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Sat 15 Oct: RLWC: England v Samoa KO 14:30

Who will win?  

134 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win?

    • England by 13 points or more
    • England by 7 to 12 points
    • England by 1 to 6 points
    • Samoa by 1 to 6 points
    • Samoa by 7 to 12 points
    • Samoa by 13 points or more

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  • Poll closed on 15/10/22 at 14:00

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9 minutes ago, Dunbar said:

I have just had a look at his profile.


Saturday at 14:28

I`m racking my brain for anything significant that happened around that time on Saturday....now, whatever could that have been?

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17 minutes ago, Davo5 said:

Those Samoan wakes go on forever.

Are we convinced he's actually Samoan?🕵️ Anyone who's ever posted on RLFans must be aware of the likes of LeBron/Jean Capdouze/Ruune Rebellion/WarringtonWolves69 etc....

I mean they were/are well known for going walkies when forced to face the music....🤔

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13 hours ago, Big Picture said:

Llanelli isn't difficult to pronounce, one only needs to hear a Welsh person say it and do the same.


Say "Luh" and blow a bit of air out at the same time and you've got thatg Ll sound.

"We'll sell you a seat .... but you'll only need the edge of it!"

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