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Hurrell officially confirmed at Saints in 1 year deal

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he was certainly a big hit when he first played at Leeds.  He was in a relatively poor team and yet still made the dream teams for two years...

I am guessing the pickers of the dream team know more and saw more of Hurrell then most on here.

Saints will have more opportunity to use him. especially in the last 20 to 40. than Leeds could with a poorer team than was and still is developing. Yet to say again he was selected in the dream teams...

I put more faith in Woolf knowledge and hence decision than anyone on here.

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6 minutes ago, M j M said:

Not expensive but clearly more than his existing club were willing to offer. 

It remains a puzzling signing and I'm sure the Saints coach knows him well. But Hurrell is such a frustrating player and he just hasn't been able to shake off that inconsistency throughout his career. Maybe this time will be different.

No idea what Leeds offered tbh so can't comment on the first part.

Heard it mentioned a few times that Hurrell approached Woolf to see if there was an opening for a year too before he goes back down under. Not sure how much truth there is in that but they'll know each other well either way, plus Paasi who he's played with before and we've got another Tongan coming in too in Hopoate. Obviously he's had a tough year off the field so it might just be one of those cases where a change in environment does the trick.

Not sure I see it as being that puzzling in fairness. If there's a little bit of space left on the cap and he's available, sure it's a project for Matt Daniels but there's very little to lose. It's not like he's a disruptive character and Woolf showed last season with Joel Thompson that he had no problem dropping and leaving out players who weren't performing.

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