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Paul Kent

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Well he's been trying to bury players and the wider sport of rugby league for years, so when you think about it this career move makes sense. 

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Apparently this site says I "won the day" here on 23rd Jan, 19th Jan, 9th Jan also 13th December, whatever any of that means. Anyway, 4 times in a few weeks? The forum must be going to the dogs - you people need to seriously up your game. Where's Dutoni when you need him?

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Not guilty of choking a woman, but he is still guilty of being a massive “unpleasant chap who I disagree with most fervently” as far as I’m concerned.

edit note: I love what my word “unpleasant chap who I disagree with most fervently” automatically changed to

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32 minutes ago, eal said:

Paul Kent clearly has an alcohol problem. 

As well as a personality problem.

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12 hours ago, RS said:

That’s some pretty damning footage. Not sure how much he was badgered into a reaction or not, but it is hard to see how a man who disagrees with others in such a loud and obnoxious manner doesn’t end up in this situation more often.

Pleased he will be off the screen again. Might watch NRL360 again.

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On 28/04/2024 at 11:54, RS said:

I hope the tree was put on report. Clearly upended Kent without maintaining control, presumably requiring him to have a HIA and perhaps missing some matches NRL360 episodes. Long ban coming for our wooden friend I think. 

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Really can’t stand the bloke . Im right and dont disagree . He basically bullies anyone , not very nice . 360 is a better watch without him , but tye way they fawned over him at the start of the season was cringing

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4 hours ago, Copa said:



NRL journalist Paul Kent is in hospital suffering a suspected collapsed lung and up to five broken ribs after appearing to become embroiled in a fight outside a Sydney pub on Saturday night

Well there you go , don’t be an idiot and start things you can’t finish 

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