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Fri 23rd Feb: SL: Warrington Wolves v Hull FC KO 8pm (Sky)

Who will win?  

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  1. 1. Who will win?

    • Warrington Wolves
    • Hull FC

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Just now, Exiled red said:

Has he just been sent off for accidentally banging heads and thus ruining the game as a spectacle (if it was one)


Yes , I was enjoying that . I understand the safety crackdown but that’s just rubbish 

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Just now, Damien said:

Never a send off for me. Its pure accidental and caused by the momentum of the attacker moving forward and the defender holding on and being swung round. Its a rubbish call.

Not even a penalty

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1 minute ago, meast said:


It's been like this for months now, or it certainly seems like it has!

Yes it has, but this last week has had some full days of raining consistently all day.

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Dave Whelan "In Wigan rugby will always be king"


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That was patently unfair to say there was no mitigation. Surely the fact it was accidental counts as mitigation. Unless they are arguing that it was the result of poor tacking technique to  join a tackle whilst standing up 

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So if Brown had been knocked cold would Currie have been walked? 

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Really pleased with the Hull performance in the circumstances.

I'm going to bite my lip about the red card for now

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4 minutes ago, Lionheart_merged said:

What are they doing to our game ☹️

I just asked my mate the same thing.

Rugby Union the only game in the world were the spectators handle the ball more than the players.

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