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    I'd be more than happy watching a dead rubber in London. Imagine 60000 England RL fans celebrating a 3-0 Ashes whitewash of the Kangaroos.
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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/extra/zzFnRM7GYs/Indomitables A fascinating read.
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    At the end of the day Leeds is the biggest rugby league city with decent transport links and guarantees a 30k+ attendance. It's always good to have one in Yorks one in Lancs and a game in London
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    The world Cup venues are announced 2 years in advance. World Cup qualifying resolved 2 years in advance. World Cup draw will be done by end of year. Ashes venues announced and tickets on sale a year in advance. Sorry, I must be seeing things again. Are we actually organising international RL quite well in this country at the moment?
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    I don't think that would make much difference - people will be travelling from all over the South East to attend the games, not just the local area. It's the image, intent and content that will determine any follow-on bookings. The event pitch is 'come and watch the best international rugby at (one of) the capital's top grounds'. If anyone likes what they get in 2020, 2021 being a few miles down the road won't put anyone off. The fact that tickets will be immediately available for the semi at an equally iconic London ground (that's even more accessible for most) will do the trick. They've just got to make sure that every fan that attends in 2020 gets immediate and sustained follow up with a good offer for 2021. The World Cup organising team seem up to the task so all to play for.
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    Didn't take long for the doom and gloom to appear did it? People! People! Ashes series announced a year in advance! Games coming to a stadium near you! (in most cases) What's to complain about?! Just be thankful you've got some internationals to go down and the Aussies are up for coming over here at all! So get your bloody credit cards out, buy some tickets and just enjoy the greatest game!
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    We're still the Wolves (plural) maybe we're more than just one pack?!? just watching over the water to see whats going on... and this is what they see across the atlantic
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    He was 4 minutes quicker posting?
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    This forum today: It’s about time they put tickets on sale well in advance. This forum in a 10 months: When will they start discounting tickets, I can’t wait to buy them.
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    And as per usual, the full stadium isn't all on sale... At least you can buy tickets on all sides of the ground. But for heaven's sake, show some confidence in your sport and back yourselves to sell it out!!!
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    I don’t like Elland Road but it is a good sized well known stadium and has a bit of history within the game and it will sell out. Where else in Yorkshire would be better?
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    In terms of the venues, very well done for getting Tottenham, I think that's one that a lot of us were hoping for. Gonna have two internationals in two years in London being played in 60,000 capacity grounds (spurs is slightly more I know). I think it's a good idea. By having one big game it is something people might take notice of. Take the World Cup, a high profile, semi-final game with 60,000 in will get people talking more than a couple of group games in 60,000 grounds but with only 25-30,000 in. Just having the one game with such a big crowd and the atmosphere of an Ashes test will get the non-rl fan wanting more and then we can turn round and say, oh yeah, there's another massive game next year just down the road. Let's start selling the World Cup tickets at the Ashes game and get some of those curious newbies pumped up for more top level international sports. Rugby league is the greatest game!!! I haven't had my pills this morning... that coffee helps though....
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    Reported in the Daily Telegraph in Australia that they are in talks with Ben Teo and are also interested in Val Holmes https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/having-landed-sonny-bill-williams-toronto-wolfpack-chase-other-big-names-including-valentine-holmes/news-story/ae7004c458d21961c7781496bc37b067 One point worth making is that i've never seen an article in the Australian papers regarding recruitment by Wigan or St Helens, they get a small mention when a player from the NRL goes over but the article is about the player, not the club.
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    I thought this was the pro-Toronto thread. Isn't there another one for the sceptics to discuss Toronto's imminent demise over a half of mild in the corner of a soon-to-be-closed pub?
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    The biggest change that was discussed here in Aus is the fact that there is approx 500k Tongans in the world, only 120k actually live in Tonga, the rest are either in NZ, Aus or US. There is estimated approx 100k Tongans in both NZ and Aus, all of who would have previously followed the Kangaroos or Kiwis, now will have aspirations from a young age to play for Tonga. This can be a game changer, and I emphasis 'can', if done correctly. Almost 50% of the NRL is now Island players and when you look at all the junior rep teams they make up a significant amount. There is no reason that there cant be an ongoing production line of quality players into the Tongan, Samoan. Fiji, PNG etc into the future. I'm a proud Aussie and always want the best for us, and in this case the best is to have sustained competition. I want to watch the Kangaroos and hope they win, not expect them to win every time. I enjoy Origin as well, but the fact that a State competition in Australia is considered the pinnacle of the sport is not healthy, International matches need to be the priority for the sport to grow.
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    Okay I'll concede, saying France would beat them by such high margins was unfair. I maintain a full strength French side beats them comfortably however.
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    And are a lot stronger now.
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    The third game in London could actually work out better from the RFL's perspective. For most of the target audience, attending in London requires a degree of commitment. Cheap train tickets go on sale three or four months in advance, many fans will book accomodation and they're going to do some degree of 'planning' for that game. Leeds and Bolton don't require that sort of commitment and are going to rely more heavily on 'impulsive' or 'walk up' sales - both of which will be affected by a 2-0 series going into the third test.
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    One thing you can say about Dave Woods is he's an enthusiast and there is always passion in all his BBC articles!
