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I have just taken a look at the revised referee appointments page on the RFL website. If you take it that the RFL knows what it is doing then there is going to be the most extraordinary event in the history of rugby league when Huddersfield play Warrington and Wigan play Leeds on the same pitch on the same day and at the same time!!!!!!


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Mind you, it'd be interesting to watch, although I wouldn't like to be the referee or commentator.

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"Men will be proud to say 'I am a European'. We hope to see a day when men of every country will think as much of being a European as of being from their native land." (Winston Churchill)

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It's all a major scandal....Elstone should be sacked...this is exactly why we need Fev/Leigh in SL....Sky are going to dump us when they hear about this farce....apparently it's due to the players not socially distancing in the toilets.....etc etc etc....

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1 hour ago, Robin Evans said:

Its hardly the fall of Rome is it?


1 hour ago, Hela Wigmen said:

Mountain out of a molehill stuff, this. 

So, as the Romans might have it, 'Ex tumulis talparum, montes factae sunt'...or maybe not!

When North Yorkshire County Council was due to come into existence in 1974, a competition was launched for a motto for the new authority.  It all seemed a bit pompous to me, so I suggested the above, which is Latin (quite possibly of doubtful accuracy) for 'Mountains are made out of molehills'; for some reason, I didn't win!

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