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Away game at Coventry


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good result by the lads , conditions will of been very hard regarding the heat today so very pleased with another away win its looking like 4 teams who seem to be pulling away at this stage of the season.

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Excellent win at a difficult place to get two points. Last week Chris said they would be working on goal line defence as a priority and given the amount of ball we gave Coventry it's obviously paid off. 7 games in and I'm starting to give up on us clicking but who cares if we keep winning . It took two pieces of individual brilliance today from Brad and it's good to know we have players like that when it get' s tough. Hopefully Ethan had a confidence booster too.

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12 hours ago, townie88 said:

Good result. Scoreline roughly what I'd have expected. Hard to judge on how we peromed based on our lack of twitter updates and coventry's biased reports. But glad for the win. 

Look forward to next week. We'll done. UTT

It's our Twitter, we'll say what we want! (lol)

You had enough people there - you could have done yur own Twitter reports.

It was a great game though and you deserved your win for excellent defending and taking your opportunities.

Thanks to your fans for makig the trip and making some noise, You'll always be welcome in Coventry. See you up there later. Cheers.


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