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    Forster is a great 13 aswell as the best prop in that league by far I don't think you guys realise how good a player u have got in Carl I'm still gutted he's not with us should be playing much higher rugby I know who my money is going on to win league 1 next year at a canter
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    AFinner? Are you a loonie? Or a nickel and dime guy beavering away under a misapprehension? Penny for your thoughts. What happens ON the field next year is secondary. Providing they don't get relegated. Next year is about making TWP a must have ticket. No freebies. Even the cardboard cutouts will have to move seats. Yours, Dixie the ten spot.
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    Just bought my flights to Toronto to watch Saints. Absolutely can't wait!
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    Please please make it happen Air Canada should get in on this and offer flight deals from Sydney to the UK through Toronto for fans.
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    You think Wayne Bennett would let that much pace anywhere near any of our international sides?!
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    will he be putting him at prop?
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    What, no 'we will follow the Wolfpack, over land and sea...'
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    We hate Leigh and New York, we hate Ottawa too (they’re ######), we hate Fev and Valencia, but Wolfpack we love you.
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    It would be a boon for the World Cup and attendances at Samoa games.
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    There is a "Jamaica? No, she went of her own accord" joke in here somewhere but I'm not quite making it work.
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    If Jamaica played a test at the Spurs Stadium, I reckon half my workplace would be wanting to go.
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    Jamaica played France in 2017 and lost 34-12.
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    I hear that it's being touted that for the Tottenham test that Jamaica will participate as a double header. If so, then my preferred opposition would be France or possibly Wales. Given a year to go the French should be able to muster a good number of fans to come over.
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    I'd rather they just go hard at trying to sell it out before the series even starts, or at least have 40k+ tickets sold by then. From memory the 13 WC Final was sold out well before the finalists were known, there should be a similar aim here.
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    I'll be waiting to confirm when i get home from work but definitely planning on going for the Tottenham game, my son (for a reason best known to himself) supports Tottenham and I'm intrigued by the stadium in general so it covers lots of basis (and means i dont have to go and watch a football game there to "go to the stadium" which is a plus)... depending who is up for it (i'll go on my own if i have to!) when i get home they will be booked tonight! already excited!! Definitely more excited for this than the "GB Tour" when that was announced which i think says something (and I grew up watching GB).
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    As a London based fan, I think putting the 3rd game here is smart as even if it is 2-0 to OZ, the Southern Fans and casual fans are more likely to turn out for a chance to see top level International RL and visit the most advanced stadium in the UK. I would feel this one could be close to sell out given a year to push sales.
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    Most encouraging about it is the fact that it’s not hidden away tagged in the RL section. It’s actually a general sporting interest article related to RL that many neutrals will read. Now THAT doesn’t happen very often!
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    A mere dentist, but I'm going 45,000
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    If the series is level at 1-1 maybe 45-50,000? If we’re 2-0 down 30,000. Hopefully plenty of London based Aussies will turn up Would have made sense to have the first or second test there and the last one at Elland Road.
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    Yes,credit to BBC Sport,they have produced a number of interesting and unusual stories on the rl section recently. Dave Woods seems to unearth some enjoyable reads.
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    Joe Johnson has probably got enough rugby league credentials to get a run out to be fair. He's from Bradford. There we go, stick him on the wing. He must be about 70 now so he's certainly past his best which seems to ensure a spot on the wing in this GB team. Selection problem solved!
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    Can't fault your optimism, but here's my take on things......based on what you have said 1. Your wingers are adequate 2. Your half backs are ok 3. You need a couple of of top quality props Even with SBW on board and a few more mega signings you ain't going to be lifting any silverware next year.....you need strength in depth and it's just not there at present. It's obvious you are passionate about your team which is good but SL isn't a stroll in the park like the last 3 years have been for you. Time to play with the big boys now....a whole new ball game.
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    It's 7 pages back due to inactivity,even the 4 members of the Legion of Doom get depressed posting replies to each other.
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    I appreciate that FWIW I am actually growing to dislike the logo the more I see it, I think its quite clunky and badly executed (I didn't mind it when I first saw it) which is why I'd like to see more about the full branding before I make my mind up on whether it works or not. I'm surprised (or maybe not) that they haven't released more to coincide with the picture release but they are probably saving it for the season launch.
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    "Tonga is set to celebrate the historic rugby league wins over Australia and Great Britain with a public holiday and reception for players next Friday. Tongan government officials are set to announce a public holiday following the 16-12 win over the Kangaroos, by far the highest profile in the team's history."
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    Tonga v NZ should now be an annual event alongside Origin. That would be a great start.
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    I just take it as read that nobody actually likes Pink Floyd. They just say they do and then put on something fun when no one else is around.
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    He’s easily the best of the lot, though you do have to wonder if a) he can stay fit for a couple of years continuously and b) how much of an effect the injuries have had on his ability/mental state. I’d like to see a fully fit Manfredi playing for England/GB against Aus/NZ.
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    I'll definitely be there mate. Just because I have a gripe about it doesn't mean I won't turn up. I'll be at Elland Road as well, even though it is my least favourite ground in the whole world. Matches against Australia are some of my best RL memories, and I won't miss the chance to make some more.
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    I don't get U2. Never have, never will. Can't understand what all the fuss is about.

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