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    1. ENOUGH OF THE HATE-FILLED ANTI-TORONTO STUFF BASED ON NOTHING BUT YOUR JEALOUSY. We don't mind critical posts but we do mind hate-filled ones. Why not go find a UKIP forum somewhere to spout your anti-foreigner bile. 2. This forum is provided free of charge by a publishing house that makes its money via copyrighted materials. We don't approve in any way of you breaching the copyright of other sources simply because you don't want to pay for it, or have used more than the free quantity they give you. Please don't. 3. And, Toronto/Canadian rugby fans... why not try to be nice about things, some of your posting is right on the edge of trolling. I sometimes let posters be fed to the angry folk when they bring it on themselves. 4. For our newer posters. Post-season is always when the forum gets bored and tempers fray. If you find yourself getting angry for no good reason, go out, sit in the rain and get tiny bits of vitamin D that has two benefits, first you'll feel grateful to be back in and second you'll be off the forum for a while.
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    Yeah or otherwise you can just stick with poorly planned GB tours that ignore Welsh players anyway, Superleague seasons that go for 10 months without time off for tests and France v England games on Wednesday nights with no TV coverage.
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    On all fronts. Christophe Levy et al working over time to get a television partner in place for 2020. Bein Sport re-appear on the scene maybe while a visit to Paris next week to see 'Eurosport' is programmed. Elsewhere Guasch is heading to the capital next month to try and set-up a 'Paris Business Club' to support their existing Catalan operation. At the same time James Maloney will be presented to the Paris media with the Australian Ambassader present as well as SL's Robert Elstone. 2 warm-up games for the Dragons in January as last year against a French Elite Selection and Toulouse Olympique. The latter possibily to be played at Carcassonne on Saturday 18th January
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    It's of no surprise that League is in a bad way in the UK if some of the comments on this board are anything to go by.For our game to survive things have to change.We now have that chance so lets hope the powers that be grab the chance and let our game flourish,which it should have done years ago.
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    Lithuania became the latest international Rugby League nation going down 58-0 to Wales Dragonhearts Congratulations to Lithuania who become the latest addition to the international game. Their side, composed of Lithuanian born players who have all emigrated to the UK, travelled to Cardiff Arms Park to take on the community representative team Wales Dragonhearts. A commendable effort given that a number of the side had not played a 13 man game of rugby before. Welcome to the international League family, Lithuania
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    Followed Featherstone Rovers through thick and thin since 1938/9. Even had the results in newspaper form sent to me when I was doing my N.S in Egypt. Restricted at 85 a bit on travelling but still get my season ticket and support what is going on. Use to go to all games even when I lived away from Fev due to the job I was doing. UTR.
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    As a young lad I was a short bus ride from Cas, Wakey and Feath. I used to go to all three as pocket money allowed me to. Now I live two miles from the Crusaders and have been a season ticket holder since their inception.
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    what you describe is not a "world cup".... but you've said it on multiple threads now can you move on rather than trying to derail yet another one.
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    I think everyone knows that I am a big admirer of what TWP have done so far, but I think they need to wind back the arrogance significantly.
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    Souths’ director of football Shane Richardson puts forward a host of good ideas to grow the international game. https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/11/11/richos-vision-22-rounds-standalone-origins-more-tests-and-world-9s-circuit/ Worth a read.
