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3 hours ago, Death to the Rah Rah's said:

There aren’t enough good locals to make the transition into the pro game unfortunately, and the lack of reserve rugby makes development pretty much impossible.

The RFL mismanagement of the game over the last 20 odd years since taking over from BARLA have pretty much knackered semi-pro rugby below super league and I can’t understand why championship and league one clubs aren’t making a stand and challenging the RFL, as the other clubs must all be suffering in one way or another - but their problems aren’t quite as visible as they have the luxury of numbers along the M62 corridor where swopping players on short term loans seems to be quite commonplace 

Agree with you on everything apart from "There aren’t enough good locals" - Its just we currently dont have the pulling power to keep all of the good ones here and they go elsewhere. There are quite a few cumbrians dotted around other teams, and there are some who wont sign because they know they wont get a game every week because of the lack of reserves.

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13 minutes ago, dkw said:

Couple of very good signings, especially the winger, he's looked quality in there first team in SL.

The question is will he be played on the wing? 

Good to get some new lads on board, just a shame the 2 HKR lads have gone back at the same time. Hope they give us the bit of quality we need to put some points on the scoreboard. 

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The race is not always to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but thats the way to bet!

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13 hours ago, JMB said:

If town are demoted all the players are usually void, maybe the same with coach's, but all depends what is written in his contract, but I've never new a RL coach get a 5 year deal before, it struck me as strange when it was announced. 

5yr deal? Must have missed that one. 

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26 minutes ago, Neutralfan7 said:

How come Gary Hewer has left? Surprised by that 

What's surprising about it?

go **** yasell ya little **** gain NL1 then take ya **** out ya dads **** then speak proper rugby talk. you jameating little spotty ****...itchy waa waa 2008...

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41 minutes ago, Neutralfan7 said:

So not allowed to ask a question? Get a grip

Of course anyone can ask a question but you'd be better sticking to "stirring"your cup of coffee at 0730am on a Sunday morning.

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3 hours ago, wonky said:

All a little too late I fear. Not enough winnable games left to save us. We have to beat haven twice and sadly I don’t see it. 

Out could happen marra the way we are playing at the moment!! 

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