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Sat 7 - Sun 8 Aug: The Betfred League 1 Match Thread

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1 minute ago, Bearman said:

Maths not my strong suit! 


Not the WWR twitterfeeder strong suit either he has it we 28 all

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Ron Banks

Bears and Barrow

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15 hours ago, weighman said:

Sorry but I am more concerned with The form of Doncaster 2 points from 4 games. 

Hard to see the Dons picking up any further points this season given the current form and the quality of the teams they have to play.  Head scratching what has transpired and very little or no info from the club as to why so may changes to the playing staff.

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“It is not revenge we want for poor people, but happiness; indeed, what revenge can be taken for all the thousands of years of the sufferings of the poor?”

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17 hours ago, weighman said:

Who have Doncaster layed out big money for. 


Thought the big spenders were Barrow & Keighley , most of Doncaster's squad were last seasons !

I was meaning over recent seasons investing in gaining promotion and names like Tali, Beharrel and Peltier  to name just a few don't come cheap. It's not over by a long way, there's the playoffs, but things need turning around very quickly to regain confidence. 

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