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    all I know about Argyle is hes a very wealth Australian who made his money from the mining industry, he owns and funds the Toronto Wolfpack & stepped down from CEO position as he made racial comments to Swinton player. Toronto Wolfpack have been promoted to Super League in there 3rd Season and have signed SBW as a Marquee player on biggest contract in history of either code of rugby. Since Richard Lewis left the RFL has made so many poor decisions - Stobarts sponsorship deal in exchange for logos on the side of trucks is one of the worst sports sponsorship deals ever, changing of formats to super 8's with no grand final for the divisions below Super League and then changing the format back was needless and confusing, Buying the lease at Odsal then Bradford get relegated, then Bradford are again in financial trouble in a lower division they are deducted points for off field financial reason making it even harder to attract investors, when Bradfords new investors then decided to move away from Odsal leaving the RFL with no tenant and hundreds of thousands out of pocket, Then there is the repeated scheduling at short notice of England games against France at Leigh sports village mid week straight after the Super League Grand Final. Non UK teams have entered Challenge Cup for 20 years when a non UK side finally wins it RFL wants a bond to cover loss of revenue, well they should have thought of that before it happened. Honestly i will leave it there because it is so stupid you couldnt make these kind of things up. I dont know about Argyle vs RFL but it is clear that the leadership of the RFL needs a total overhaul and new competent administrators found. clear competent 5 - 10 year plan put in place that is straight forward, focused on the development and promotion of the sport with sound financial decisions. That really Isn't to much to ask form your sports administrators.
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    But how many away fans will this generate? Why do we bother letting Catalans in SL they are taking the place of a small pit village team who have been around for 100 years! There are several small hamlets along the M62 which deserve a shot as it's easier for away fans to get to being in such proximity to the M62!
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    I have supported Rugby League in South Wales since 2006. I attend all West Wales Raiders home games and My wife and I go to events in the North of England (Grand Final, Triple headers etc. I also watch all games on TV.
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    We all know that he was. There's a very special place in hell reserved for John Holdsworth, Jim Quinn and John Battye.
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    Fully agree with you there Denton. Genuine R.L. fans love Rugby League. I have watched R.L. since 1950. I watched Northern/Bulls every opportunity I had . If I could not get to an away game I would go watch West Bowling, Dudley Hill,Queensbury,Wyke or whichever game looked the most promising.Nowadays I am 77 years old and spend the vast majority of my time at my holiday home in Spain.I get weekly and monthly mags. sent over when I am over here, get to games whenever I can when I am back in the U.K. I still love the game, obviously I still love to see the Bulls win but lose no sleep if they do not. I am happy if I see a good game whatever the outcome.Does that now make me not a genuine fan of the game because I do not go to many live games. I have to admit the negativity shown on this forum to International Rugby, Toronto, the situation at Bradford, tells me that a good majority of posters on this forum are not genuine R.L. supporters, anybody who would like to see the demise of any R.L. club can not be classed as a genuine R.L. supporter in my eyes. Obviously other posters will have different opinions,that is their prerogative. I say good luck to Toronto, Ontario, New York or any new club wanting to join the leagues, why knock anybody who wants to improve the game as a whole.
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    well I got up at 3.45 am the other week to watch that tripe served up and it didn't stop me getting up early again this week for second helpings, how genuine do you want it?
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    Thats what the England shirt should have looked like IMHO... and the red shorts! now Saints have properly scuppered any chance! could we just borrow both of those for a Lancashire v Yorkshire fixture??
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    https://www.scmp.com/sport/rugby/article/3037115/sonny-bill-williams-can-live-his-megabucks-toronto-wolfpack-deal-can A genuinely interesting take on the state of RL and the game over here in light of the SBW signing in the South China Morning Post. Yes you did read that right. I find particularly interesting the opinion that the game over here needs to build up some rivals to SBW so that he is absorbed by the comp and doesn't exist in some weird sphere outside of it. Whether that is through new marquee signings or capitalising on current ones I'm not sure. At my club we have Trent Merrin who played for Oz and NSW and obviously Hurrell representing Tonga. Perhaps its that international calibre angle that the game needs to focus on - a season promo with the best Kiwis, Ozzies, French, Welsh and English players (and of course any other nations) could be an interesting aspect now that we have a truly international super league.
