eat my hat if any of them asked for his advice. They are either too arrogant (some are) or more likely, they'd expect to be rebuffed so wouldn't ask. Why would they expect to be rebuffed? Because that's how they would treat a ''competitor''. If they were really concerned about the long term success (health) of the competition, they'd participate in a free information exchange programme, sharing examples of best practise (in any area of operations) so that each other could benefit from these successes. Help the competition? No chance! Why haven't we created ''how to'' guides for would-be amateur start ups? This shower are not concerned with building a legacy here. They are small time, short term, day to day, hand to mouth traders, jostling for position to make sure they get as big a share as the other losers of a festering shrinking pie. They lack the imagination to bake a new much bigger pie. The nay-sayers in here are their soul mates. They don't really believe the North Americans will destroy our league. What they really fear is that the Canadians (and the Yanks) will make a success of it, and their tired old, small town clubs just won't be able to compete.
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    The players got plenty of plaudits. Semi final last year at Doncaster prime example. Want a list of all the local lads who left Whitehaven during Forsters reign?
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    You're a fan of the Cheeky Girls I take it?
  43. 6 points
    I love how Parksider is allowed to post paragraph after paragraph of conjecture and personal opinion masquerading as facts and has never been called out for it. This isn't an academic page but I don't think I've ever seen one link to a news article, video or source for his information. Poor form.
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    1. All the pack. 2. Scott(best fullback in championship for me) 3. Johnny Campbell.
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    I've changed the title of this thread and removed some postings. The original title, whether intended or not, was effectively advertising the products of a particular manufacturer, which is against the rules of this forum. When one of my employees, who isn't a moderator, pointed this out, some posters were abusive towards her, some extremely patronising and some responding with what I assume was misplaced attempts at humour. I find that unacceptable and I've deleted all those posts and the responses.
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    Just need to check has everyone got a permit for uploading these kits??? CAN'T UPLOAD KIT PHOTO WITHOUT A PERMIT!
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    Tommy, you keep raising criteria for NA clubs admittance to the game here that do not exist, The criteria are expand the pro player pool then we can expand SL, and bring new NA TV deals then we can pay the wages. Mate - just stick to the criteria all are agreed on. Look we've had three years of this total rubbish often spouted with insults. The Perez TWP plan was for 5-6 north american clubs coming into Superleague because as he said that was the North American content needed to capture a big NA TV deal. That meant as it stands now Leeds, Wigan, London, Fartown, HKR, and Salford going into the Championship. This simply isn't tenable so obviously we need more quality players to accommodate NA clubs so they just have to accept this. AND THE NA CLUBS DO ACCEPT IT. SO grow up. It's simply NOT my point. Ever since Lenegan asked Toulouse to get a TV deal the line has been that SKY sell dishes here and the preferred content is therefore clubs here. Replace English clubs with NA clubs who merely sign up the relegated clubs players and put them in American shirts is bound to cause resentment and affect the deal. You need to get out of the tiny bubble that is this site and threads like this and go ask Castleford fans how they would feel if Cas went down, TWP went up and the Cas squad signed for TWP. Again the North Americans ACCEPT THIS and have done ever since Perez's first interview in 2016 when he said he'd get a TV deal. TWP are not a successful organisation as they didn't produce one TV deal to share here or one NA SL level player and lose massive amounts of money. Yet another reality denying post that even Mr. Perez disagrees with as he himself set the criteria for success as more players from NA and a TV deal from NA. Hull/HKR remain massively more important to SL than TWP do now. How can we debate anything when such inventions are introduced. John, who cares if you have "no issue" mate not me not 100K RL fans here or any chairmen here. Mr. Perez is now himself clear he has to expand the quality pro player pool with NA players and has committed to do so. Fans and Chairmen here have every issue the current Player pool is not transferred to North America. It will just kills things here and WE care about that. A couple of years back I said exactly this. Let the North Americans play several seasons in the Championship where they can work at developing players and promoting the game. I said this thinking the Championship clubs would say "No way" but they have said yes, so off we go. Let's have the NA derbies TWP.v.NY, Ottawa.v.TWP and NY.v.Ottawa, lets see grid iron and RU players trialled incessantly. Lets see some of the NA players TWP did have coming back into these teams. Lets have the USARL on board as a development league. But lets now cut the nonsense of insulting clubs and fans here, and all the Phoney Baloney these North American clubs will save Rugby League here by just been accepted straight into Superleague. Jeez, this site has what 40-50 people discussing this issue with 40 for instant admission to SL for NA clubs as it's a "No brainer", and 10 against as it's "Destructive". Lets not forget 100,000 English fans of SL English clubs with their English TV deal - they deserve that this "Opportunity" for the future is tested at the planning stage, and if it goes through trialled at Championship level, and if the player base in NA rises and a NATV deal is found put the best NA club in SL and build onwards from that.
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    Nothing surprises me at the lack of vision and leadership at the RFL nowadays. It should be a given that England play France every year in France
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    Cheers yeh . Touch wood three years on . Meeting the best surgeon in the country who took some parts away , added some bits to make me work again and got a great team over 10 hours to complete the job , did the trick . The first time I met him he told me how advanced it was gave me 12 months . The first time after the operation and pathology tests he told me you’ve got a life back . It does sort of change your perspective on life
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    It does if you're trying to sell tickets.

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