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SL Season 2022


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Starting later, good. Finishing earlier, good. Cramming the same number of games into a shorter period of time, not good.

Conditioners and physios are going to have their work cut out next season. Could be a tough one for any clubs running with smaller squads.

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20 minutes ago, Eddie said:

I’d have liked to see fewer games with the WC possibly happening, but obviously that was an unrealistic hope. Gives 3 weeks between the end of the season and the start of the comp. 

To be fair it is a couple of games less than the 29 in 2019 and 3 less than the 30 during the Super 8s seasons.

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I bet there isn't a spare weekend for saints to play a possible missed league game if they play in the WCC.

Says to me its probably not on in 2022 - if it is, give them a bye to the next round of the CC so they don't get fixture congestion.

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Glad to see there is a break for an internationals week mid-season built into that. You'd have thought the national teams will want some preparation beyond the three weeks between the Grand Final and start of the world cup.

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