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    Which parts of that article showed they would move the sport on? There are literally two things in that article. Firstly, they want transparency over where the central funding they arent getting is going - it's going to the clubs. Our clubs re far more transparent with their financial records and community activity than TWP. Secondly, he wants the RFL to have a word with the Home Office. A fair enough ask and the governing body should crack on with that, but that isnt a game changer at all. So what are we getting excited about here? All the SBW stuff was announced last week.
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    There is no reason why it has to be anyone in particular. However for all their knockers Sky have consistently put their money where their mouth is. In comparison, as far as I know, the likes of BT have never even bid.
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    Surely the genuine test for a RL fan is if they take the time to rearrange the shelves at any newsagent they are in to give Rugby League World a more prominent place and banish one particular sport to the deepest, darkest corner behind everything else.
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    Or every time someone describes the NRL as "robotic".
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    I'd like to see teams keep a consistent design for home kits.......think it creates a strong identity for the club. They could then bring out a load of alternate designs to sell for people who want something different every year. The Roosters kits below are 10 years apart (very little change in a modern era).........Most teams have an iconic jersey design that they could stick to every year.
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    This could work in the international games favour. If we can get State of Origin to be played on 3 stand alone weekends, Tonga, New Zealand, Samoa, Fiji, PNG, Cook Islands, Lebanon, England could all potentially play 3 mid season internationals.
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    For those interested, there is highlights from this match on the International Rugby League YouTube page:
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    Planning on having a few pints at this place in 2020 - March 22nd to be precise..gav, Deano and crew - be prepared..!!!
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    But we are filler to suit Sky, as we would be to any broadcaster. Sky's priority is bums on sofas, not fans on the M62. It doesn't care how fans get to games, but how many people are watching at home, because that's its business. Any other broadcaster would want games played on their terms, not ours. That's the reality of modern professionals sport. I think that's where Elstone's point that the clubs need to work harder with Thursday nights rings true. As a sport we actually have it pretty good - we only have one 'unsociable' night in our schedule, the travel distances are short and Sky has actually declared the first 21 Thursday games. If you think that's not good enough, as I type this, 600 Portsmouth fans are currently in Harrogate watching a game that was arranged less than a month ago and has been delayed by an hour. RL needs to find a way to own Thursday nights. There are people out there looking for things to do on Thursday nights (other sports and leisure pursuits have proven that). RL clubs need to find those people.
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    You arent a real fan unless you've travelled to Watersheddings on a boxing day in a blizzard. I saw penguins huddled round a fire there.
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    The player we are sponsoring next year is Dale Morton.
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    I've played with a few of the Lithuanian lads at Kings Lynn. Good bunch, hard as nails, and love the game. They've got tons to learn but good to see them setting up their own national side.
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    Look there’s nothing happening other than a second rower who will never play center again. Take that to the bank.
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    7:00am Get up early to see either England or GB nil the Kangaroos to win the deciding test in a series. 10:00am watch the match again. 1:00pm watch the match again. 4:00pm watch the match again. 7:00pm watch the match again. 10:00pm watch the match again. Sleep, happily sloshed.
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    Hearing Tom Burgess will start in the halves with Chris Hill. Props Hastings and Trueman.
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    Took a long while for the Aussie penny to drop re the international game but to be fair the NRL invested in it and it’s paying back. Arguably it’s us up here in the Northern Hemisphere who aren’t pulling our weight. Where is the Oceania Cup-style comp in Europe? Why didn’t England play a mid-year test? Why is France trampling on its proud international heritage? Why isn’t Ireland as competitive as it ought to be outside of World Cups? Etc
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    It would be nice to have a permanent link to this video which we can use for when someone has watched a video of the best tries of the decade for the 1980's and proclaims that all the skill and excitement has gone out of Rugby League.
