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Crusaders final league game free admission

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7 hours ago, ShropshireBull said:

I dont mind a few games a season that are set up this way.  If smaller clubs  (and I know some dont) get to make money on the bar then getting a new audience as a taster is no bad thing.  

There is so much competition for entertainment now you really do have to get people to know you exist first. 

Yes it's called match awareness and i really don't understand why so few clubs do it.

Though social media and other outlets let people when your next home game is and where your ground is

Who you are playing and the Kick Off time and admission charges

Don't expect instant larger crwods for starters, but crowds will build over a period of time with some success on the pitch

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On 03/09/2021 at 21:46, GUBRATS said:

Always said if I was a club CEO I'd want one game a season where I could let in everyone for free , budget for one less game 

Then try to fill the stadium 

yep, although if the focus is on attracting new fans I'd do it with one of the early games of the season,

Although in this case it does say its a a thank you to existing fans rather then a focus on new fans.

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