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Brothers in same team.

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On 29/03/2020 at 13:23, Keith Nutter said:

You and brother Neil  must have played A team together at Barrow Phil.

Also played against each other in a Challenge cup tie... you for Barrow and Neil for Askam.

Definitely Academy and probably a couple of A team games at some point I would guess, yeah I remember the Challenge cup game

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On 26/03/2020 at 19:31, Barry Badrinath said:



Ian and ronnie Duane. 

Mark and Martin Gleeson

Louis and vinnie Anderson

Ben and rhys Evans

Toby and George king

Daryl and Jason Clark 


That last set a Mickey take, yeah?

Daryl Clarke and Jason Clark are from 11000 miles apart. 

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Just a small selection-

Cas-Kevin and Bob Beardmore.

Roy and Graham Southernwood.

Fev- Kevin and David Hobbs.

Neil and Robin Tuffs

Paul and Shaun Newlove.

Paul and Carl Hughes

Wakey- Keith and Kevin Rayne.

Scott and Wally Lewis.

Bradford - Ian and Gary Van Bellen.

Alan and Derek Parker.

Henry and Robbie Paul.

Hull FC- Graeme and Richard Horne.

Colin and Tracey Lazenby

Hull KR- Jamie and Mick Walsh.

Widnes- David and Paul Hulme.

John and Tony Myler

Steve and Mike O'Neill. 

Andy and David Ruane.

Richie and Andy Eyres.


Ronnie and Ian Duane.

Saints- Dave and Eric Chisnall.

Wigan- Kevin and Tony Iro.

Keiron and Kevin O'Loughlin.

Leeds- David and Wayne Heron

Andy and Kevin ? Macintosh.

Internationals- Dane and Kurt Sorensen.

Robbie and Henry Paul. 

Though Joe, Tea and Peter Ropati all played for NZ I don't think any played together. 

The Tamatis, Howard and Kevin played for NZ together but were cousins. 


Chris and Andy Johns 

There'll be loads more, I was heavily influenced by the 80s.
























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On 26/03/2020 at 16:41, EastLondonMike said:

Tomkins brothers, another obvious one.

Walters brothers (Brisbane/Canberra)

Sims brothers (Fiji - not sure if they played together at club level)

A bit more obscure, but im sure there were twins who played at Leeds around the mid-late 90's. Can't think of their names though. Have memories of seeing them play when Leeds had a quartered shirt design. Around the time that Francis Cummins was coming through.

The Leeds twins were David and Anthony Gibbons.

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On 26/03/2020 at 19:35, clwydianrange said:

Slightly off topic but didn’t a Featherstone forward play against his son?

Jeff Grayson father played against Paul Grayson son in 1989 ish. 

Funnily enough in 1978 Featherstone had a father and son in the same team when Terry Clawson lined up with son Neil. 

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On 28/03/2020 at 12:28, shaun mc said:

Was there another Pattinson brother - Malcolm who played a few games? Or was he a cousin?

There were a number of times both Bobby and Billy played in the same team, and a number of mis-identifications of some misdemeanors! Billy was the more 'mischievous' shall we say, and Bobby took the blame a few times, whilst Billy was grinning like a Cheshire Cat

Kyle & Josh White

Malcolm played at  Blackpool.

The fourth brother Stan played at Town at the same time as Billy and Bobby. 

All three taking the field together...not sure. 


***Just seen the reply above. 

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I'm glad someone mentioned the batch of brothers at Widnes at the same time. I remember listening to the commentary on one game on the radio in the 80s and I think they had four sets of brothers playing (at a guess Hulme, O'Neill, Myler, Eyres maybe?) plus a couple of others who had brothers elsewhere like Kurt Sorenson. I'm sure the commentator thought it was some kind of record as well. 

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Anthony and Mark Nicholson a couple of seasons back for swinton, think they started at Leigh Miners 

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