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    Like the ideas put forward NZRL definitely deserve an NRL grant to help fund there programs as the NRL makes million dollars in profit out of the NZ market in TV rights, Sponsorship and merchandise sales. ER no way in hell can the NZRL be run by the NRL as NZRL are the authorized administrative body of the sport in NZ and have been since 1907 and they are partly funded as a result by NZ government sports funding. Im all for the NRL collaborating with NZRL on how a grant would be spent, for example referee recruitment and training, Coaching clinics, National age grade rep sides, NZ resident side funding, national competition... that type of thing I think a small World 9's circuit of about 4 tournaments in 4 different locations could be setup with if a TV deal was found and it wouldn't necessarily need NRL players to participate in all of the tournaments.
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    Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell us what you really think of him
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    Everyone who loves the game is a fan , whatever background whatever perspective . Not ‘ genuine fans ‘ or otherwise . Why take the pi$$ out of anyone , a lot of those fans keep the game going in communities and I haven’t met anyone who says no change or expansion at all . That would be silly and we’d have no league one at all !
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    Of course there's those players and the England players we have too. Imagine an NRL style promo with SBW, Hurrell, Fages, Thompson, Widdop, Merrin, Grace etc all in their club kits but surrounded by the colours and images of their home nation. It really gives a boost to the SL as a genuine home of some of the "worlds best".
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    I like this idea of some of the more affluent clubs spending big money on high profile players. The game needs it. From RU, the NRL; doesn't matter. But it needs an element of star quality to sell the sport over here; something we've been missing for years. So I am all for Toronto, Warrington, Leeds et al attempting to land the likes of Tuilagi, SBW and Ford... long may it continue and good luck to them.
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    There are, but they are generally small in capacity or similar to Goroka. Some of the venues they play at in the Digicel Cup. Muthuvel Stadium - Kimbe, West New Britain Kalabond Oval - Kokopo, East New Britain Joseph Keviame Oval - Mendi Johnson Siki Aipus Oval - Wabag Lae League Oval - Lae
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    "That dialogue has started and been ongoing for some time. What's important is, Wayne is here as Great Britain head coach, but we should really take into account his performances as England head coach when we decide what happens over the next couple of years. He got us to a World Cup final, we won the Test series last year against the Kiwis, and although there is disappointment this time with GB, it's important to understand the changes and the transition that has happened." - In other words, it's already been decided that he'll remain as England coach. "Look at this series and the players that are missing," he added. "There's Sean O'Loughlin, Sam Burgess, James Roby, Luke Gale, Kallum Watkins, Tommy Makinson, Mark Percival. There's a handful there of top international players - our pool is getting bigger and better." - Nonsense. O'Loughlin and Burgess will never play for England again. Gale and Watkins have essentially missed 2 entire seasons of rugby, and we have no idea if they'll ever play for England again. Bennett has made it perfectly clear that he doesn't rate Percival in the slightest. Roby will be 35 by the next RLWC - are we pinning our hopes on him? So that only leaves Makinson, an excellent player but as a winger he won't be solving our creativity problem. Perfectly obvious from that interview that Sinfield is in Bennett's camp. He's just making excuses for the awful squad selections and terrible performances on this tour. The only chance of him not receiving a new contract is if GB lose to PNG next weekend.
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    Loved the comment in the SMH editorial about the Blue Jays, Raptors and Toronto FC being packed with non-Canadians and the following sentence ..... ’Complaints from northern English ‘cloth cappers’ that they have no Canadians on their roster mystify the Wolfpacks local fan base’. But, there will still be some on here that think they know more about the Torontonians than the Torontonians themselves.
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    Not really bothered what Swinton or any body else does Oldham has been my love for nearly seventy years and I am hoping to see every game next season.
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    Things are going to change around here and we need to keep an eye on the money since it is of the utmost importance that the League 1 and Championship sides get their fair share to keep the grassroots going. THE TIME OF USING TWO BIT SHAKEDOWNS IS OVER....a new age for RL is dawning.
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    Can we all stop all the negativity around Toronto please. They are going to single handedly save our game, earn us millions and make make us all better people
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    What a kit. What a team. What a ground.
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